Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo del dia: Riding in circles

Running in circles
Cute little game at the Musee Mecanique, in Fisherman's Wharf.

Black friday, black coffee. Black pavement, black cat.

What did you do for Black Friday? I'm part of the buy-nothing clan, but such functional necessities such as coffee, don't really count.
Quiet jWalking sight on Post st.
Quiet jWalking sight on Post st.
Quiet jWalking sight on Post st.
It was great to see the empty streets other than shopping areas. Quiet black pavement with the occassional flying taxi. It was a good morning to walk, sit on the curb, j-walk and have some coffee. That is what a weekday off feels like before 9am. Oh right, and it was the day after thanksgiving after all.
Now serving.
Now serving.
Post street it is. The coffee shop: Farm:table
You walk in and is a typical city place. Enough space for about 10, a few sitting, a few standing.
I had an Americano and did not try any other snack, too early for any of that and I don't eat breakfast.
Wave it high
Wave it high
Bean there.
Bean there.
They serve delish Verve coffee and I approve. Love at first sip. Friendly staff, small place, simple. I plan to return.
Love machine
Love machine

Black Friday weekend carries over to Monday. Who is ready to return to work? Not me. But, speaking of work and all black elixirs, a lovely gift from a fellow coffee lover. We understand our addictions well. After all, admitting you have a problem means it isn't really one, errrr - right.
This hits home. Delicious.
Black Cat Project, from Intelligentsia Coffee.
*which comes from magical place in Los Angeles like this, below: (from a trip earlier this year)
Im in love
♥Intelligentsia, Silverlake - Los Angeles
Speaking of ELAY, Caryl sent me this picture when she saw the above, taken from what I think is the 405, what a rare sighting.
And to sum this black colour love post, here is velcro, she says hello. ♥cheers /////
Der yu go again wif dat stooopid fotoz gizmo....
I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my red door and must have it painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts

It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black

-who else, the Rolling Stones.

Tuesday late afternoon: Meet & Mingle On the Corner.

Please make sure to stop by this community event. Michael pulled together a great event earlier in September, and this one sounds like guaranteed local fun. Here are the details:

//NOPA Does Holidays on Bikes: Meet & Mingle December 1st
Tuesday, December 1
5:30 to 7:30 pm | On the Corner Cafe
359 Divisadero at Oak
Get a good holiday spin and buzz going with other NOPA cyclists. Join your biking neighbors and friends at the NOPA Mingle to chat, drink, compare holiday plans, and consider a monthly ride that starts and ends in NOPA in 2010. Find a SFBC Winterfest buddy. Special offer: receive a $10 discount when you sign up at the event as a new SFBC member. How many bicyclists on your block do you know? Sponsored by NOPNA, BIKE NOPA, and SFBC.»

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Faster than a walk, slower than a train.

"This point of view–faster than a walk, slower than a train, often slightly higher than a person–became my panoramic window on much of the world over the last thirty years--and it still is." -David Byrne, Bicycle Diares
A personalized rack. Mine, all mine.
A personalized rack. Mine, all mine.
-------Thanks for your patience. Finally, here is my meligrosanized view of the fun read:
Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne.

I received an email from Penguin group book publishers.
This would be the first book I receive from a publisher before the piece is officially released.
And it is a book by David Byrne.

This book makes you think and relate. Makes you consider your surroundings with the bicycle as the machine to become the viewer, a citizen, an involved resident of your city. Mr. Byrne observes things that we can universally relate to. As wanderlusters, as tourists, as people on bicycles, as pedestrians and as people that want to see a city belong to people with limbs rather than cement maze monsters.

Reading the book puts you in a position that we can relate to one another as cyclists. Past the cities infrastructures (or lack thereof) bike lane views, dead end streets leading to highways only, Byrne explores the local flavor of each city included in this diary. My favorite parts, are all about the food. I would be a rockstar just to be fed around the world, local food in its authentic environment. And global coffee. Oh goodness.

Of course we are not international stars, but he presents us with more than a few instances that made me feel as if was sitting with a good music-loving bicycle-fanatic friend of mine, chatting into the smoggy sunset from the corner of a tiny café in Mexico City. Juana Molina, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Mercedes Sosa (RIP). His analysis of streets, music, women and tight jeans in Argentina had me rolling. Perhaps one of my favorite chapters is Argentina. I have not been just yet, my fellow boludos.

There is this relationship that is formed between the book and yourself. If you are into artsy things -I am- it was pretty nice to read his description of the dinners and collaborations he has had throughout his career with his fellow comrade, Sagmeister.

Bike both ways.
Bike both ways.
His vivid stories between Karaoke nation, eating a good meal before or after a show, going for a little bike stroll around any given city to stretch out the mind and body before a presentation, will keep you reading til the end.
Of course there is a small SF chapter, but will let you read on that yourself. Though I must say he also talks about a presentation given by Johnny Ives when he visited Silicon Valley. We all visit Silicon Valley every so often, it's 'only' 45 minutes away. A mini-van tiny new suburbia city (from the bike lane perspective IMO at any rate). I was cracking up when he said something in the likes of "...People in Silicon Valley live near work, so they can go home, and continue to work, and wake up and go to work." Sounds very sad, but it is quite the culture down there, and therefore true.

