Tuesday, July 9, 2013

mucha música Monday arrives fashionably late, on martes (Tuesday)

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Mondays after a national holiday are the best, so productive! – said no one ever :)
Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend.

I enjoy reading frequently about music and about bands that are soon playing in the Bay Area though I haven't made it out to many shows lately. Love listening, checking out new bands and re-discovering beats from a wide range of genres. I seem to find about bands from reading magazines, the paper, podcasts, some internet and word of mouth.

How do you find out about new music? What new music have you discovered or have been playing on repeat lately?
Hope you continue to enjoy some of my findings.

Pixies: Bagboy
First and foremost: Did you know this is the first Pixies song in more than a decade?  
We know this aint SF because plastic bags don't seem to exist here anymore (and all bags cost ya 10¢ at the stores so BYOB) Oh, y Bagboy rides a bike.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Despair
Hard to believe that it has been a decade since I walked into the now defunct Tower Records to buy the Fever to Tell CD, which didn't come out of the walkman for many days. Straight.
Karen O, I love you.

Ondatropica: At the Cuban Jazz Cafe (LIVE)
I have seen Quantic y Totó la Momposina live in San Pancho (NOTE: BOTH AMAZING, videos below) –Ondatropica– would be a future, imperative must.
“What do you get when Quantic, an English producer and musician with a background in hip-hop, electronic dance music, soul, funk, and dub reggae, moves to Cali, Colombia, and teams up with seasoned local musicians, members of Bogotá’s alternative music scene, and Chilean MC Ana Tijoux?” –G.Moskowitz for The Daily Beast

And since I referenced them, here are the aforementioned
good times [Biking to Stern Grove 2009 post] Ade, James +i were there :)
Toto: ¿Aronde me meto yo?

Quantic y su Combo Bárbaro - Canoa Rancha
Nidia Bómbora is beyond captivating. Was lucky to see their show at Slim's with my good GF Diana a few years ago. I still have that poster. So amazing live(!)

Love Songs to the Castros
Found this gem on univision via the power correspondent power duo Damien y Diana Cano:

Fugulele (Fugazi ala ukulele)
–Fugulele, Syracuse's Fugazi all ukulele band at the Wescott Theater in Syracuse NY.–

Savages: I am here
This British sound from the all-female band hailing from London is rather propulsive. Liking them quite a bit.


  1. Music, music music. These days, you can find it everywhere. Shazam is my friend. Use it in the car, on the street, sometimes while watching a movie (is that o. k.?)

    Oh yeah, the internet too.

    New music? Getting back into New Orleans music in a big way. Trombone Shorty, Kermit, Hot 8 Brass Band, Dr. John, Sub Dudes, etc. Catching up on Treme on DVD.

    1. that sounds awesome andy! I'd love to visit the south, nola y many music states at some point =)

  2. I only learn about new music via your blog, sometimes via a language class I'm in, and friends telling me about a particular band. Oh, and sometimes Pandora....

  3. Just re-discovered (un-shelved!) some old Luscious Jackson. On the platter that record has stayed for the past 2 weeks! Loves me some Kate Schellenbach.


    1. gaaah love them, she so awesome. naked eye is still the best song ever =)


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