Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: Your City Diaries

David Byrne + Panel // San Francisco, Herbst theater Oct 28th
Deep & I made it to the lecture!! More pictures, info, posts and the book review coming later this week. Stay tuned ;)

Coffee Hollow

this is exactly right
this is exactly right.
The frenchie and the bat await for their caffeinated crazies.

coffee and friends
coffee and friends. nothing more I could ask for.

Hollow cafe in the inner sunset is a recent discovery of mine and has become a frequent weekend stop as of lately.
The nice fellas at the Association of caffeinated Wheelmen, have made a wheelwoman announcement - thanks guys!
♥Check it out here: With love from SF

Bike Eskim0

hotel utah parking
hotel utah parking. cool red bike by the door.
Last week on Tuesday, Yoshi and I went to check out one eskimO. at the Hotel Utah. Cute mellow band.
one eskim0
one eskim0
hotel utah parking
hotel utah parking. no one puts frenchie in the corner.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unite Bike - San Francisco

Sunday October 25th, in San Francisco

"The idea behind Unite Bike is simple. It is about promoting and supporting a community of individual people who make the choice everyday to participate in an activity that is good for their health, good for the environment, and helps create a better society at large."
Read more & RSVP›

Bringing the midwest to the west.

It was over a year ago that Clark Patrick, a photographer based in MSP and I connected with bicycle and happening events via the web. I posted an event he organized in Minneapolis and the photography results were great -UniteBike 08 MSP-
Fast forward one year and he is doing it again, connecting 3 great bicycle cities.
Minneapolis/St.Paul, Austin and ♥San Francisco. Awesomeness.

I will post a few posts as reminders until the end of October. Thumbs up to Clark for making San Francisco part of the project, and partnering up with me for the local contact.
It is great to bring people together with one single common denominator, the bicycle. It will be great.
See info/links , mark your calendars and RSVP/sign up!!

More updates as the date gets closer.

Read more & RSVP››
facebook page›

Be right back.

oYou never roam alone
You never roam alone
The Sunset. Riding through 19th and Irving is chaotic. But fun. This guy ahead of us made it seem like the time had stopped. It is amazing how fast the cars fly down 19th regardless of the multiple fatal accidents every year. Slow down people, it is worth it.

Basket case
Basket case
Civic center. Love the orange basket. Though I enjoyed more watching the movement of the shadows in front of us on the pavement, and the company of Ade in the below picture.
behind a rear basket, theres two more baskets
Behind a rear basket, there's two more baskets

Too cool for us young kids
Too cool for us young kids
Polk St. I said hello to him, as we rode past him. He responded with a -meh-

dos lovebirds
Two love birds
Valencia and 20th. The weather was nice, it was Friday night and there were a herd of pedestrians crossing ahead of us. I was hoping I had my phone with me and it all came to a stop when I realized the couple ahead of me had shared a very sweet kiss. I snapped a photo, smiled and I wanted to hug someone.

Liberty on pillows.

Liberty on bikes. This is for you.
Caffeinated burlaps will be my surround system when I head to the blog headquarters corner office. Here my beautiful blogging assistant, gives them the purr of approval.

velcro in her OCd moment
velcro in her OCD moment

Monday, September 28, 2009

Keep an eye on your bike.

Keep an eye on your bike
On Fillmore outside some marc jacobs store.

Ride Too! Friday event at CELLspace

Blender, bikes and beats
Blender, bikes and beats
On Friday, CELLspace on Bryant st. hosted a benefit event for the SF Bike Kitchen. An evening of music and bicycle entertaintment, post-critical mass, was full of music and pedal-powered with bicycles with the Rock the Bike station. The music was nice and the benefit was good. I couldn't figure out why this event wasn't packed.
Omar and I arrived at somewhat decent time and the event was already dying out at around 11pm. Was there too many things going on that Friday? Was everyone tired from Critical Mass, or was it the 10-20$ donation? Not sure, but I kicked back and enjoyed the openess of the always cool CELLspace vast space, the local music and the icey tecates. Cheers.
Frenchie making friends with a pretty pink Bianchi
Frenchie making friends with a pretty pink Bianchi
Muni bus pretending to be fast.
Muni bus pretending to be fast.
Flying round tin star and 1ups
Flying round tin star and 1ups
Spaceblaster /from Santa Cruz
I've got the power
I've got the power /OONA from Oakland
The Ferocious Few
The Ferocious Few /from San Francisco

Los Events: Make My Monday

What, is the last Monday of the month again?! OK, Chaac-mool will be there again. *stomach over matter...
more info››

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday - ride ride ride!!

city lights
city lights

A weekend full of goodies, here is what I'll be checkin out. Enjoy yourselves ♥Happy Friday everybody


a benefit for CELLspace and the Florida St. Mural Project
Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 8pm to 2am CELLspace
2050 Bryant St. (b/t 19th and 20th Sts.), SF, CA

cant wait
Tour de Fat. A must. Last year was a chilly one.
That's quickly fixable with some fine brew. See you there!! :D


BIKE NOPA - Bike the block party!

