Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The future is unwritten.

Bikes and the City is on hiatus.
Thank you, all of you, for your support +love.

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Grab your family, loved ones, close friends, people close to your heart. And let them know how much you love them.
san francisco, calif. / bikesandthecity[at] gmail

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesdays of Who Wore What: SF Bike Party (January) edition

Who wore what is a weekly series. And if you have any submissions, questions and of course fotos, feel free to share. All fotos taken in San Francisco.  
This is not necessarily about being chic or into fashionable things or trends, but if you want, it can be.
It is about being yourself, what works for you and what makes you comfortable, confident and happy to ride your bike!
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SF Bike Party (January) edition
And you thought I had forgotten?! Last week I did, after posting the sum post for the SF Bike Party #1 and to compliment that, here is the Who Wore What edition.
robert y emily
Rob y Emily, and Denyse with high-watt smile in the background! =)
Why this works: It's an adorable bikey couple on a tandem, say no more ♥!!
Where: This is on 8th Ave., in the Inner Richmond.

+ + WHEELMEN + +
Why this works: Jeromy is like color theory on wheels. Orange and Blue are color complements which are colors placed exactly opposite on the color wheel. A+ in color bike theory!
Where: Somewhere along the Embarcadero.

Why this works: Simple, wear the clothes you wear. Let's go.
Where: On Polk st.

crouching tiger. broken finger
Why this works: Bradley has uncorporated a blinkie light into his hand. It also shoots lasers at bad tea cups and zaps them with it. I don't think Bradley's doc reads my blog, so he won't find out about such innovation... At least he is warm with that wool top and the fancy catlike bubblish helmet.
Where: Alta park in Pac Heights.

Why this works: Phillip's always fresh. His white jacket was visible even in the darkest streets. Matching tires a coincidence -- don't think so. What's with the teal skull scarf? It's RAD, that's what.
Where: Laurel Heights.

dynamic duo
Why this works: This dynamic duo was all smiles. It is the best accesory and it never fails. Such sweet guys, it was great meeting you both! =)
Where: Embarcadero.

Why this works: (L)Duby's gray coat is beyond futuristic. He is ready for all occasions. (R)Nio and his cargo cami pants, is able to pull his phone at any second needed.
Where: Ballpark

will y lady friend
Why this works: Will and his lady friend are layered up and ready to bike the distance. Gloves are a must, shoulder/messenger bags and comfy sneakers. Let's ride!
Where: Fisherman's wharf.

green greñas party
Why this works: Without a long-term hair commitment, green dreadlocks are the next hot trend. You seen it here first. And do you see la calitexican's gloves. oh la la.
Where: Ballpark

Why this works: Did someone say style?! LMG always looks smashing. I LOVE that skirt =)))
Where: Embarcadero.

le machine
Why this works: Thick sweater, white cat (Cloud!) beanie and cozy gloves. The biking le machine is here! and KT's dark red boots go with everything.
Where: Ballpark.

Why this works: (Posing with Woody's bike) KLaw's coat is a fun color mix and very cozy for the weather (that night was in the low 40F°s) which seem to have dropped lower as the night progressed. Bright as hell pink Chrome bag, check. Cowboy boots, check. +Thanks for keeping me company when the flat sensation invited themselves to the party. Love ya mamaz!
Where: Ballpark.

chloe y sacha
Why this works: There is no better way than to attend events with a good friend. The pretty ladies, Chloe y Sacha are attached at the hip or at the fenders, rather. Layered up with jackets, a scarf, party accesories and ready to keep partying on .
Where: Sacramento st.

Why this works: No streak of wind is going past these lovely women, they get the best duo-smile!
Does anyone know their names? I didn't catch theirs, as the light turn green. Tell them they are fabulous.
Where: Sacramento at Divisadero.
**Update: Jean + Jack (thanks Margot!)

Butter up, buttercups. It's butterlap!

Ferry building.