Overall his humor just layers this delicious cake of a book and it also includes pictures from the bike lane he has taken. He dedicated the book to his daughter ("--who doesn't ride a bike...yet" -DB)

*I have seen a few reviews around the blogesphere, but not sure if people noticed as much as I did, one of my favorite paper parts of the book. Yes I smell books when I first get them, I try to guess the main body font(s) and I look if the total number of pages means anything. Mmmmmhh.
Paper inspector detects a playful little monster at the bottom area of the pages in the book.
Enjoy the little video:

- - -
Now get off this computer gadget, grab a copy and enjoy it.
♥Cheers .xo/m

Lecture diaries.

September 29th, 2009
David Byrne spoke in San Francisco at the Herbst Theatre.
The tickets sold-out quickly but to my lucky luck, my fabulous friend Deep, hit me up letting me know that he had a spare ticket. Awesomeeeeeeee.
So after we had some yummy crepes for dinner, we headed over to the theatre. It surprised me that there was no bike valet parking that I could see (or did I totally miss it?!...), but well, every meter and sturdy fence between Van Ness and Grove st. was beyond jammed-packed with bicycles.
Deep at will call. DSDSSSSUPER!
Deep at will call. Saves the day. DSDSSSSUPER!

I attended the lecture after reading the book, so many of the points Byrne touched upon, was almost like listening to a live version of an already summarized version, which was nice. We all want to someday have bicycle traffic as Copenhagen, yea yea. We all know that. Europe is great.
He talked with his own elegant humor a bit of crap about Texas, which I'm sick of people always talking so much shit about Texas. The 2 photos he displayed from Austin, were underneath a freeway. Meh. I have been to Austin (&I know is UNLIKE the rest of the state) but I read numerous blogs from people on bicycles based out of the Lone Star land, and that are tremendously active in their community, so I don't think they deserve that. Sure it is a freeway mess, but I can say that there are some great people that do try and care for cities, and for their future. The bicycle community in Texas might be very very small, but it is there. And wagging ;-)
I don't think that was his point, or I'm sure hoping it wasn't but so, ok I'm just saying... And come on, we don't have to even go outside California to talk crap about conservative non-bike friendly crap like that. Bakersfield anyone?

ANYWAYS -David Byrne looked fantastic. I know he has said before that he dresses as if he is pretending to be someone else, but whatever. His style is swoon, his humor was present and he looked divine, dressed impeccably in all-white. I hear white jeans are the hit in Argentina. Angelical - period.
SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum & the one supervisor in SF that does not own a vehicle and commutes by bicyle David Chiu, also gave interesting personal bicycle stories and points of views about our beloved city and what direction we are headed.
Your city diaries.
Your city diaries.
Shahum also said something like: 'Ok, let's not focus on Europe so much for the moment, and see the changes that are happening now, in the States." I really enjoyed her before and after photos of various US cities included in her slideshow. Asides the NYC closure area of times square, she of course had to proudly present our own SF street closure series (which I was so happy to see on the big projector screen!!) such as the Castro/17th corner, shown below.
David Byrne checks out our market/castro 17th plaza.
David Byrne checks out our market/castro 17th plaza.
Emeritus Professor Michael Tietz, was also part of the panel and perhaps my favorite perspective because he admitted he was not a cyclist now (I calculate he is in his 70-80s) but has a vast knowledge about all things urban, development and structure. There was (it is SF, so there always will be) a smart 'question' from the Q&A at the end of the lecture, directed to him on how he thought was the best way to make SF bikers TO STOP at red lights. His reply was something similar to:
"Well, for motorized vehicles as well as bicycles, you can place a cop on every corner of the city for that sole purpose and ticket everyone for a week, then, I supposed you can say you tried"

The lecture hall was filled not only by bicycle enthusiasts, but also by season ticket holders to the Herbst Theatre lecture series and loyal David Byrne fans. Many signed books were sold by Books Inc, a west coast indie bookseller. Good experience overall.

Ding ding, who goes there.

Ding ding, who goes there.
3rd ave near Geary.


I love this.
This pin belongs to Ade. Friends let friends drink lots of coffee ;)

Face time.

By popular demand, Bikes and the city is now on facebook. This interwebz multi-networks is a little too much for me, and Im a terrible facebook user but everyone seems to enjoy it - so I'll do my best ;-)
Be a fan and do your thing. Tell your friends. And go ride ;-)
**link is here: Facebook page
if not working, search Bikes and the city. ♥ok bye //

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bikes and the gobble.


