Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phono del Sol 2013

Got to check out Phono del Sol a little over two weeks ago.
My two girlfriends got there a bit before I did so they got to see a couple more bands.
I was interested in checking out local darling band Thee Oh Sees for the 3rd time, and Bleached for the first – which I randomly found on the internets a few months ago and was curious to see them live.
Only got to see the last 2 songs by Bleached and they were pretty good. I liked these Angelenas and I hope they play again and come back to the city at some point.
Bleached / at Phono del Sol
Bleached at Phono del Sol.
Bleached / at Phono del Sol
Bleached at Phono del Sol.

Then, Thee Oh Sees were awesome.
Their energy is super vibrant, and you couldn't ask for a better sunny Saturday, british-sounding beats (reminds me oh so very closely of the epic The Fall) y skater kids in the background, sweaty teenagers crowdsurfng and a non-stop-all-ages-mini-moshpit, which during the band's last set they said 'everyone just come up here' and the stage was immediately flash-flooded [band's view]

Only foto I took of them is the one atop.
I also took a video for once. This is dedicated to my friend Adrienne, who says that you know it is a good live music time once you find the Trippy Dancer.
and then we sure found him:


Sunday, July 28, 2013

words y thoughts: taking it tranquilo

short post on current pace de la vida
I have made a small effort to not be online that frequently, to not read (every) set of rss visual overload because, boy do I know and love reading a myriad of them. In all honesty I enjoy being overly curious and knowing off the top-of-my-head often useless facts – like say, which year Buddy Holly died, JFK was shot, Fidel went into power and the year Psycho was first released. (1960s recent history affinity, can you tell?…)

I love it.
And to be honest, I have also learnt that it is equally important to learn a habit, a routine - to dim the lights, be computer AND device-free, say after 10PM and really nourish, embrace and quietly dedicate a personal time to the closure of each day. It is not about age, not about genexers or millennials – it is acknowledging once you are purely running on fumes, whatever that means to each of us, and act upon it. Sometimes it takes years, a person, or a change of appearance (hello under-eye bags) to really come face to face with yourself and own the first step in order for you to do something about it.

Oakland, 11/10th st. May 8th, 2013
On Broadway, Oakland.

I've found pure enjoyment in hearing friends and even my mom, describe to me what they thought I would love to hear about. Or to see them be surprised that I haven't heard about a particular something or seen a video which shows a particular mutual interest (typically sports> typography> or local flavor)

How amazing is that?
Not only do you (I) enjoy the company, the conversation – but LOVE that face to face time, describing in each other own words, something that you could have easily scrolled through on whichever size monitor or screen and re-shared as easily as forgetting about it. Without much of an interaction and reaction thread or vocal conversation to it.

You know who you are.
And I know that you know people, friends like that as well.
Athletics, Warriors, pixels, coffee, design, ice cream, babies, weddings, divorces, espanglish, upcoming concerts, finance, code.

Don't let those opportunities pass by. Make the time for those moments.
Even if our schedule is tight or seems difficult to arrange the time to do so.

In my case and with some of my friends and relatives, it has taken me some years even, after life changing cycles to slowly come out of my shell again. Without a rush, but without forgetting about it either. Some months have also passed to even reply to some messages and phone calls. I've missed a lot without feeling that I have missed out, at all.
The attempt and the intention is there to get together, once again, when the time is right.

Where the wild things are
Lower Haight, San Francisco.

And once you do when it's meant to be, what a beauty in human social behavior to forget how long it has really been and to pick right up where you left off.

Have you recently made small scale or big time changes in your everyday life that have impacted you? I'd like to hear about it and how it has affected you for the better (or worse)…


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

martes de moleskine

Yesterday's sketch, moleskine daily journal / 2013.
sketch de ayer

I have been making small daily efforts to draw more, sketch frequently and spend less time in front of the monitor or my phone when unnecessary – asides my worktime cyber log.

Drawing and sketching is great. A longtime love and passion of mine.
Thought I'd begin to share more of my sketches. I have sketchbooks and doodles for miles. Mi first annual moleskine I bought was in 2004, and have had one every year since.
Also, at work we have a weekly lunch hour drawing group – how cool is that? :)

Hope you enjoy them, xxom♥

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Los events: Arizmendi's 10th anniversary this Monday, July 22nd.

arizmendis turns 10.
Arizmendi's (Emeryville) turns 10! OHMY♥
On Monday, July 22, 2013, celebrate Arizmendi’s 10th anniversary.
Join them for free cake and other fun festivities. From 3-5 pm, enjoy live music from Candelaria (reggae style Colombian music), free face-painting, and chow down on free cake, home-made lemonade, and hibiscus Jamaica.
via SFfuncheap More info: Arizmendi page on FB
4301 San Pablo Ave, Emeryville, California 94608.
When I worked in Berkeley between 2006-2008, I would bike a 5mile round trip from the studio to the bakery which is a block or two from the Pixar studios. Those two years I loved biking over from south-west area in Berkeley to that Emeryville corner, it would make my belly so happy to enjoy a couple of their delicious pizza slices, great coffee.

