Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boys, their bikes & coffee week: Robert

♥This week, I'll be honoring the fine men that roam the city. This is a small series, don't worry I will feature more in the near, near feature. A third of my Bikes, boys + coffee trifecta for a dose of daily charm to add to your flirt factor in addition to your San Francisco's bike lane action :D

Bikes (in the order I love them):
  • Cyclocross bike, with two set of rims for hitting the trails or the road. Motobecane Fantom Cross Team Ti.
  • Road tandem. Upgraded and rebuilt Raleigh tandem, which was required after a self induced crash.
  • Stylish city bike shared with the wife. Globe Haul.
  • Full suspension all mountain bike. Mountain Cycle Zen.
  • Grocery getter tandem. 80's Dawes Galaxy.
  • Unused road bike I should trade for a fixie. Motobecane aluminum frame.
Obliviously I have some "perfect bike" issues to work through, which is why I just started a new blog,

Going out - Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building. But my favorite is Peet's coffee brewed at home, sitting on my chair with my wife.

'Hood and fave bike ride in city:
I currently live between SOMA and South Beach. I love how quiet my neighborhood becomes when the cars are gone. I'm known for silly epic rides. However, my favorite is Headlands Loop which is always there for me.

**All links of the photos provided from Robert, via his Facebook page +credits:EmilyPeters/Frank Yeean Chan

Gracias Robert!!


  1. Woo hoo! Way to go, husband!

  2. Good job Rob now you make feel like a slacker for not getting my blog up

  3. -F, not sure who you are? Get your blog going, it's easy if you're writing about something you love. You're always welcome to guest blog at if you're into that kind of silliness.


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