Sunday, June 28, 2015


Flights in/out of SFO are likely to be delayed due to dense fog, or Obama.
sfo wknd trip delayed 3+ hrs “due to weather (not fog, per usual)” LOL in califas.. aka obama was nearby.
ps. that is a tiger-print snuggie, turns out :)


summer sundays: scorecard duo y coffee.

Sitting near old-timers is one of my favorite perks of attending a baseball game, especially when they sit at the end of the section, so I can take a quick peek at their handwriting if I leave my seat :)

old timers y their scorecards are the bestest.
KC Royals 5 × Athletics 3, ugly swept.
Oakland Coliseum, June 2015.

Another favorite is that Peet's has a little kiosk behind the RF bleachers. I thought it was temporary a bit ago, but now it seems permanent -- in case this space cadet forgets a full mug thermos at home. woops … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
sunday funday × los a's, cafecito y béisbol. LGO
Chicago White Sox 7 × Athletics 3, ugly swept too....
Oakland Coliseum, May 2015.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

the medium of poetry is the human body.

Thought I'd say hello before June is over. Hola:)
It has been a great month of good ups in sports and downs with some horrific things fellow humans are capable of.
What a year, already.

A surreal positive feeling that I'd like to focus on, is the incredible NBA championship for the dubs.
I recently did a small presentation at work about infographics and the three-point line. I received great feedback from my fellow colleagues, most of them designers, who admit they turn deaf upon any mention of sports – Not unusual however.
I'm currently doing equal parts of quick turnaround graphics (many of them small infographics) and long-term projects. As a graphic designer, the craft to make visuals that are simple and easy to understand while communicating data and numbers effectively, is a craft of its own.

Anyway, I loved this image below I came across on Grantland when I was doing a bit of research for my presentation. My favorite sources are Grantland, FiveThirtyEight and Edward Tufte, along with various professional and college stat streams.
The image below is called the Curry constellation, and it represents all of Steph Curry's shots made in his 6-year career so far (should be approx. 4,000+/- per NBA stats). Beautiful.
[ Full Grantland article here: Outsider Artist: Understanding the Beauty of Steph Curry’s Jumper]

Back in April this year, my mom and I took our first mom-daughter trip since 1999, just the two of us.
It was quite meaningful, to say the least. Time does help sooth a bit deep scars with the tide waves that one navigates living with grief.

san antonio, tejas × april
This was taken in San Antonio's westside near the Guadalupe Cultural arts center which I participated in a poster contest for fun, earlier this year.

I'll share a few more pictures of our trip later.
It was my second time in Texas in the last decade as of April and our first time in San Antonio. Our experience was very mellow, and our agenda was to take it easy.

april × first night in San Antonio, got to watch the dubs at dallas at Mi Tierra's bar.
April 3rd × first night in San Antonio, got to watch the dubs at dallas at the 24hr Mi Tierra's bar.
Few days later, we got to see them in person when the dubs visited the spurs – so cool.

I continue to write and draw as frequently as possible, and try to read whenever I can.
Recently I finished reading: The Medicine of Memory by Alejandro Murguía and Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming
today, i learned.
+ The title of this post comes from this quote I jotted down a few weeks ago. 

Anyhow, hope you are enjoy the beginning of summer from your corner of the world.
Have a great weekend.