Thursday, August 30, 2012

Will the Curiosity find E.T.?

**Photo credit unknown / found via Google search.

Twenty years after E.T. landed on Earth and in Elliot's life, NASA's Curiosity landed on Mars. Will E.T. and The Curiosity be friends? Maybe some skittles will convince him back to Earth.

Did you know some of the forest scenes were film 300mi. north of San Francisco? (near the Oregon border) The Redwood National Park website indicates a nice fact: "Fog accounts for up to one-fourth of the precipitation needed so the mighty coast redwoods can survive. While you hike, fog drip is a good thing!"

Isaac please leave New Orleans alone. NOLA, you are in our minds.
Many cities around the States may be experiencing a heat wave, the last few hot days of summer in light pleasant clothes. Well, here in San Francisco the weather remains foggy with a few teasing up-and-down rare appearances of the sun. It isn't quite cold, 65° is a number I very much like, but it isn't very popular and the citizens seem to patiently waiting for our rather Autumn-summer. We kinda look all wrapped up, like ET.

The foggy weather and a slight craving for skittles inspired this post today.


Tijuana, Mex. May 2012
El triciclo más querido de playas, afuera del latitud.
/Playa's favorite trycicle, in lat32's yard (coffee shop beachside). 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pee Wee's big 59th adventure.

Paul Rubenfeld
August 27th, 1952 (Age 59)
aka Paul Reubens and his Pee Wee Herman character.

With Tim Burton, on set circa 1985.


A few weeks ago on a random weekend morning, I caught a rerun of Top Chef Texas. 
Here is a clip I found from the BravoTV site:

- - -
**Each image above was found PeeWee'sPlayhouse tumblr (blog is not affiliated with Herman World, Inc.), 
clicking on each image leads to its page+source of image, whenever possible.

mucha música Monday: the Moon

First Man On The Moon
Neil Armstrong
Born in Wapakoneta, OH
August 5, 1930 - August 25th, 2012
Neil Alden Armstrong is an American former NASA astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor, United States Naval Aviator, and the first person to set foot upon the Moon. biography
“I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer,” 
-Neil Armstrong at a millennial gathering honoring the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century - via the WashingtonPost 

Space Oddity (1969 rare video) /David Bowie

Man on the Moon /R.E.M.
Now, Andy did you hear about this one.

Spaceboy (unplugged) /Smashing Pumpkins

Fly Me to The Moon /Frank Sinatra

Billie Jean & The First Moonwalk King Of Pop /Michael Jackson

Harvest Moon /Neil Young

Bark at the Moon (live 1986) /Ozzy Osbourne

Eclipse (Dark Side Of The Moon) /Pink Floyd

Pink Moon /Nick Drake

Take Me To The Other Side /Spacemen 3

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space /Spiritualized
Part of their unplugged tour = amazingness.

What are your favorite moon songs?
-AND- Stay tuned for a Spanish moon walk.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Party monster turns 31

Macaulay Culkin 
Born August 26, 1980 (Age 31)
New York City, NY

-Above image, via the site: thisrecording

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Friday, August 24, 2012

walk more, eat less, sleep more.

"A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world." -Paul Dudley White
Bicycle Industry Gains Political Support
1962: "The American bicycle industry needed political support to win tariff protection and generate public enthusiasm for adult riding. Norman Clarke of the Columbia manufacturing Co., organized a breakfast in Washington, DC so the bicycle industry could state its case. After breakfast, Dr. Paul and Dudley White led a ride to the Capitol and it was an unexpected pleasure for politicians more accustomed to big black limousines. Leading the way were Secretary of Treasury, Douglas Dillion, Dr. White, Congressman Silvio Conte of Massachusetts (to White's left), and Secretary of Interior Stuart Udall." via The National Transportation Library

Paul Dudley White 
Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts.
June 6, 1886 – October 31, 1973

"Walk more, eat less, sleep more."
Paul White was a pioneering cardiologist and a founding member of the American Heart Association, and played a central role in furthering CVD epidemiology from its formal beginnings in the late 1940s. []

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Time for another dose of cyberchisme, your fave bloggie gossip.

Local grilled cheese joint gets tons of cash
American Grilled Cheese in San Francisco (South Park, South of Market) wins a $250K for their local impact, one of 12 business in the US. More than 3 billion voters voted.
Bread is local. Cheese comes from Marin. No secret we are foodies here.

