Thursday, February 3, 2011

Halloween in February

I didn't want to wait another month to share these, from Halloween last year. I really was taking my sweet time...
Well, this is from the Friday before Halloween, which for 2010 I believe fell on a Saturday. It was the first year I had my custom way ahead of time. Diana and I went vintage shopping to a gem down the peninsula, we headed to the fabulous vintage store Empire in Palo Alto.
Here we are with our friend Jasmine. She was so nice to send me the photos. I think I forgot my camera that day.

L-R: Ridlerette (Diana), Jasmine (80's Madonna) and Ring leader master (me)
The vintage Halloween queens. All of our clothing is from the Empire vintage store. We were decked out.
ahoy! dominating the untammed lions in every bike lane in this handsome town - hazaaaa!
the heartbreaker club.

Here are is a little bit more about the details of my make-up and bird earrings.  I love how much fun those earrings are and the bowtie I have continued to use it for other customes since I got it. The polka-dotted blouse is also vintage as well as the top hat.
details 1/4 - oh hello
details 3/4
details 2/4 - curls and birds
chirp chirp. these red lovebirds kept me updated on all kinds of gossip.

+ + + + +
Did someone say custome -- because I have more alter-egos that I can count!
You know I already can't wait for Halloween this year!! I do live in San Francisco so, any excuse to dress up and play with make-up is pretty much the norm.


  1. I wish there was one day every month dedicated to fancy dress. I love it! When it's Halloween I try and get a different costume in for a week around the date. :-)

  2. you are muchos fun!! :D love the costume!

  3. Your costume is so gorgeous. I love your hat and your eyeglasses. You looked even more beautiful when you were riding your bike. :)


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