What do I get excited about this time of year. Family, coffee, music, local holiday beer and kickin it with my peeps.
This bicyclette year rocked.
The energy the city emulates has kept me going with a full tank of pedals, photos and good times. Meeting new good friends, reconnecting with old, food, coffee and bikes and coffee and boys.
Love you all.
Thanks for reading. /xo♥meligrosa--------------------

Get excited.
Get excited.
Hi Beans. Say hello to my little new friend.
Hi Beans. Say hello to my little new friend.
We are at it again.
We are at it again. /30mi. ride to the Mill Valley-Muir Beach 4 points.
Friend At My Side
Friend At My Side /On Alemany

Above and below photos by busbozo
Falling Down
Falling Down

can't believe it's been a year. Keep them coming, life.
-------------------- ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ --------------------

Spare the Turkey Day ride.

My bikey friend Greg is organizing a turkey ride for all of us that are city dwellers that don't have to go anywhere for the food feast. Unlike me, last Saturday during a rad show, I hit the mosh-pit pretty hard and will be resting my knee... And overworking my stomach.
But if you are around, check it out & take pics!!

Spare the Turkey Day ride.
1pm Panhandle statue.
Bring food and drink if you want.

You can't have any pudding! But here are some bike lanes

Alrite, let's keep it going SF!!! Bike lanes make the city look sexy. Uu yeah.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We are all just big kids on bicycles.

It's that time again ♥Enjoy/
Riding back from the Cow Palace
Riding back from the Cow Palace /On Geneva st.
Meet Richard. He is mr. cyclelicious. Was lovely meeting you and the fam :D /Cow Palace
Hi Lilia
Hot wheels helmet :D Hi Lilia /On 17th
Who is that flower lady?!
Who is that flower lady?! /Potrero Hill
Pandasitas /Rolling in Marin

Thxgvn Hump Day Inspiration: SF!!!

Thanksgiving week's humpday is today Tuesday, right. So, I couldn't wait to share this video sent to me by local loyal reader Skip. Thanks!!
Dear Mike Matas, your video is nice. Bikes+parks+ocean ♥I'm into it.

Bike to the Beach from Mike Matas on Vimeo.

Bike in headlights look.

Cars do have some nice lighting at red lights. That's all. Gets darker, let's get brighter. Don't forget your blinkies.
Red light, blue bike, black night.
Red light, blue bike, black night.
Almost home.
Almost home.
To my left side Right side
Triple troublez.
City lights et buttercups
City lights et buttercups.

Greetings from the taco truck.

Cfarivar shares a link to the result of the
taco truck tour: California Taco Trucks
and this image left, belongs
to a fun set on flickr by jp_images
Check it here: link

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wool breakers. Heart breakers.

I super hearts wool. I was not aware of the fabric until I was a moving body exposed to the elements on my bicycle between college, home, work repeat and rinse. We became best friends. Yeah, yeah it doesnt get close to being under 40°F around here, (braaaaaaaag) but I still love wool because it's natural, it adjusts to your body's temperature and it doesn't stink. Well I guess the latter depends.
After seeing this article on GreenLAGirl | Sarah Palin: The New eco-fashion model?
I thought I'd share this photo of Kathryn and I in our ninja hoodies at Bender's. We might not be able to see Russia, or New Zealand from the Mission, but we sure can ride as if riding bikes (me really slow and Kathryin is a fast wonderful racer!) get sweaty and have fun. Oh and who are those bearded doods back there, are they from Portland?!?... ;-)
**This is not an icebreaker sponsored or any of that stuff. K & I by coincidence, have the same kickass icebreaker hoodie. weeeeeee!!
Shiny Ninjettes
Shiny Ninjettes

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Have a great weekend!

I will be resting my fingers from geeking out and will dedicate today to the ♥Frenchie, kicking it with my peeps and drinking the large amounts of caffeine. Swell. I'll be checkin out the SF bike expo.
Enjoy yourself!
bicis parking only
bicis parking only

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Manifest yourself.

Bike swap
WOBO present at the Bike swap
Back in September, a few of my peeps and I checked out the East Bay Bike Swap. It was small, but it was a good excuse to trek over the bay and see what's cooking in Oaktown. Stephen then recommended we do lunch and with a few recommendations to a nearby new coffee shop, off we went.
Around noon some cool cats gathered to do an alleycat.
registering the cats
registering the cats
triks are for kids
triks are for kids.

We stopped at Manifesto Bicycles on 40th +Webster. Super cute little shop, they have a variety of goodies. You must stop by!
Shiny disco love.
Shiny disco love.
Plenty of parking.
Plenty of parking.

And of course next to the bicycle shop there was a new stop for the caffeinated brain of mine. Turns out Subrosa cafe is ran by a fellow school colleague from a few years back. Sweet!
She carries SF based Four Barrel beans and the coffee makes the cut. Delish.
Stephen couldn't help himself and had to capture my personal highlight of the day ;-)
happy camper
happy camper
window to the world
window to the world

'til next time east bay dizzle!!