I made pals with their staff and enjoyed chatting with the customers who like, me enjoyed having a slice, pastry or a break in their school/workday. A few years have passed and I'm glad Rafa and I have remained friends. At that time, his band (¡FUGA!) I had first heard through local Berkeley station KPFA, so I think we were both equally surprised we knew of it the first or second day we met. Music connections, I tel you. We have since stayed in touch and I love checking out his band at local venues whenever possible.

Rafa is an awesome drummer, such a sweetheart, and my favorite Baja Californiano in the Bay Area. Luv u Rafa :)
Rafa y yo.
Rafa y yo. March 2010.

The staff at the bakery is super nice. Their pastries delicious y there is always something good happening in that corner in Emeryville – I now reminiscence with cariño and miss going to weekly.
Anyways, that is my story with the Emeryville Arizmendi.

Thank you,

// From the archives›
Post from October, 2008 ›› BICICLETA Y THE BAKERY

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

mucha música Monday arrives fashionably late, on martes (Tuesday)

- - -
Mondays after a national holiday are the best, so productive! – said no one ever :)
Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.

I enjoy reading frequently about music and about bands that are soon playing in the Bay Area though I haven't made it out to many shows lately. Love listening, checking out new bands and re-discovering beats from a wide range of genres. I seem to find about bands from reading magazines, the paper, podcasts, some internet and word of mouth.

How do you find out about new music? What new music have you discovered or have been playing on repeat lately?
Hope you continue to enjoy some of my findings.

Pixies: Bagboy
First and foremost: Did you know this is the first Pixies song in more than a decade?  
We know this aint SF because plastic bags don't seem to exist here anymore (and all bags cost ya 10¢ at the stores so BYOB) Oh, y Bagboy rides a bike.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Despair
Hard to believe that it has been a decade since I walked into the now defunct Tower Records to buy the Fever to Tell CD, which didn't come out of the walkman for many days. Straight.
Karen O, I love you.

Ondatropica: At the Cuban Jazz Cafe (LIVE)
I have seen Quantic y Totó la Momposina live in San Pancho (NOTE: BOTH AMAZING, videos below) –Ondatropica– would be a future, imperative must.
“What do you get when Quantic, an English producer and musician with a background in hip-hop, electronic dance music, soul, funk, and dub reggae, moves to Cali, Colombia, and teams up with seasoned local musicians, members of Bogotá’s alternative music scene, and Chilean MC Ana Tijoux?” –G.Moskowitz for The Daily Beast

And since I referenced them, here are the aforementioned
good times [Biking to Stern Grove 2009 post] Ade, James +i were there :)
Toto: ¿Aronde me meto yo?

Quantic y su Combo Bárbaro - Canoa Rancha
Nidia Bómbora is beyond captivating. Was lucky to see their show at Slim's with my good GF Diana a few years ago. I still have that poster. So amazing live(!)

Love Songs to the Castros
Found this gem on univision via the power correspondent power duo Damien y Diana Cano:

Fugulele (Fugazi ala ukulele)
–Fugulele, Syracuse's Fugazi all ukulele band at the Wescott Theater in Syracuse NY.–

Savages: I am here
This British sound from the all-female band hailing from London is rather propulsive. Liking them quite a bit.

Monday, July 1, 2013

mucha música monday: july 1st

Carla Morrison: Disfruto
This Baja Californiana makes you revisit the teenage poetry in you which has not really left, when puberty feelings through her music are awaken. Run away with the circus, be in love, reflect on the train tracks or all three. She hails from Tecate, that quiet border town that lives hidden behind Tijuana's flamboyant presence, which seems to be somehow stuck a few decades back in time with its charm living alongside the industrial modernization, where that dark-red and golden label beer comes from and kick ass pan dulce is made with a free cup of coffee with your purchase. Tecate, you have always treated me well.

Lynch y Lykke Li: I'm Waiting Here
Here is Lynch's birthday post (January), this song awakens the summer road trip senses.
His new album The Big Dream drops Tuesday, July 16th.

Miguel: Adorn
I recently learnt about Miguel after seeing his flawless portrait on the cover of Paper magazine. I liked this song but the video don't make much sense to me. Could be the tale of the 10year high school reunion, have you attended any? Not me.. 

Florence Welch & Dev Hynes (Cover Icona Pop): I Love It
I have listened to this more than a few times in the past few nights.
Florence. Dev.

From the HumanRightsCampaign youtube channel: Straight allies, Florence Welch and Dev Hynes join a growing list of musicians standing with the Human Rights Campaign on the right side of history. Equality Rocks!”

Mercury & Bowie: Under Pressure
If you are ready to get goosebumps, listen now. Found via this post at TheStrut

Bleached: KEXP live studio performance
I had mentioned Bleached back in late-February, they are indeed playing in San Francisco soon (Saturday, July 13th). Here is a 16 minute studio performances from May this year, recorded live in Seattle at KEXP.

Lorde: Royals
Her first official video is out. I made a premature prediction this past April about this Auckland young woman, I knew she'd be big. Mind you, she is still in high school…

Washed Out: It All Feels Right