Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boys, their bikes & coffee week: Neal

♥This week, I'll be honoring the fine men that roam the city. This is a small series, don't worry I will feature more in the near, near feature. A third of my Bikes, boys + coffee trifecta for a dose of daily charm to add to your flirt factor in addition to your San Francisco's bike lane action :D
11243 Surly Neal takes off
by Frank | 11243 Surly Neal takes off by sfbike

I've got two bikes; Marilyn - my beautiful green Raleigh Supercourse - usually gets me to work and back, and on most of my trips around town. Humbert - my new Surly Big Dummy - is a packhorse. He carries my groceries, carries supplies for work every now and then, carries my friends to the BART station, and I even hiked him to Sacramento on a recent bike trip.

photo of me on Humbert en route to Sacramento:
P1110824 by lukewho

I mostly drink Blue Bottle coffee these days. I love sharing a french press with my roomates on dreary mornings at home, or getting a cup from the SOFA cafe and taking a break from work in Mint Plaza. French Press/drip, no cream, no sugar. My cupboard is nicely stocked with herbal teas from Rainbow grocery.

10584 Neal colors in the bike box
10584 Neal colors in the bike box by sfbike

'Hood and fave bike ride in city:
I recently moved back to the Mission, but find myself on two wheels in almost every neighborhood. Market St. is hands-down my favorite street to bike on - whether to work or out to eat, day or night, weekday or weeknight, there's nothing that beats Market St. for watching lots of happy people on bikes from all corners of the City (and from all over the world right now with all the tourists on rentals!) It cuts through and connects so many neighborhoods, and everyone is responding so well to the recent improvements creating a green, separated bikeway for part of it. It's very exciting to be working with the City to expand upon that and create a fully separated bikeway all the way to the Embarcadero!

Also, my friend Tim and I regularly go on on bike rides together and explore San Francisco at night. We've heard owls in Golden Gate Park, seen night fisherman at Lake Merced, gazed at the lights across the Bay from Heron's Head Park, and frolicked under the dome of the Palace of Fine Arts with bats circling overhead. This City never lacks fun places to bike to, day or night. \

Gracias Neal!!


  1. super cute and well-dressed to boot!

  2. Neal, you are such a doll! You may love seeing happy people on bikes, and happy people love seeing you, too! Love your spirit of exploration, and your MC skillz. :-) You're one of my fave peeps at the SFBC! (Shout out to the whole valet crew: LisaRuth, Marty, Dominic, Liam, Nathan, etc, etc!)

  3. Always good to feel the Dummy Love spreading across the land. And just back from a trip to your fine city in June. Betting you've got some serious pistons peddling that Dummy around those hills! Respect


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