 Butterlap | Meets Wednesdays at Ferry bldg. 7PM
Ends at Bender's around 9PM • about 17-18mi ride
Rules: 1) Don't be an asshole. 2) Bring good booze.
++ Ferry building (in front of the steps)
++ Ft.Mason (at the excercise bars by the statues, atop Gashouse cove
++ Presidio overlooking Baker Beach (Lincoln at Washington Blvd.)
++ Legion of honor
++ Clement and 43rd ave.)
++ Ocean beach (Great Hwy at JFK)
++ Stanyan and Fell/Oak
++ Benders (19th at S. Van Ness)

Los events: Love on Wheels! Tonight 6-9PM at Public Works

via SFBC/love»

Stolen bike alert: in the TL

Bici theft diarrea going on eh?! Let' be careful and know how to properly lock your beautfiul machines people. Damn you bike thieves!!!
This is a re-post from the tender blog via mi amiga Calitexican.

Dear Tenderblog,
My beloved mountain bike, Gruff, was stolen out of a brown Toyota 4Runner last night on Polk & Post. Yes, I’m an idiot for leaving it in the car. The thief broke the rear window and abducted Gruff. Any chance you could post this pic and see if anyone has any information? It’s a blue Cannondale F7. It has stickers that say “The floggings will continue until morale improves,” UCSF Bicycle ID #8481, and 9:20 Special on it. I’d also appreciate it if any Tender readers have tips on how to recover a stolen bike.
Bereft cyclist
More via thetender blog.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday things and thoughts: having a moment

*Both shots are film photographs taken with a Pentax K1000, by mi homie Richie | notmyrichie.com

Benders B+W

Your turn
Your turn.
bourbon and ciggies
Bourbon and ciggies.

+ + + + +
Post-butterlap, Wednesday February 2nd.
19th and S. Van Ness

Los events: is it Friday yet?!

Stolen bike alerts

via sfbikeparty.org»
Unfortunately, we have a safety reminder for our regroup partiers.  Several riders got their bicycles stolen at Garfield Park.  If you walk away from your bike, be sure to lock it up! We don’t want anyone else to lose a bicycle.
a blue mountain bike, make and model ‘kona blast’
it was a hardtail, with a ‘rock shoxx’ fork, and no rear suspension
very worn down tires
black front wheel, silver back wheel
has a university of texas registration sticker on the diagonal piece of the main frame (its definitely the only blue mountain bike with a university of texas registration sticker in all of san francisco)
If you spot it contact: bjneuman at gmail dot com

"Justin had is bike stolen this weekend from the Ghetto mart by his apartment in Hayes valley. Put the word out , it’s a singe speed cross bike ….
Also, He’s offering a $400 reward"
**UPDATE: this bike has been found (!!!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sun sphere blogesphere

Sun sphere
Not even going to tell you how hot it was around here over the weekend. I would really want the fog back because I'll be the 1/1000 to not lay in the sun like a lizard as soon as we get these heatwaves.
However, this is rather strange. Weather across the states is having a temper tantrum.

California is also my homestate, so yes, I've only known 2 seasons my whole life. The one that is sunny, and the one with the fog.
I love you too.

Sunkissed-bike kiss from the golden state.

El weekend

a different type of love
A different type of love.
Lady scales.
Le ballon rouge
Le ballon rouge.
Loyal to royal.
 ++All above shots taken in the Tenderloin++

- - - -
The look
 The look.
Pizza time.
Coffee break
Coffee break y Sunday paper.
 ++All above shots taken in Pac Heights++

- - - -
Generation barefoot
Generation barefoot.
 ++In the Mission++

I have been playing around with the new camera. All of the above shots were shot with my Lumix LX5, mostly playing with the aperture settings. I have taken many in B/W mode, as I am slowly learning to use the white balance, and all those smaller manual adjustments. 

