Saturday, February 27, 2010

One for the weekend. Ok, many.

Caffeinated duo.
Lots of coffee. As usual. This is at Matching Half. They use Santa Cruz's beans Verve. Good stuff. Bring a friend, make new ones. I love this spot.
Speaking of Santa Cruz, there is a tsunami alert due to the recent Chile earthquake. eeeeek


Okay, Okay. I know I'm way overdue to update my blogroll, which is about 1+yr old, so bare with me. Way too much fun all the time ya know?! It is lovely coming across such cool blogs and give them a little space here to show off my recent finds, why not. The blogesphere has only brought me pretty positive experiences connecting with people with many similar interests, mainly bikes. It is almost like we ride a cyber bike lane and share pics while at it. Super!
Here are some of my recent finds. Enjoy-

• • •in the States • • •
San Francisco: c.walk.ride tumblr
We came in contact thru this picture, turns out he has a tattoo, about 6 months old, related to it. I love how photos and the internet connect people. Pretty sweet.

Bay Area | Skip Allums
Nice photos with very well written stories that sometimes go with them.

Southern California: San Diego County | Vélo-flâneur
I might have mentioned this before, but Estaban's view and also randonneurisms are super cool. he lives on the other end of the state but comes up to ride bikes and visit often to the bay area. Fellow coffee fanatic. Can't wait to ride with you and the randonneurs soon!

photo from his post: into the wild

Pennsylvania| Anything Fits a Naked Man
I like Joan's sense of humor and unfiltered approach to sharing her posts, spit on a pizza anyone?

New York: Brooklyn-based | for the love of bikes
The posts on this blog are very design oriented. and I like that. love their little logo too. cute.

Boston: Velouria | Lovely bicycle
I have been reading this blog for awhile but today I fell in love. She finds very poetic things around the web and her town.

Poka flower chainguard by sleepyneko

Massachusetts | AntBikeMike
Builder of bikes and all things awesome. Like glowing frames. Enough said.

Pacific northwest |Imaginary Bicycle
Emma's view on her bicycle, her kids and other sweet stuff, like flowers and baskets :D

by Emma J

• • •Around the world • • •
México: Guadalara | Rueda Libre
Cant wait to go back to Guadalajara. I could spend a few years there.

México: DF | BiciTekas
Inspirational. more to come on them soon.

Spain: España |
Bikes and fashion. Also from Spain, reader txell (from BarcelonaCycleChic) pointed me in that direction -thanks! Nice blog, im into it –Like the Spaniards say: ¡Enhorabuena! :D

España: San Sebastián | Fixed gear donostia

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Los events: bikeNOPA this Sunday.

Bike Nopa brings another great ride this Sunday.
Meets at my latest fave find for Verve deliciousness, Matching Half at 930AM. Ride leaves at 10AM.
This Sunday, Feb. 28th, NOPA VELO spins through the neighborhood and beyond for its second monthly bike ride for neighbors and friends. "Death by Duel" gives a nod to U.S. Senator David Broderick who gave his name to one of NOPA's streets ... and, yes, his life also to keep slavery out of California or, the less heroic version of his story, to settle a personal score with his one-time best friend, David S. Terry, California Supreme Court Justice.
More info: Bike NOPA On Death-by-Duel »

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!

To finish off the week packed with posts of women on wheels, here is one more set of the ladies from butterlap last Wednesday. Weather was fantastic, maybe low 50°s, clear skies with really misty magical fog goodiness towards the ocean.
Perfect way to unwind is to ride – TGIF ♥xo.meli

curves ahead. supppp
Best helmet cover
Meet Karen. and the best helmet cover - so cute she is.
am i cute or what
calitexican y lisa. this guy had the nerdiest cute t-shirt ever. boys are so silly.
butterlap fourtet
OH HAI – striking a buttery pose at the Legion of Honor. Photo by Matt :D

Weird city smoke rain corner.

Rain this weekend or not. Can't wait to roam and welcome the weekend with open arms, and open umbrellas. he hee. Am I the only one in the city that loves the rain?! chipi-chipi drops.
weird city smoke rain

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday women.

I had the chance to meet two wonderful women on wheels this past Saturday during the Oakland Taco Truck ride. (+post soon). It is always very inspiring to hear from other local women, riding their bicycles and sharing their story, their perspective and experiences from the bike lanes in the Bay Area.
It also touched my bikey heart when a woman that reads Change Your Life. Ride a Bike! talked to Ade about the collective blog that we are proudly part of, which is a collab by 4 women.
We are present and we are here to ride. Let's go my women, get on those bicycles!!!

♥ It has been a pleasure meeting you ladies!!

• • • Meet Dara: • • •
Meet Dara
Dara's lovely energy and gorgeous Mondonico bicycle kept us smiling throughout the Tour :D
She is a journalist.

• • • and meet Kendra: • • •

Photo from Kendra|GOB
She writes the out of the East Bay: Girl on Bike

Hump Day Inspiration: Much love to San Francisco parks.