My favorite is their cheese puns on the chalkboard. If you haven't been, it's a must.
Congrats! Read more here, via marketwatch: Chase and LivingSocial Award 12 Small Businesses
*PS their drip coffee rocks.

/American Grilled chese: previously posted here on October, 2010: Hello, cheesy

Bay Area's Little league team
Petaluma is about 40 miles north of San Francisco and its little league team continues to be hot right now and underway to the Little League series, beating Connecticut last night.
Go sports! sfgate: Petaluma boys advance in World Series //

/Photo via

Coffee is the new wine
It's like siblings, please stop comparing them to one another.
Anywas, interesting read. Tip/Hat to a few emails I received about this, including Alex.

The rest of the article here via NPR Food Blog:
Coffee Is The New Wine. Here's How You Taste It

From NYC to Little Rock, AK 
Julie moves towns, and is already bike roaming looking sharp as always.
Read her adventures here: 
My bike park near Lincoln Center

From NYC to San Francisco 
The vibrant Malaika visited the city in under 24hours and of course meets the SF local amigas (Calitexican, KT +myself) for a beer, alongside one of her friends! She is a Californian living in NYC, she bikes everywhere there.
Below, she poses with Calitexican's new pimp ride, the shedevil. Was rad to meet you IRL xxom

Jenny Oh and stolen bike awareness 
She has had a bike and a wheelset stolen this month, so she has done a ton of detective work and social media exposure. Also she recently posted this pretty cool story which has been making the blog rounds: Rescued in Portland: A Stolen De Rosa Bicycle Has Been Found After 6 Years!
Make sure to check her twitter feed often and she has also created a stolen bike group on flickr:

Four Barrel coffee turns four
Delicious. I love you. Congrats.

Also via missionmission: 
"To celebrate four years of serving the coffee-drinking denizens of San Francisco, Four Barrel will be throwing our annual birthday bash on Wednesday, August 22nd, from 7am to 4pm. As we do every year, we will be giving away free coffee and espresso drinks all day long. And yes: the drinks are 100% free, no joke."  Read more here: Four Barrel's fourth birthday

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

remix #2 destination: fog

1. Winter /The Dodos
2. Darklands /The Jesus and Mary Chain
3. Insight /Joy Division 
4. Fog /Radiohead
5. You In Color /The Black Angels
6. Only Happy When It Rains /Garbage
7. Slow /My Bloody Valentine
8. Kool Thing /Sonic Youth

The natural crisp facial that keeps us young and bundled as you roam the streets of San Francisco.
The 55-60°F August weather can definitely cool your jets.
"Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way." -E. L. Doctorow
Here are some songs.


tuesday mobile upload

IMAG2462_ by meligrosa
IMAG2462_, a photo by meligrosa on Flickr.

los ma'velous. market y 10th

Monday, August 20, 2012

mucha música Monday: amorcito

A eme O
Andre Echeverri, 2005

Andrea Echeverri is the beautiful being behind the iconic Rock en Español band Aterciopelados.

This woman represents poetry, peace, music, empowerment, feminism, and a tremendous advocacy to embrace inner beauty. Her unique voice and the straight up messages in most of the songs are statements that are as strong as the multiple colorful layers of their sounds, and representing music like a punk chameleon with a cotton candy mohawk waving a peace flag.

"A eme O" is an intimate lullaby dedicated to her daughter. The song was written throughout her pregnancy after she learned she was expecting, while still on tour in the early 2000's. It also describes her experiencing a re-birth of her own self as a better person and lover.

The lyrics are moving poetry, the video is a beautiful way to start the week and to celebrate the inner tubes and veins that we all once navigated within the mothers that brought us into this world, to become navigators on our own.

