Monday, August 30, 2010

Dynamic Duo week: Tandem two

♥The Dynamic Duos are back once again! I'll be posting a small collection I have gathered of fantastic pairs, couples or friends spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
Ran into this fabulous pair on Taraval and 21st Ave. If there is any standard to the high levels of awesome+romantic+fun in San Francisco, you are looking at it. Take your picnic/concert/date/outing to the next level and take some notes.
Loved running into them – Red Schwinn tandem, wine picnic pannier rack, chucks, high-heeled boots and earrings to match the tandem, nonetheless.
Tandem fabulous two
Tandem fabulous two


  1. Meli,
    EEEEE YAAAAA...Good times!
    Thanks as always for the morning muse.
    Jon C

  2. Oh to be so photogenic!

    Thanks for such a great post,~ian

  3. <3 they are so photogenic!! Im so happy to come across someone +ask to take their and they strike killer smiles +pose included. never gets old :D


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