Friday, September 26, 2008

Change, we brew with.

I have an affinity with coffee beans, recording (in my head) what shop carries what. I often ask or chat the nice baristas about it. Also enhances my coffee experience. Anyhow, stopped by a San Francisco favorite recently. Farley's Coffee was my lifesaver during school, when not too many shops back then opened later than 8pm (they open til 10pm)
For a long time, they carried local Mr.Espresso beans but, have recently made the switch to (also local) Sunrise Coffee. ‹more info from their site here›
Other than that (and making an appearance in that one movie, Sweet November (see the scenes -scroll halfway to here), they have the best city skyline view out of Potrero Hill. Good stuff.

Happy Friday!

"Breaking News: We report that Lance has decided to stop dating celebrities and join the un-retirement trend"

tattoo dress

downhill denim

Step tricks are for kids.
Enjoy the fall SF summer. Now off to get some coffee /xo

Best hair in show

The best purple hair ever around Hayes street. Combined with hot orange bag. Super Nice! Too bad is it was too dark already.

Bookfest the view

Taking a break from Bookfest we went to a beautiful hill little area that is usually packed with tourists. Below this area is Fort Mason, which hosts many events throughout the year and this National Landmark is also home for arts/creative classes for the SF City College, and other things (SFMOMA Artists Gallery, a restaurant, etc).
Since it is past 'summer' there are some tourists up there, but loads of locals too. Gorgeous views and so clear.

Sans Helmet

I strongly believe in personal choice when it comes to helmets. Weather you decide to wear one or not, it is your decision. There are multiple discussions between the topic, riding, style, city structure, traffic, etc. But that is not this post's purpose.
However, I just found interesting the consecutive manner of the pictures I recently shot, with a common (missing) denominator: a helmet. Let's be safe out there my pretties!

Baby got back

Hand protection

I want to think he is checking both sides before crossing, though I think it was a headphone readjustment. Cute bike though!
**on a personal note: Van Ness is a freeway-like avenue, Polk street located just one block east, has slower traffic & a bike lane. -xo

Headphone rider --however-- I love the way she is just flying past those pesty gas prices. Nice!

Monday, September 22, 2008

BIKE! BIKE! This week in San Francisco

Fix, fun, ride your bike this week.
The Bike!Bike! is coming to San Francisco Sept. 25th — Sept. 28th.
Their events calendar includes bike kitchen things, critical mass, pedal monster party at the Ace Yunkard/Cyclecide and ride to Santa Cruz (80mi) among other fun things.

//Check out their schedule.

_via(& an article) UrbanVelo

Photo del Dia: Golden Flat Hills

Bombing a PacHeights hill on an empty sidewalk, golden shoes included. Bling.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bikes and the Twin Cities

Outside the blogesphere, aka a coffee shop, I was reading an old issue of bike mag, and became aware that later in October there is a -drunks & MTBs- party out in Minneapolis. Pretty rad. I couldn't find a website, but the fine blog of Swobo has some pretty cool pictures from last year ‹here›. Not sure if anyone is out there in twinland, but I'd love to check it out.

from Flickr/ hereNT

That reminds me, UNITE BIKE is a photography project taking place on October 4th, also the MSP area as well. From their site: "Minnesota has one of the largest year-round bicycle commuter communities in the country – impressive considering our harsh winters. In order to celebrate and promote biking as a healthy, economic, and traffic reducing lifestyle – we’ve decided to organize a group photo taking place on October 4, 2008 at 3:00pm, rain, shine, or snow, for everyone and anyone who pedals their way around in this crazy world."
Place is TBA, but to sign up visit their page.
Can't wait to see the results. Anytime a number of bike lovers get together is an amazing mix of styles, bikes, personalities and goals sharing the same passion. Ride on!

Get your Current on_

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photo del dia: Folding Coffee

DUDE 1. Hey dude, I think I'm liking this folding bike thing.
DUDE 2. Mmmh.
DUDE 1. Well, you know I can easily put it next to my desk, as I work 29 hours a day.
DUDE 2. Mmmh.
DUDE 1. I've ridden it so much I now have these cool knee holes in my jeans, you think they look trendy?
DUDE 2. Mmmh.
DUDE 1. And I also like this messenger like pack I got my computer in, better than your fancy computer bag.
DUDE 2. (silent)
DUDE 1. Oh man, this coffee is kinda good. Good call, I was tired of that conference drip coffee.
DUDE 2. Mmh.

