Tuesday, December 30, 2008

With love from San Francisco, Happy New Year!

Big tree @city hall.

Best wishes for the year to come! 2008 kind of flew by. This year was the year when I officially declared myself both an early bird and a night owl. All I want all day is ride my bike, drink coffee and read the paper and books. Brave New Bike.
I don't have any resolutions because I don't remember them after January 2nd. Do you have any resolutions?
Party hard, or however you celebrate New Year's have fun. I'll be here in the city trying to stay out of trouble–or not♥
Thanks for reading this little hobby blog of mine, pleasure to meet you & looking forward to a smashing-spanking-new-2009!!

From AM to PM: An americano post holiday decorations at Four Barrel Coffee / Anchor Steam waiting for me

- - -

Monday, December 29, 2008

Caffeinated sky

This will be the last post with a photo from my old little camera.
A sweet boy that enjoys my bike treks around the city & Santa teamed up and brought me a new camera for the caffeinated eye. Thanks so much♥ very sweet!
It had just stopped raining when I took this last week. Old year, old camera and good memories. xo/

Pedaling the year away

from october-november-december

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Before the year ends

I wanted to post some pictures I quite forgot about.
This below, is at the ferry bldg. Local bicycle company sycip makes beautiful handcrafted goodies. I've never bought anything at this Boccalone shop, but always wanted to take that attractive lovely bike of theirs for delivery joy ride. Someday...

Empty space on 3rd. Future coffee stand?..

Bike lane chats

It's always nice to learn a bit more from a bike's material-structure and its components, especially coming from a frame builder like Gary Fisher. We got to see plenty of him in the city this year, everywhere really. Nice pannier!

There's goes mr. Fisher, again

For those of you who've asked, From what I've seen of him from rides and the bike lane,
he rides multiple different bikes, so. This one for instance, was a trek 7fx series without any of its decals.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Up to the bike floor

From last Saturday at the ArtSF space. Bottom image intends to show the city's skyline at night, sort of. Fun night

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I'm very thankful I don't have to travel anywhere for the holidays. Wherever you spend the holidays, wish you the best, have fun and love for all. xo♥/

Pedal santa, Geary and Stockton.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

With Love from: Santa Cruz

Some stinky mountain bike rider from Santa Cruz sent in some pictures.
[N:] I sent some of those bike art things from the ‹UC SantaCruz› school art expo =P

- - -
♥Thank you Banana Slug!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More holiday party love

Also, thanks to the people over Chrome Bags for their Winter Bike Bash they threw earlier this month. I forgot my camera, but here is the set from the photobooth, nicely shot by ♥Dusty!
We took our share of a few soup cans for their sweet donations to the SF food bank. It was a lots of fun, bike valet outside and plenty of music + drinks. Nice!

Previously posted: Los events/ friday 5th

Rickshaw launch party

The PCQ_manifesto

Rickshaw Bagworks had an opening store launch party last Thursday. They've been around for about a year. Mark ‹former CEO of Timbuk2› gave a warm welcome and did a few raffles throughout the night. There are a number of local bag companies that I've been a fan of, throughout the years. It's always exciting to see new products and how a new company will develop in the years to come.
Their warehouse space in the Dogpatch district is pretty sweet, their passion and experience is present and the staff/designers I've chatted with seem eager and happy about their products. My best wishes for this new local company.
Thanks for the party, Rickshawnittes!!!


couch crashers

raffle time, again


Jeremiah gets some raffle love ♥ old rickshaw, new rickshaw

strike a pose

vs.goliath and the girls

oh hey

SF's finest TophOne hitting the beat sauce.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fender Box

Take that for your fender bender — Thanks Box Dog, looks super!!
Adam y John- not there Saturday when I picked my bike, but I'll stop by sometime soon to say hi♥. Qué cool!
Next stop, chain guard.

Wet signs

and wet birds

The Peet's is on

Got a tip just recently on a Peet's post that the $1 off your caffeinated drink, is still on (at the Peet's at the Ferry Bldg.) That, and of course the SFBC discounts, bring-your-owncup/mug discounts and if you know further coffee-bike related discounts please, sharing is caring. I'd love to know + share.
♥Thanks Anonymous!!
[Anonymous said... in regard to the $1 off deal- the swell manager at this peet's (a dapper gent named steve) has instated this discount.
All you need for the discount is to bring in your helmet, or point vaguely to what may well be your bike, unicycle, tricycle, what-have-you.
My insider information comes from my position as an employee of Peet's at the Ferry Bldg. so come on by!]

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday Nite Lites

4th Annual Holiday lights night ride. More lights on the bikes than most of the city blocks this year :(
Someone calculated 60ish riders. Nice! Took the lights from the basket, clip them on my bag & took the Smurfette for a spin, since I didn't get a chance to pick up my BFF from the shop.

This is Eric's bike from LiteBykes He controls each eye/arrow from his handlebar to indicate turn signals. Yes.
[your bike will flash and bling more golden than a rapper's front tooth.
We can even bling out your name in a rainbow of colors from yellow and red to blue and green.

hey u got any more of that wine...

This 100ft. monterey cypress is San Francisco's official holiday tree. El chope train included.

lighting trolls


I'm a native Californian so I get excited about hail! Just the crazy loud disrupted sound as if it was kids with marbles instead. Anyways, this morning was in the high 30°s. The rest of the day has been low 40°s. Get outside, it's nice. This is dedicated to the girl with SF@heart, so she stays positive♥ At -1° I'd flip out!
hail to thee, thane of cawdor!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Calendar eye candy

These calendars remind me of three things.
#1 They make excellent Holiday presents :)
#2 That the love of bicycles and lovely women riding them is global
–I thank cameras and the internet (and the nice people that post them) for that.
#3 Where are my boys?!
second #3
Bay Area Babes next year? anyone? -do I see my photographer boys' hands up??!!...

All I can think when I saw these, is that I'd like to purchase one for my own, but of cute boys. Any links out there that I have not come across? Let me know.
Maybe I'll just keep enjoying it in real-life and sans the paper, is probably the best idea
If you got the looks, I got the brains - lets make lots of money
Anyways, cheers!!

Cute Commute Austin $15* /found via bikecommuters
"The purpose of bike+austin is to unite new and experienced Austin cyclists by connecting existing facets
of the Austin cycling community including advocacy, transportation, racing, and recreation."

Hot! Ladies of Team Pegasus &friends $15-$16 /found via urbanvelo
50% of the proceeds go to an honorable charity, World Bicycle Relief

Copenhagenliciousness $26.69 /Copenhagen Cycle Chic
"A photographic extravaganza of our cycling life in Copenhagen. Month by month, season by season,
you can follow Copenhageners in their endless, rythmic cycle of life."

Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Bicycles $15 /found via how to avoid the bummer life
All proceeds will go to benefit BikeWorks and their earn-a-bike program.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday! From San Francisco with lights

My basket has been sporting holiday theme blinky-lights, on and off since June...
this is the only image I've taken. It's fun-

With Love from: Philippines

I'm presenting a new section-theme, because some of my close friends would love to show their bike images and/or stories. So this is dedicated to them and to you, for sharing a similar two-wheeled passion. Enjoy!

The first post will be from my friend G. (Ahem -excellent baker, pastry, sweet master!!) from her recent trip to Philippines.
[G:] This is a series of bikes I kept seeing along the roads of Batanes islands. They were so cool I couldn't just ignore them. This is dedicated to Meli who is the biggest bike lover I know!

- - -
♥Thank you G!