Because let's admit it, most action happens on the bike lane & eventually, we make it to the park to meet friends, eat our lunch, catch up on the weekend, walk a dog, spend some quality solo time or read a book, parks are there. And we are fortunate to have such lovely green open spaces throughout every neighborhood of our city.
Photo by ©Dusty Jensen

Photo by ©Dusty Jensen

Both above photographs taken last year by my awesome friend Dusty, in the Hayes Valley Playground park and open space for several artist to do their art installations (this time of year was a huge silver colored piece sign.
Can you believe this area right, carried tremendous traffic on a giannormous SF freeway?! that is, until the 1989 earthquake.
link resource: here

Crazy!! Park, tress, and random moments - much better :D
♥ Write A Love Letter To Your Park Today!
This February, Neighborhood Parks Council is asking San Franciscans to write a love letter to their favorite city park through our Love Letters to Parks campaign. -SF Neighborhood Park Council

To see webpage/details, go here:
And here is our infamous Alamo square, exactly one year ago – It was raining just as it is today.


cheers to a tea-caffeination year of good times

♥mucho love y glitter y todo y bikes♥
it's so magical, we'd be so fantastico

Who is that flower lady?!
I can has?!
"but it's almost my size?!"...
Caution on Calitexican road. Curvy nachos ahead
- - - - - -

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things and Thoughts on Tuesday.

Without music, life would be an error. -Nietzsche
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein
Guitarra y bici.
Fruitvale – Oakland, Calif.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Skulls attract more skulls.

Where to next?!
Where to next?!
I'd like to dedicate this post to the glitteri skulls that now keep me company whenever I ride the smurfette, my Italian steel beauty which gets no love (ok does twice a month count?).
Stephen gave me a little cute saddle bag with skulls (red glittery eyes!) Christmas gift and it matches my bracelet cuff, which has a skull on it. How cool?!
Apparently skulls attract more skulls. Here are some recent pictures at Flora Grubb gardens.
calaca coja y sin boca.
calaca coja y sin boca.
Powerufl machines.
Powerufl machines.
The bag is made by Krieg cycling bags, and I looked it up and they carry other cool funky designs, seems like a nice small company based out of Spokane WA.

Here is a recent photo of Stephen and I on our way to the ballet with a group of friends, and he thought I wouldn't post this picture because we were not standing next to bikes or coffee "and some cute boys." Meeeh –
yea yea meli watever
And here are a couple of pictures he sent me awhile back from the ArtCrank poster show.
me either saying something silly, or being a clown.
Actually during the show, he was the one that brought to my attention that my poster was the only one to say San Francisco on it. Coolness. It was good times, I loved seeing so many awesome pieces!

Stephen is a huge bicycle fanatic, we talk bikes, coffee and other geeky cool stuff. In 2009 he would "commute" to work and i say it in quotes because that would take me like 8 hours to do!! - he would bike to work "only" for about 50 miles in under 3 hours. ummm, yeah. Crazy nut.
I'd also like to thank him for being such an awesome friend and supporter of my bike blog ramblings.
- - -
Can't wait to ride with you again whenever you are ready (he had a gnarly bike related injury), and my best wishes for your shoulder to get well soon!!

Wool and the City.

Meet Eric.

Friend of the bike, bloggy, coffee peeps. You might have seen him around the blog a few times, but for a gloomy Monday that we will have (Am I the 1% in SF that loves this weather?!) I feature his awesome collection of sweaters, I have taken these photographs between June last year and fairly recent. Thought I'd share this styling man on wheels. He also has a great collection of vintage steel bicycles, but that's a whole other big chapter.. :D
Ride on Eric!
flickerin off
On our way to Fairfax.
ya talkin to me?!
ya talkin to me?!
howya'doin?! - at Flora Grubb
- - -
Check out his blog at: Classic lightweight bikes & rides.
I also cross-posted today, a Sunday rainy ride from a few weeks ago over in the Collab blog of 4 women: Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!
Caffeination station.

WTF of the day: Bay Bridge sans light.

News as of Sunday evening, the Bay Bridge was without power. That Bay Bridge scares me. Have not been on it for ages, and don't plan to. Too much drama, accident drama.
There are no bike lanes in the crumbling Bay Bridge. They want to only have 1/2 access for the newer bridge opning in 2013 (I think is the year, I've lost count) which, will also in a figurative way, maintain it in the dark... -cheers.
East Bay Bike Coalition space in Frutivale

Sunday, February 21, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I entered a fun contest at work. Participants were to submit 3 pictures and I picked a few that you are probably familiar with if you have followed the blog for some time. It was exciting to see them in 8x10 so I printed a few.
Prints. Velcro inspects.
The Photography event took place last Thursday and it very cool to see my coworkers' photographs and enjoy some mingling time. The voting was decided upon post-it notes. My team and I were not in the popular ones, but it was still pretty fun. Here are some snaps. Cheers!
sweetland. They're all pretty and little but I didn't have any – I really don't like sweets.
Nadèges submissions.
Here are my buddy, Lady N. submissions.
Salut tout le monde!
and here we are with mine.
- - -