What do you think? I've enjoyed it plenty so far - it is quite distracting for the mind and therapeutic, a tad more than it used to be, and that is a good thing for me right now.
Thanks for reading ♥xxom

Photo del día: parking is always free

parking is always free
Post street

Friday, February 4, 2011

Los events: SF BIKE PARTY!! tonight 8PM

♥Friday: San Francisco Bike Party - 8PM
Route begins: Civic Center
See route map via sfbikeparty.org here: link
"We are excited about this month’s ride! We are meeting at Civic Center at 7:30 PM, rolling out at 8 PM.  We will be riding through Japantown, Western Addition, Castro, Mission, Noe Valley, and ending at Garfield Square.  This route is only 9 miles but it includes some rolling hills."
Gathers tonight at 730PM, ride takes off at 8PM

Here is a little LOVE YOUR BIKE February SFBP ride spoke card I made for sharing:
SF Bike Party #2 spokecard -- February 2011
Feel free to download the Black/White PDF, so you can print on bright lovely colours +laminate. Go crazy!!:
‹PDF download here›

For more info, complete route, volunteer info, stay updated and read more, check out the following sites:
Official SF Bike party home page: sfbikeparty.org
Also: on Facebook | on Twitter

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year

Xian Nian Kuai Le -- My cat Velcro and I wish you all a Happy Year of the Rabbit!!
Gung hay fat choy!
Card from my pal Wei =)

Los events: Friday in San José

♥Friday: Novelas, Love and Other Adventures in San José 7PM

Tonight!! in San José, local artist and homefries Rio Yañez in collaboration with the beautiful Mayra Ramirez collabed together to create super awesomesauce.
"Novelas, Love and Other Adventures" | Artist talke+opening tonight at the MACLA
510 S. First Street -- San Jose, CA
Exhibition Dates: January 26 - March 26, 2011

TONIGHT: Opening Reception & Artist Talk Featuring Jaime Hernandez, Rio Yanez and Myra Ramirez
February 4, at 7pm

Here is a beatiful photo of mis beautifuls, late last year in the Lower Haight. HAAAAAY.
Speaking of which, Mayra's birthday is this weekend. Qué suave --- ♥happy birthday guapa!!!
oh haaaaaay
Mayra + Rio

- - -
I'm bummed out I won't be able to make it down to SanJo on Friday night but if you are in the vicinity for the evening this is a *MUST* event.
Check it out!!

Los events: Friday night in Tijuana

A love bike ride down the border at the south end of our state. Super RAD!!!
Any readers from my beloved Tijuanita?! Take some pictures please =)
Paseo de Todos Tijuana Ver 8.0 ¡¡¡LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!!
Friday, February 4 · 7:30pm - 10:30pm
See Facebook info here: link

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Halloween in February

I didn't want to wait another month to share these, from Halloween last year. I really was taking my sweet time...
Well, this is from the Friday before Halloween, which for 2010 I believe fell on a Saturday. It was the first year I had my custom way ahead of time. Diana and I went vintage shopping to a gem down the peninsula, we headed to the fabulous vintage store Empire in Palo Alto.
Here we are with our friend Jasmine. She was so nice to send me the photos. I think I forgot my camera that day.

L-R: Ridlerette (Diana), Jasmine (80's Madonna) and Ring leader master (me)
The vintage Halloween queens. All of our clothing is from the Empire vintage store. We were decked out.
ahoy! dominating the untammed lions in every bike lane in this handsome town - hazaaaa!
the heartbreaker club.

Here are is a little bit more about the details of my make-up and bird earrings.  I love how much fun those earrings are and the bowtie I have continued to use it for other customes since I got it. The polka-dotted blouse is also vintage as well as the top hat.
details 1/4 - oh hello
details 3/4
details 2/4 - curls and birds
chirp chirp. these red lovebirds kept me updated on all kinds of gossip.

+ + + + +
Did someone say custome -- because I have more alter-egos that I can count!
You know I already can't wait for Halloween this year!! I do live in San Francisco so, any excuse to dress up and play with make-up is pretty much the norm.

Photo del día: blue bottle coffee in Cow Hollow

It does exist.

C'est la vie

Last night I rode butterlap and it worked as good as a temprary magic eraser for all that has been buzzing my head. Going for a ride, conquering some hills, roaming the city with clear skies and chatting a little with the bike peeps will do that.