NOPA launches its own mini-Sunday Streets.
Sunday, September 27th, 10 am to 1pm. Grove Street between Lyon and Baker. Read more››


Ambidextrous, I am. I write with my right hand and that's about it. Looking through some self-portraits and pandas I have used both hands. In times when we are so attached to gadgets, it is nice to give your predominant hand a break, better yet both and go riding. Take a break, go for a 5 minute walk and stretch. Your body will thank you. &Have a good day.

lunch panda

triple trouble

The photos were taken in August. Taking breaks from work and going for a ride, food and coffee -what else ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

WTF of the day: Stolen bicycle for hunger campaign stolen:

Cable locks in the city of cable cars=bicycle gone.
That is so fucked up. Riding thousands of miles, raising money for hunger and get your bike stolen. Not the place or time to recommend ulocks, but ummm. mean streets, call for them.
SF bicycle thieves are crafty as hell.

I don't know how to embed these news-video links
Please watch here: KTVU/ Cross-County Cyclist's Bike Stolen In SF

View the video then spread the word. Hope he finds his bike!
He is such a positive guy and his mission is great. Was wonderful to hear that he has raised money to feed 16,000 people.
Don't give up Drew, you are an inspiration!

Drew Marinelli's website here: One Man, One Bike, One Fight
*Tip hat to Ratta.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sip. Ride. Write. Repeat

Saturday essentials.
Write, eat, drink coffee.
Repeat frequently.

Your bicycle and a bike rack in the vicinity. Score.

My way or the highway.

I have driven all over the state, but there is no traffic like the Los Angeles traffic.
This could be considered raucous, this could be considered unsafe, but that's the impulse of many movements, bursting ideas and for that, I'm all for.
Stir up the pot and go with it.

Don't we all as bicycle enthusiast more than often imagine what it would be like to have those dinosaurus-sized cement mazes all to ourselves? Or wish we could just go ride on them with myriads of bicycles?! I know I do. In the meantime here's this video.
Thanks to Christelle for sharing this.

Riding with the wild.

eye of the tiger
I got the eye of the tiger button a few months ago in San Jose. Next to me, the psycho donuts guy sold his goodies.
And the merch kids sold their stuff. The place was nickel land. Good times.

Layering at its finest... matching, anyone?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet Panchito!

Pancho is a nickname for Francisco. Hence the reference often used in spanglish - San Pancho.

My newest bike trinket friend.



Here are some daylight hair photos taken on Haight next to the skate shop and a new hat I got in the lower haight ;)
Caught red dot handed
Caught red dot handed. (Panchito inside the wrapped pacakge)
The more-coffee-please face
The more-coffee-please face
cat in the hat
cat in the hat
red purple + red purple
red purple + purple red

There was a lot of skin to be seen around ;)
Apparently we were supposed to have a heat wave... I didin't think we had a 'heat' wave at 70°.
Some sun worshippers did and busted out their sun clothes, or lack there of.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Weekend 7x7ers!!

Fog machine /Castro and 21st. The Castro
Here is a mini-city round to close the week, month, whatever. Have a great end of the week. Go explore your city -GO GO!!

Crouching biker, hidden dragon /Chestnut st. The Marina

My sleeve got stuck /Valencia st. ♥The Mission

Clement st. with the girls /♥The Inner Richmond

Friends, burgers and seals. /♥North beach
- - -
Note to self. Never take yourself too seriously ;))

Linktastic. You are all fantastic!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone of you that takes the time to read and enjoy this little San Francisco bicycle adventures blog of mine, even drop a comment here and there, or taken time out of their day to write me a nice note or an email.
I truly appreciate it and am very grateful that I am able to express and share via this media, the bliss that a bicycle brings to one's personal quality of life. The rest of the situations around me sometimes feel like they can be sh*t, and yet, the moment I hop on the bicycle, it all seems to fall into place. Or at least for the moments I'm transporting both my body and mind to another place, to the point 'B', to get out and ride, get serious, stretch out and play, get to work, be a clown, have fun.

Bicycles are amazing and, if you have found inspiration here for you to go ride more, explore your city on wheels, and maybe drink a cup or two of coffee – is awesome! You inspire me everyday♥Thank you all.

- - -
Ok. That was that, now here are some links and pretty things readers have shared. Enjoy!!

Russel over at ....the Pasture, shot a wonderful photo set from this past Wednesday's tweed ride.
Check it out: Tweeeeed Bike Ride – photos by Russell

Fellow West coaster Anne, has a very calming visual beauty travel blog, in which bicycles are found often. :) Nice! Buddha bellies

images via buddha bellies

Lee has passed the info for the SF Randonneurs, mark your calendars!:
The San Francisco Randonneurs would like to invite you to participate
in our first ever Fall Populaire, to be held on October 3rd, 2009. This is
a free event. The Populaire is 115 km in length (71 miles) and has a time
limit of 7.5 hours. The Populaire is intended to introduce riders to the
sport of randonneuring. Most of our brevets are 200km in length, but
the Populaire is slightly more than half that length. Read more...

♥And thanks to Erik, over at ecoprofile, for including one of my info/photo in this post:
Transportmedel, motionsredskap ...och modeaccessoar? -Swedish
Transport equipment, fitness equipment ...and fashion accessory? -English
*Also in that post, the lovely Dottie from Let's Go Ride a Bike! and a link to my collab blog (with Ade&Caryl) Change Your Life, Ride a Bike! Sweetness