Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boys, their bikes & coffee week: Jay

♥This week, I'll be honoring the fine men that roam the city. This is a small series, don't worry I will feature more in the near, near feature. A third of my Bikes, boys + coffee trifecta for a dose of daily charm to add to your flirt factor in addition to your San Francisco's bike lane action :D

I have 2 currently, though one has been rather neglected. My favorite right now is my Pinarello which has become the main weekday and (more importantly for the better riding) weekend bike. I also have a Cinelli, which is fun, though have not been favoring it as of late.

(COFFEE) Linden, and only Linden. Blue Bottle will always be my spot in this town. I get pretty particular about my spots and do make it around to all the others, but when I find one that is truly special, I get a strong sense of loyalty.

'Hood and fave bike ride in city:
NOPA. Just a nice neighborhood with the right amount of chill, eats, drinks, and people of all types still out saying hello in the morning. As for bike ride, the main one that I am really enjoying is Alpine Loop in Reverse. Does Fairfax or Sausalito count as city riding? You at least have to roll through there before/after the good stuff.

IMG_2286.jpg by pocketmonsterd
Gracias Jay!!


  1. Tam, Bikes, Boys - What's not to love?...

  2. Aw, gotta love a boy who like people who say hello in the mornings. That's always so nice.


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