It is a shrink on two wheels, without you even having to talk about it.
Dear bicycles, you are all I need at the end of the day.

Tonight I will be hanging out with my boys.
This was back in mid-December I think, a few minutes before two fabulous drag queens were hitting on them, and shortly after we started talking about make-up and wigs. The boys were then left alone.

Not with Frenchie, but with some random bike right across from Orphan Andys.
17th y Castro.

Let's gooo
Rainy day in the Castro.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

San Francisco bike party #1 - January 7th

San Francisco Bike Party #1, the birth of a party. Took place in San Francisco, this past Friday (This will be celebrated on every 1st Fridays!).
Theme: ♥Happy birthday!!

The start The ride started at the ballpark right at 3rd and King. It was quite conmemmorative, since SF was the city to win the baseball word series last year, right. Continuing with celebration, I arrived shortly before 8PM, the starting time and there were already hundreds of bikes and people all around the corner. Did someone say party+bikes+fun?! We were there.

at the ballpark
bike parteeeey
+all the bikey ladiessssss are ready to par-teeeeey
m is for mocosas
double troubles
klaw y yo
with the Klaw 
triple rouble 
more ladiessss! with Amber y Lauryn
la bola
I was so happy to run into Chrisitine, I had previously met her briefly a few months ago, and she is a sweetheart! (far right) 
Hola Christine! here with Duby + Ayuchi. So fun =)
bikes everywhere!! about 500 were estimated at the starting point.
bike party es boring
tweeting update headquarters. Nio y 'Deep

I decided to let the emotion and commotion sit-in for a few weeks, before I wrote my personal view. I do solo rides and group rides. I personally like to hang in the back of it all and chill out. I don't like big crowds, but I love being part of big rides, if that makes sense.

flat! Before I even thought about what is what or where the route was headed (which was available previously, and posted on the SFBP various page links) I got a flat. Gaahh!!--really?! But thankfully, V+W and their tire tools+skills, these guys were on to spot to help and Frenchie's rear wheel was fixed and off we went, back on the road in a matter of minutes. Gracias!

Embarcadero We caught up right after everyone had arrived to the Embarcadero/North point break area. People were dancing, I ran into a bunch of friends, more people dancing. So far the energy was nothing but positive, everyone seemed in a great mood and good times were to be had. And more dancing. Friday nights are the new disco.
dance dance
dance dance
twin towers lens club
Twin towers lens club. **you must be taller than 6ft +red hair to be in their paparazzi crew...
 a present for you
Happy birthday! a present for you
sweeny y dan
Sweeny y Dan

Ghiradelli square / climbing Polk street. After riding the Fisherman's wharf and Ghiradelli area near the water, I was way in the back-back of the bus, so I didn't even know a little stop happened there. I knew the map, so I was thinking there was just a little bottleneck going on. DN has an awesome shot of that [here]
Up we go
Up we go
It was funny to me that someone around the internet called this hill between the stretch of Polk/North point and Polk/Pacific street "gruelling." Yeah, they are a little steep, but come on, hundreds of cyclist bike this route any given time.
However proud moment we ALL made those hills. Yes. People and SF with bikes ROCK! 
hannah and company
Here is Hannah and her friend, kicking butt up Polk street. Cold? says who?!

 polk street
Rocking Polk street.

Pac heights via Pacific street. Crossing pacific heights was pretty nice. Pacific street was very quiet, and the only complications that I saw during this time, were cars getting caught in the middle of the ride wanting to make a left or right turn, but each encounter, was a peaceful one. I didn't see anyone go crazy or annoyed by the full-use of lane by hundreds of cyclists during that stretch. Mind you that area is rather quiet, and very little traffic on a Friday night, with maybe the exception of crossing Van Ness.
alice y yo
ran into Alice and her pretty red rivi
everyone's birthday
everyone's birthday
bike lane invasion
pacific heights
pac heights
singing along. ride along
this duo was singing-along the whole way. so cute.

