Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had a few days of vacation other than the NYE/holiday break for the first time in a couple of years and spent quality time with mi loved ones. It was precious time.
To conclude the break, I was fortunate to see two of mi dear amigas yesterday and we watched the Mexico vs. Croatia game in the StreatFood corner at 11th and Bryant.

I drew Adrienne:
Ade, Declan y loud fútbol fans.
I drew this several hours after watching the MEXvsCRO game with Adrienne y Declan. Saw la CTX for a short bit too :)

I've tried to exercise my sketching process after the fact, just for fun and something different. I prefer doing people+places while present, however I often rather dedicate my focus and observations to simply enjoying the moments life gifts to one's day.
Just wanted to say hi, I'm here observing, often reading – but mostly eating.
Hope your corner of the world is treating you well.

Monday, June 2, 2014

fotos while walking: march y april

In the month of May, I've walked the most this year - so far. I'm not sure that I am the right person to really get into a gadget for pace/distance counting purposes, but I have really enjoyed walking as a personal time for meditation and inspiration.

Often times I have quick chats with flowers. Somehow I always come across crows. There is often writing and random notes I spot. As someone who has almost-entirely and exclusively used a bicycle primarily over the last decade, as of three years ago I have committed myself and prefer walking. It is one of my favorite things to do. walk. and walk.

Here are some pictures and short descriptions from around March and April, in no particular order  :)
Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

klay klay
This is near the sharktank in San José.

taylor y sutter.
This is at Taylor and Sutter, it was April 20th and there were many people dressed up walking around downtown. We were just headed down to have a burger at Pearl's and I really liked the afternoon light.

308 en el 510.
This is near Jack London Square, where the idea was to get some morning coffee before a weekend Oakland A's game but a bloody mary made an intervention, we obliged to such detour.

omar y qeli. muffin y yo, behind. de last night.
Mi friend Omar visited that week and mi girlfriends and I joined him for an improvised night of beers y burritos. We walked with Qeli to the Bart station and then parted ways.

brian barneclo 220+ft mural on shotwell
This is a Brian Barneclo re-painted mural, it is almost half a block long! The colors are cream y orange.

stockton street. remember you like it was yesterday.
This is on Stockton street, right by Bush street. mi mom and I walked to the Metreon to meet la calitexican for the screening of the Cesar Chavez movie.

oh hai
April 6: Ft. point/Crissy field. Coffee then 2mile walk with mi buddy Matt. Then met up with mi sketching group under the bridge. Then I got hungry. Gorgeous day!

red flowers.
This isn't a sidewalk per se, but it is at the public courtyard and viewing point from the SF Art Institute on Chestnut street.

los quiet morning club.
Los quiet morning club, outside a busy Peet's coffee, finding the quiet moment seekers.

/All images taken with mi phone (Nexus 5) with the exception of the Golden Gate bridge one, that was w/the Lumix LX5.

mucha música Monday: June.

June has arrived, and so has some música.
More to come, and more frequently to share with you through the second half of the year – I hope :)

To celebrate this month's quick arrival, let's start with June Carter. y Johnny Cash. Good bye is all she wrote.
× Johnny Cash & June Carter: Jackson
Johnny Cash & June Carter singing Jackson at the Ralph Emery Show. This is from 1967.

× Los Amigos Invisibles: Stay
Their new album recently dropped, which I have yet to listen to in full. They are playing at the New Parish (Oakland) on June 13th. They're a pretty fun band to see live, if you have the chance to.

× Lykke Li: No rest for the wicked
Super into the lyrics. Hearts are breakeable. Music will be made.

× The Mantles: Hello
Found this band via a slumberland records post on the BayBridged
›› San Francisco/Oakland's The Mantles have been charting a unique path through the Bay Area's storied garage/pop scene since 2007.

× charliefoxtrotny: Tell the world anything
this isn't music per se, but it is human melodies in the forms of words - I dig them.
There are approx. 4 of them in their  youtube channel.

From the Illini dispatches:
My pal Tim is always sending me awesome notes, and earlier this year he shared these two fun songs:
× Phish: Fee
Millie – but the lyrics here sound like MELI (!!) and coffee, and cats … too cool :)

× Balkan Beat Box: Hermetico

I've signed on to Spotify and Rdio, but so far I really like and prefer the Soundcloud mobile app, works for me and mi curious journeys. There are also a ton of archived talks/interviews and smaller indie bands w/their music uploads to just listen without much fuss, which I really like.
It still mostly use CDs and listen to local AM/FM, and a portable radio which I always have with me.
Yes that is true.
What app or site for streaming music are you currently into?