Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boys, their bikes & coffee week: David

♥This week, I'll be posting a selection of photos I have gathered of the fine men that roam the city. This is a small series, don't worry I will feature more in the near, near feature. A third of my Bikes, boys + coffee trifecta for a dose of daily charm to add to your flirt factor in addition to your San Francisco's bike lane action :D
la di la

1) Jamis Road Bike: I "accidentally" bought this when I took my previous favorite bike into the shop for some simple maintenance. It was May, it was a beautiful day, and when I turned onto the Panhandle path during the test ride the bike shop guys so innocently suggested, it was all over. Used for riding fast, riding up hills, riding very far distances (Marin Century this weekend!), Butterlap, and down Market St in between lanes of buses and taxis. Several thousand miles later I'm still loving it.

2) Felt X-City 2: This is the Urban Assault Bicycle, build for destroying the ride to the grocery store or the beach. It is bulletproof with an 8 speed internal hub, fenders, Vittoria Randonneur
tires, and a CETMA front rack. Used for practical purposes like hauling a 12 pack or locking up outside a Mission watering hole.

3) Swobo Folsom: Single speed, coaster brake, "grown up BMX" style, and little else. Great for terrorizing the streets of Oakland in between the lunch spot and the office, and busting huge skids at stoplights. Brings childhood memories to the front of your brain.

Espresso junkie. Double Short Latte, Gibraltar, macchiato. If you're
going to enjoy all of the good coffee here in SF you need to up your
tolerance to the point where you can have three or more of these per
day without going insane.
Best coffee shop to wait while your bike is being cared for: Mojo
Best coffee shop to get a 6AM dose when you're jetlagged: Ritual
Best coffee shop to wear cutoff shorts: Four Barrel (I kid)
Best first coffee of a weekend morning: Blue Bottle Hayes Valley
Best pre-Butterlap Ice Coffee: Blue Bottle Ferry Plaza

yo meli. yo david
Gracias David!!


  1. wooot! it's TDN infiltratin' the other side of the guh-reader! :D

  2. Hey I know that guy! Hahaha... man, we should just have a weekend coffee ride (meet for coffee somewhere, ride to another spot, drink more, rinse and repeat). Hahaha... we'll all be tweaked out.


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