Alta Park How can I describe the big smile in everyone's faces. Once everyone got to this view point, everyone seemed to at least forget that we had ridden up some steep hills. So awesome, the fog was barely there, the city lights were shinnning and the playground turned everyone into a big bike happy kid. So beautiful.
 this way
a volunteer - this way.
peeps, on Jackson and Scott - entering Alta park via its northwest corner.
chicas on  hill
chicas -- what hills?!
butterpals =)
reesie y butterbill
bien alta up there
the view ♥!!!!

Laurel heights into the Inner Richmond This stretch was really quiet. Riding westbound on Sacramento > Arguello > Clement, was SOOO smooth and nice. We encounter almost no traffic.
las fukcyeaaaaaas =D
Ran into KT
all smiles!
reflective bill
A reflective ButterBill in Laurel Heights

 this guy and his skull. the mouth moved up and down, was so funny. He got it in disneyland =)
santa year round
santa rides year-round
are we there yet!?
are we there yet?! all 'what if' questions kick in where an xtracycle is there. We've seen it all.
cargo cargo
cargo cargo

Golden Gate Park We had a little rest stop at Golden gate park. The night's temperature had dropped to maybe the mid-30°sF and I think many people started to head home or to catch public transportation (BART or CalTrain) after this spot.
el árbol
la bola
Jill and her bubblelands =)
new homies form sanjo
San José is in the house. The homies from the south of the Bay. That kid kicked butt the whole ride!
dial M for marky marks
Dial M for marky marks...
what are you two up to?!
did someone say whiskey?!

Heading to Civic center via Pandhandle/Fulton This was pretty easy as most of the route is downhill. Either was getting later and the ride started to thin out just a bit, but the fun continued. We ended the ride at Civic Center where closer to midnight, a patrolling cop approached us and asked "are you having fun or what". Was a little odd but he was actually really nice. He then nicely asked we keep the sound down and he moved on. Cool.

bike partttyyyyy
on Oak.
Aimee y Dave
Ran into Aimee and Dave, representing the East Bay.
downhill. We are almost there.
civic center
And the ride peacefully ends at Civic Center.
It was close to midnight.
civic center
civic center

Given that my personal experience during the first bike party presented me with 2 flats -one before even starting the ride, and one on my way home-
Some of these are pretty obvious, but can't hurt ti just throw them in. Here are some basic tips, according to me:
++ Bring at least one spare tube for your bike and maybe your flat kit/tools as well.
++ Some cash for Muni/BART in case of a mechanical issue, or need to take public transportation home. 
++ Keep in mind the ride is later in the evening, so plan ahead in case you need to stop by a store, or get some snacks (I'm always thinking hungry-emergencies and carry some granola bars just in case)
++ Drink water!!
++ Bring your blinkie lights
++ A charged phone (ahem... I'm really bad at this stuff)
++ I also carry some band aids and stuff, mainly because I know I'm clumsy, and I will probably be the first one to use them. Sometimes even bringin tissue could aid someone's sneazing attacks.
++ Wear comfortable clothes and it doesn't hurt to layer up. You can always start to take stuff off as you go.
++ Enjoy yourself!!

The SF Bike Party #1 was successful and peaceful, and that is my opinion. I cannot wait to see what it will grow into, and to continue to demonstrate that groups that come together with an idea of an event, brainstorm, organize and peacefully promote something as beautiful as it is to just enjoy oneself on a ride and ride as a bike community, potentially becomes an amazingly fun monthly event.

Speaking of amazing, this event and its organizers are in **need** of volunteers. This couldn't happen without a little help from everyone, now head to the volunteer survey the SFBP recently posted. The mission statement, "how we ride", forums and other info, can be found through their website:
// sfbikeparty and facebook page

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Next bike party gathers at 7:30PM this Friday Feb. 4th
Meets at Civic Center
Theme: ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE YOUR BIKE ♥ ♥ ♥
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the end
And that is all for now, thanks for reading +see you at the next BIKE PARTYYYY!!