Cop Diet Special

Finally made it out to Dynamo Donuts to check the craze. Lovely polaroid menu, a gorgeous La Marzocco espresso machine , french press options and very cutesy space. They carry Stumptown Coffee beans, which were previously carried by the oh-so famous Ritual Coffee (which now carry their own beans!) Stumptown Coffee Roasters is based out of Seattle & Portland.
Dynamo has been opened for a couple of months. I'm not a sweets-person, but the donuts go so well with the coffee. Donuts for $2ish dollars and plenty of cute chairs to chat. I tried a bite of the vanilla frosty one and the lemon-thyme one. Bike rack within a few feet.
Their ‹website› is just a map link (for now), so here is their ‹yelp› and their ‹7x7 review›

Nerd Invasion

While roaming around the Yerba Buena Gardens, I realized the Oracle convention is going on. That only means one thing: Nerd-traffic-congestion. Altogether. I don't really mind all the oraclelings around with their black portfolio bags, silly badges and bright red tarps, but I saw this display in the below image.
So many bikes and so little information! I think Oracle is up to something bikes-software... Maybe to get a smaller belly for all those computer programmers? or correct their posture? Team up with some kinda gadget phone? Will Bill Gates and Seinfeld be on a bike next? Argh, the security guard wouldn't let me ask or get closer either. Oh well.
There was also that nice photograph of the unicycle juggler around the green lawns. Nice!

Ready, set, connect. click for larger detail

skills! very nice outfit by the way.

bench hog

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall starts next week: Heels, tights and bikes oh my.

After our gorgeous 2 weeks of summer, we welcome the fall this next Monday. With the full injection of fall vitamins and ready to roll the streets of San Francisco (or whatever city you happen to be at) get your feet and legs ready. I'm bouncing off ideas form this week's 'On the Street:Groundswell' by my favorite photographer Bill Cunningham and the style from Eric Daman (Gossip Girls).

I ride a bike lots to go places -friends, drinks, coffee and (oh yea) work- in between any given weekday. I have the feeling that this fall will be the season to get a modern Victorian vibe going on, or maybe a tuxedo quasi masculine that works early for work and late for social hour. Here in San Francisco, it doesn't get that cold and we are masters of layers, so I think we will be okay with a light jacket or cape like the one below, a belt that accentuates your waist, a pair of cute gloves (that also protect from UV rays), lace tights and a colorful pair of booties or high heels. Color, color, color.
Time to show those legs everyone; like Bill said something like "The heels are high and the hem line of those heels are even higher, even 12 inches above the knee, and they are sure having fun with it- " Of course, my ultimate accessory is my BFF: my bike. So get your friend, BF or pal and stroll around to welcome the fall. See you in the bike lane or the coffee shop, and don't forget to have fun my lovelies!
(L-R) Stylehive Cape Tags‹Prada› lace invasion, knitted gloves ‹etsy/bay area›,
Girl on cute bike ‹Bill Cunningham for the NYTimes/Onthe street›, Red heels & model with gray dress ‹R.C Styleguide›

___This requested writing: for stylish dose . Also as a Friday fun post, after fashion week, and looking forward to dress-up everyday; even if it is only to go get a cappuccino. love, m

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hand-Car Regatta, this Sunday Sept. 28th

I was given a dear business card about this event, by a cute boy during this year's Tour de Fat. The line up looks pretty good and my calendar has been marked.

Cyclecide will be in the house (they have rocked the ‹events› over at ACE yunkyard.
Also San Francisco local artist Slimm Buick, pictured above with his beautiful creations (here, at this year's Tour de Fat) will be at the Regatta.

Santa Rosa, CA 12-6pm .Get directions ‹here›
A Splendid Celebration of Art, Science and Ingenuity,
for the Delight and Edification of all who attend.

A Spectacle for both Young and Old!

*** FEAR NO BIKE THIEVES Valet bicycle parking provided by the ‹Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition›***

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tour de Fat de Colorado

Tour de Fat is so much fun, found this posted and had to share. In a perfect world, every morning ride to work would be this fun, but for now, I wait patiently for next year's here in SF. This ‹year's tour› the weather was kinda crappy, but maybe it'll be better in '09. Ride on!

Philz fuelz

Philz Coffee (local San Francisco Coffee) has their 3rd location conveniently located on what I call a pivoting point for multiple San Francisco neighborhoods -soma, dogpatch, downtown, potrero hill- the CALtrain station, bus lines and the MUNI train. It was a crucial and very much needed caffeine stop during our SundayStreets ride, which was loads of fun we will once again do another stop by this Ether goodiness perhaps this 2nd SundayStreets, which is happening this Sunday the 14th.

the most comfy couches ever.

required caffeine refill parking - oh hey you look like you could use some more coffee -

Cops and coffee (sans donuts?) and loads of riders on 3rd st.

It's Gonna Happen

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

California Love

A few miles north from San Francisco get you heaven by the Pacific Ocean. A few degrees higher, a few more holidays and then the summer is over. I love Marin. Always a pleasure to visit west Marin. Don't forget the name Mountain Bikes, was born in Marin. Ride safe, ride healthy, ride your bike ‹3

rock the boat et rock the bike

muy californian

so what's the plan

pattern mixer master

oh hey! pretty one