Saturday, February 28, 2009

Critical girls


blue text



Critical boys

Seeing double chones

Market st.

Broadway tunnel

& my favorite, live long and prosper.

Double trouble

I hadn't been to Critical mass in ages. I hadn't seen this good friend of mine on a bike, even longer than that...
On Friday, I went to rent me a tandem (my brain creatively misfires here and then) and decided to pick her up for critical mass ride. She had no idea because we were just meeting for happy hour drinks or something girlie like that. Yeah, kind of a surprise but the weather was so nice and clear who would say no to such fun ride, right? She is not a bike rider at all – so it was nice to hear she had a blast.
I felt bad that we got into a slow-fall incident (fast teenager with lose clothes=handlebar tangle mess)
Sorry :( for her knee but, that is super gnarly scar waiting to happen. ♥Ride on girlfriend!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Los Events: Citizen Chain grand re-opening party

The Citizen Chain crew made a big move, across the street from their old location.
Stop by, check out the new spacious new location, visit Dallas and the sweet young men that work there and find your Rosebud . Mark your calendars for next Thursday, March 5th 4-9PM.

NorthBeachSanFranciscoCAlifornia — love it

-Rosebud was a bike-

Park tool & the Frenchie share the same blue passion.

Separated at birth

Not too long ago ChiaraKael, from Toronto Bike Chic commented about the NYC talented Taliah Lempert & shortly after, I came across this lovely postcard on a recent visit to Mojo Cafe. ♥!!!

Lights and tights

lights and tights 
melo yelo - city hall

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo del Dia: Well served


♥Riding with a friend is the best


Best therapy for de-stressing after work

With Love From: The tour

Chalk love + pin love :) Thanks!

On my backpack - m is for meligrosa :)

Get your fix from the tour of calif. ‹& all of the above photos are from, except for the pin one›: MASHsfblog
More pics, sponsors etc. here: Clif Bar | Arkitip | GoIncase
- - -
Local Bay Area blog did a great coverage of the northern Calif. stages: Cyclelicious|AmgenTour
- - -
SFgate Gallery from the tour.
Local Santa Rosa 3peater wins it again.
Congrats Levi! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tweets and the city

Do you tweet?
Most the time I dont even know where my cell phone is so, go figure. It has been months that buddies have asked me (and a few recent emails) to get into the twit-mode. Is that what the cool kids are doing?
Here is me: @meligrosa

This comes a few minutes after I had just read that twittering is as cool as blue velvet ‹LaughingSquid|David Lynch Confirms Twitter Account›

In the meantime, here is a gorgeous photo with an interesting article. H/T:Ratta

I Tweet, Therefore I Am
By Owen Thomas
‟Why do people Tweet? Even the company's CEO,
Ev Williams | @ev can't answer that question. Perhaps he
is embarrassed by the true reason: We Twitter to
reassure ourselves that we are alive.
But the narcissism of today's overcommunicators transcends
one little startup, and goes far beyond the makers of media...

Continue reading VALLEYWAG: I Tweet, Therefore I am

Friday, February 20, 2009

No strings attached

Boost Mobile TV Commercial - Bicycle, Unwronged - The funniest videos are a click away
oh cell phones...

Happy Friday!

from january-february

Nite riders

Wednesday was my 1st butter ride this year. I was happy I had the chance to make it +remembered to bring the camera. I plan to do it more than last year, way more. Decided to bomb some hills & show the smurfette some love, I forget how smooth it is. It is a pretty fast bike, with a very slow rider (and perfectly fine &happy with that...) As always great vibe, happy bikers & a nice crisp 40°weather.

la hot bianchi-

:) Blurry me /Brake time. whiteish lights in the background=golden gate bridge

Panhandle brake

Bender's, fries, beer etc etc

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Big 56 for all bikes kick off campaign meeting
took place this past Tuesday. Maps, rock-star bike valet
parking, information and the bike network talk.

All the tables had a different neighborhood area map.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From SF to DF

Location: Palacio de Bellas Artes Las Bicicletas by Aceves Navarro
**Read more: LAtimes | Press release: news ‹eng. GoogleTrans.

This is the last post of the D.F. /Mexico City series.
I got to see plenty of great street art as well as public installations during the quick trip.
The one above, was by far my favorite of course.
Below is a mural-wall by local San Francisco artist Sam Flores.
This was at a food/market place in collaboration with Saner, a DF-based artist. Sweet find
Sam flores ‹SF›, Saner ‹DF›, "Elvia" Antojitos & comida corrida
**Read more, artist webpages: Saner | Sam Flores.

Hotel dosX

After I took this shot, I realized that it was pretty ironic.
Here's a reference link, just in case you're not familiar with the accidental
spin-off I came upon: Hotel_LaChapelle(wiki link)