And because I love languages, magic rhyme gets lost in translation however, here is an English version más o menos:

When you were born I became a better lover
As if you had unplugged my drains 
My breasts have grown, belly and hips 
My expanded body found its motivation 

You circulated throughout me and made me a divine road 
You opened a tunnel, uncovered my destiny 
A breath of creation, you are energy, sun light 
and have perfectly spelled: little LOVE 

Since you were born I feel a fire inside, as if you had lit a match 
My body is now vain exempt 
My brave body released its own relative 

- - -

/ amorcito = love + ito (a sweet diminutive suffix)

stolen alert: Phil Wood wheelset

"Be on the lookout for a wheelset with black Sun Mistral rims laced to silver low-flange Phil Wood hubs..."
Lighting does hit twice -- photos and info via plattyjo STOLEN: Phil Wood Wheelset

Jenny has created a group (Flickr Pool) with a ton of pictures she has recently tweeted of more-than-likely stolen bikes "for sale" here: Bicycles at Bay Area Flea Markets

Sending you good vibes Jenny xxo

Friday, August 17, 2012

Caffeinated tourists and a poster goes to Chicago

Visiting SF, caffeinated.
A San Francisco poster lives in Chicago

Thanks to these two gorgeous ladies for these graceful posts. So kind of you both.
Also, the film photographs taken by Dottie are beyond beautiful!
// Good eats and great coffee in San Francsico by SimplyBike  
// Bikes and the city print by Dottie of Let's Go Ride a Bike
- - -
much love, xxom.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"She may be evil, but she is attractive."

Julie Newmar 
Julia Chalene Newmeyer (age 79).
Born on August 16th, 1933 in Los Angeles, California.
Best known for her fabulous Catwoman role in the 1966-1968 TV Series.

Catwoman: Let no one say that Catwoman is not the best-dressed woman in the world. 
Batman: There are no fashion shows where you're going, Catwoman. 
Robin: And how could a feline feloness like you also be a fashion model? 
Batman: Ah-ah. Give credit where credit is due, Robin. She may be evil, but she is attractive. 
You'll know more about that in a couple of years. 
-via wikiquote 

hay gurl.
"I can give you happiness more than anyone in the world"
With those curves mamacita, I'm surprised that Adam West didn't get beet red like the batphone. Hot damn.

From the site, I learned she designed her own costume for her Catwoman role between 1966-1967.
She blogs and has her own Facebook fanpage.
However, her YouTube page has timeless gems such as the one above.

With much feline love
Happy birthday Julie Newmar, the best catwoman ever.
meligrosa +velcro. meow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I kissed a bike, and I liked it.

1 katy perry rides a bike 2 katy perry rides a bike

Katy Perry loves riding bikes.
A friend sent over the recent set of fotos posted by of Katy riding in Venice beach in Los Angeles, a part of Los Angeles that has been a pleasant destination at least once a year, or so.

3 katy perry rides a bike

- - -
This fellow Californian has been spotted before with now former husband Brand all over the country.
New York:
4 katy perry rides a bike 5 katy perry rides a bike
6 katy perry rides a bike

And these last two I found via Katy Perry ride a bicycle,
part of Richard's ongoing celebrity riding bikes series.
7 katy perry rides a bike 8 katy perry rides a bike

On the flip side, I guess it is nice to see those paparazzi promoting the use of bicycles, Hollywood style.

- - -
*(top to bottom) photos from star-gossip sites found +credited accordingly -- via google: 
[1][2][3] OnCelebrity venice / [4] via /  
[5] info included within image: KATY PERRY und RUSSELL BRAND 
July 25, 2010 in New York City (Photo by GQjai / Meet The Famous) via WhyFame 
[6] Zimbio Nov.10, 2010 / [7][8] Starpulse via

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Los events: mid-August

Wednesday, August 15th /San Francisco
Lunchtime Date with Literary San Francisco
Union Square, downtown San Francisco
"Writing celebrating our City by the Bay from Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Mark Twain, Amy Tan, Vikram Seth, Armistead Maupin, and more. Read by actresses Anne Buelteman and Tina Marie Murray.Music by guitarist Dave Ricketts.Presented in conjunction with Union Square Live" via litquake
/A little foto I took from the back pages of Tales of the City by Armistean Maupin. 
How beautiful is that typeface?

If you live in SF his body of work is a must read. 
Generations may change but one thing remains the same for all kinds of relationships: 
He is of my favorite local writers, however he recently moved [SFGate: Armistead Maupin leaving SF by Leah Garchik].

