Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo de dia: fog and day

Early AM fog in San Francisco (54°) // Sunny by noon. this 7 miles East of SF (77°)
Typical multi-multi layer summer outfits.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Photo del dia: Room for three

AC transbay lines as seen, some buses sporting a triple front rack and 2+ slots underneath.
A total 3+2 (+sometimes 2 more in the foldable in-slot) pretty impressive.
Beats BART bike/rush hour blackout anyday.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend: Fuga & Bike Film Festival

Other than people leaving their bikes at the SFBC valet bike parking to go eat burritos and occupy space for people that would be in the theatre; the screenings, sold out and packed with PBR & chrome bags, were all fun. Some of the shorts had very nice imagery and scenery ranging from the city to Tokyo, GBritain and Italia. Fun & crazy was Balorda (posted here), Amazing was Belle Epoch Italian cyclist Giuliano Calore (aka “Cyclist of the Impossible) rides on Europe’s steepest mountain roads playing different musical instruments along the way.

Rock the Bike was in the house

she won some kinda big bag award / frank chu's everywhere, Tee-fashionista / outside the victoria

la missión- Victoria theatre post screening / ‹Mr. Brendt Barbur - BIKES ROCK!!!!
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Got to see this awesome band play this past Sat. at the Independent, part of this year's Afrofunk Music Festival. Not too happy they got to play 1st, because they are bad ass. A mover el bote -they will make you move with acordeón, cumbias and good beats.
*** Next show: Saturday Aug. 31st @La Peña, in Berkeley ‹more info HERE›
Images from previous tocadas & shows. ( )

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coffee: New bean on the block

Weaver's Coffee and Tea is the new coffee (& tea) behind John Weaver, who is well known/recognized as coffee roaster and tasting experts in the coffee world. He recently left after 20+ years at Peet's Coffee & Tea to start his own company.
They had some french press demos (tried one of their Fair trade blends) and it was pretty good. I am always happy to find out about new coffee companies and cafes around the city, so this was a nice introduction to their coffee this weekend.
New local company WEAVER'S Coffee & Tea based in West Portal, french pressing some goodness.
Pictured here John Weaver (left) at Real Foods Market, where you can currently purchase their beans (& online)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo del dia: edna e mode

incredibly near Japantown

Event: Film in the Park. This Saturday 7/26

All hail princess Molly <3
THE BREAKFAST CLUB (1985) Film Night in the Park /// Screening begins at dusk or 830PM
Films presented free of charge on a giant outdoor screen and you are encouraged to picnic before the screening.

Sponsored by the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation

*** FEAR NO BIKE THIEVES Valet bicycle parking provided by the mighty SFBC at most Film Night at the Park events ***

Monday, July 21, 2008

Photo del dia: Trader boy

Bike Film Festival starts this Wednesday

This wed-sat. 8th Bicycle Film Festival, started (after an intense doored-bike crash and multiple broken body parts) by Brendt Barbur, who grew up in Northern California. The festival is now shown in 17 cities. $10 per film-$30 per festival pass. In San Francisco all screenings will be at the Victoria Theatre, on 16th Full 411/Schedule here
*** FEAR NO BIKE THIEVES Valet bicycle parking provided by the mighty SFBC at all screenings. ***

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BALORDA 8mts (Italia-Dir. Bedini & Brandoli) showing Saturday / 9PM
Saturday will be a fun screening day, but in case you miss it, here is some Italian Love:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Event: The Tour de Fat /Roundup

Myriads of gorgeous bikes, customs, outfits, great people and great beer. Musica, the mighty SF Bike Coalition (and its lush service, bike valet) and many other wonderful things, including the funeral of the black escalade.

‹ cw: back of helmet read "I luv my brain", tight trio, tiger fab rider, great fashion pair ›

‹ cw: thunder gals, tour de leggings, capt. caps and sweet black angel ›

‹ great bike riding skills, pedaling ring ›

‹ cw: the best dressed-crew, super volunteers and awesome colores! ›

‹ The Sprockettes rocked their performance ›

‹ boy, boys and more boys ›
and everyone had loads of fun : )

It was definetly a gloomy day, but I was happy to meet many pretties out there. Stay in touch. xo
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To view the rest of the fotografias ‹get your flicker on›
To view the videos of the crazy bikes-ring, and more Sprockettes in action ‹get your CurrentTV on›
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