Sunday, December 14, 2008

Calendar eye candy

These calendars remind me of three things.
#1 They make excellent Holiday presents :)
#2 That the love of bicycles and lovely women riding them is global
–I thank cameras and the internet (and the nice people that post them) for that.
#3 Where are my boys?!
second #3
Bay Area Babes next year? anyone? -do I see my photographer boys' hands up??!!...

All I can think when I saw these, is that I'd like to purchase one for my own, but of cute boys. Any links out there that I have not come across? Let me know.
Maybe I'll just keep enjoying it in real-life and sans the paper, is probably the best idea
If you got the looks, I got the brains - lets make lots of money
Anyways, cheers!!

Cute Commute Austin $15* /found via bikecommuters
"The purpose of bike+austin is to unite new and experienced Austin cyclists by connecting existing facets
of the Austin cycling community including advocacy, transportation, racing, and recreation."

Hot! Ladies of Team Pegasus &friends $15-$16 /found via urbanvelo
50% of the proceeds go to an honorable charity, World Bicycle Relief

Copenhagenliciousness $26.69 /Copenhagen Cycle Chic
"A photographic extravaganza of our cycling life in Copenhagen. Month by month, season by season,
you can follow Copenhageners in their endless, rythmic cycle of life."

Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Bicycles $15 /found via how to avoid the bummer life
All proceeds will go to benefit BikeWorks and their earn-a-bike program.


  1. Do you know of any calenders with stylish males sporting equally hot bikes?? ;P!!

    Love your blog, btw!

    -Fellow bay area-er

  2. Yeah, I think we're all looking for cute boys on bikes. Someday.

  3. Don't forget Cyclepassion...the gold standard in T&A cyling calendars:

    I agree...there should be one with men on bikes -- there are plenty of lookers out there (myself not included) who would make great calendar fodder!

  4. jeannie/ I know right!? ;D

    charlotte/ yes, til that day...

    GhostRider/ excellent! thanks for the link, those gold medalist have such rocking bodies


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