This Week: Goats! /San Francisco's Presidio
More info +map: Goats Lend a Hand at Presidio Golf Course via

Friday, August 17th (Opening Reception) /San Francisco 
Built by Swift at Post Car Travel Agency
Place: StoreFrontLab | 337 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
August 17th-26th, 2012

Friday, August 17th /San Francisco 
Hosted at Mission Workshop located at 40 Rondel Place, San Francisco

For an afternoon, the San Francisco Bay Railroad opened it’s doors to Oakland based photographer Alex Ramos and Mission Workshop to capture the day to day operations of this local industrial railroad on film and video.
The photographs taken will be on exhibit in the San Francisco warehouse of Mission Workshop from August 17th until September 21st, 2012. Go to for information on the show and opening.To view more of Alex’s work, visit his website: www.alexramosphoto.comMusic: Ronin by Noise Problems
*HT /la calitexican

Sunday, August 19th /San Francisco 
Tricycle Music Fest West 2012
Free, 3PM
"Recess Monkey" at the Main library
Checkout the rest of the schdule, festival runs August-October, throughout various city library locations here.
Kids and families, Tricycle Music Fest West presents free family rock music concerts for its fourth year. Skip the nap, grab your boogie shoes and join us at the library! via

via the San Francisco Public Library

Sunday, August 19th /San Francisco 
1600 17th Street
Thee Parkside (Potrero Hill) 

Check out last week's post for more August events previously posted
If you got event info or that you'd like to share: bikesandthecity -at gmail

ok that is all for now

Monday, August 13, 2012

mucha música Monday

Jason Statham in a suit riding a bike. Yes, please.
This bloke is also known to do his own stunts.
Bike chase includes a dose of exaggerated Hollywood testosterone at its finest.

"I got some cookies in my fannypack.." LOL

*Read Kristen Shaal's interview at the Bay Bridged

I found a bike today 

Dustin Cavazos
Dustin is from Dallas, Texas.

"A lone old man wishes he could be young again at least for only a brief moment."

"Shout outs to James Sayko for the production and shout outs to El Si Hay for the great fajita Tacos. 
This will be on my new album In and Out of Sleep (coming soon) -6/2012"

Dustin's YouTube page says: Bikes. Blog. Beats.
Don't mess with Texas and their tacos :) More fotos +blog posts found on his website:

- - -
Okay, that's this it for your beet beat juice.
Wish you all peace and a great start of the week.

Los events: Outside Lands Bike Cruise in GGP, Monday at 10:30 AM

foto from
Outside Lands Bike Cruise in GGP, Monday at 10:30 AM
Got to plans this Monday? Join Joel's Thinkwalks in Golden Gate Park, from the event page:
Done with your weekend of Outside Lands Festivalizing? 
Not so fast! Come with Thinkwalks to see what the outside lands really were! How did blowing dunes become a garden park? We’ll celebrate the spot that almost became a multilane freeway. We’ll visit what was once the main entertainment center of San Francisco — now tennis courts. 
We’ll learn how car culture replaced horse and carriage. We’ll ride bikes around for a couple hours having a blast! 
Find out where grand bridges rusted away, famous ships feel to pieces. Oh, and did you know there’s an eleventh century monastery in the Park? Yes! It’s a thousand years old! 
Bring your bike and come explore! Rent a bike if need be.
Feel free to call if you have questions. 415-505-8255
Pay what you like. RSVP required. Snacks will be provided.
Facebook event page here // Check out the calendar for future thinkwalks here

Saturday, August 11, 2012

¡FELICIDADES! México beats Brasil and gets the first olympic London 2012 gold medal

¡FELICIDADES! México beats Brasil and gets their first olympic gold medal en FÚTBOL, London 2012 ♥ congrats to the male team, most under 23.
[from the archives, 2010 world cup foto in San Francisco]

- - -
yahoo sports article here: Mexico beats Brazil, August 11th

Friday, August 10, 2012

San Francisco Summer

San Francisco Summer by meligrosa
San Francisco Summer, a photo by meligrosa on Flickr.

caminando. pronto nos cubrirá esa cobija blanca // walking. that fog blanket will soon cover us all

[mobile upload]

Curiosity killed the cats

Not on the internet.

The Curiosity landed on Mars.
And I landed on OMG CATS IN SPACE:

All images from the tumblr: OMGCATSINSPACE!!!
You are welcome.

- - -
Have a grand weekend.