Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm a native Californian so I get excited about hail! Just the crazy loud disrupted sound as if it was kids with marbles instead. Anyways, this morning was in the high 30°s. The rest of the day has been low 40°s. Get outside, it's nice. This is dedicated to the girl with SF@heart, so she stays positive♥ At -1° I'd flip out!
hail to thee, thane of cawdor!


  1. i'd gladly switch SF weather with the -3 degree temps we've been having in nebraska lately. brrrr..

  2. awww....meli-g you are so sweet! This is JUST what I needed today. Thanks.♥ -10! and I AM flipping out. Too cold for humanity. CA take me away...
    Nice shirt...
    Nice boots - it's Camper boot day for me too.

  3. I don't know, -1F is not so bad. It's -8F, right now. Very crispy.

    Whose Thane?

  4. c-c/ no kidding! brrrr

    sigrid/ you're very welcome ;) yay for boot musketeers!

    spiderlegreen/ a reference to one of my favorite tragedies.


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