Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Chicago] Woman gets dragged by passenger in moving SUV

Saw this article linked tonight via Urban Velo [CHICAGO] “Woman gets dragged by passenger in moving SUV …Police have classified the incident as a hit-and-run”

There are a lot of things that anger me as a woman, and as someone who has always lived in city environments. The 'quietest' city I've lived in is downtown Oakland (not because is quiet, but because everything was closed before 4PM) and been exposed to the constant flow of urban environments. This particular article was extremely disturbing to read knowing the powerless feeling and safety concerns. I am so glad she is OK.

A few years ago I was spanked while on my bike while riding on South Van Ness/13th intersection it was around 1030PM and it was pretty quiet out, so I thought it'd be safer to ride near more traffic (there was almost no one out) this happened right as I was riding under the freeway which is pretty damn dark as is, and it becomes pitch black when you are in complete anger/fear shock. It is the worst feeling of  POWERLESSNESS. For safety, I had to sprint-pedal to get away from the situation.

Don't these attacking scumbags have mothers, sisters, or significant women in their families? I hope they catch them and make them accountable for these random acts of violence. Spread the word if you are around the Chicago/Logan Square area:
Avid Cyclist Grabbed, Dragged by Man in Passing SUV Erica Demarest | By Erica Demarest on DNAinfo Chicago

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Los events: Get lit with local author judy b., as she leads you on a bike tour of San Francisco locations | Sunday 8/25 1PM

Join local writer, the great Judy B. this weekend: 

If you are in SF or will be on 8/25, I would love to see you here! ~judy b.  
Get lit with local author judy b., as she leads you on a bike tour of San Francisco locations that appear in her fiction collection, Stories for Airports. The 3-hour tour begins with a reading at Huckleberry Bicycles and winds its way through the eastern side of downtown, to North Beach and into the Western Addition.

This is a leisurely ride at a comfortable pace with a couple medium hills. At each stop judy b. will read a passage from the book, and light bites will be served mid-way. Sunday, August 25, 2013 1 p.m.
Meet at Huckleberry Bicycles $20 includes a signed copy of Stories for Airports and a light bite during the ride
More details over on the FB event page: Get Lit: A Bike Tour + Book Reading with judy b.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

postcard de los burritos

This was recently sent in by KT, pretty awesome huh. luvvit!

postcard de los burritos
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Moment of silence.

I am deeply sadden, angry, and without words each and every time that I learn of another fatal accident has happened. Bike, pedestrian, it is a LIFE.
Beyond trucks, bikes, helmets debates there is A LOT to be improved and done for PEOPLE. People who walk and people who ride bikes and their safety, as well as people behind a wheel being responsible at all times in a vehicle. As humans: seconds of distraction, impatience, carelessness MATTER.

I think about what her family and loved ones are going through. It is something I DO NOT wish to no one, no one ever. to go through. EVER.

This affects all of us in the walking and bicycle community.
My thoughts and prayers are with her family, and anyone that knows the intensity and deep sadness of sudden premature loss.

Life is fragile, be safe out there - please.

Woman on Bike Killed by Truck Driver on Folsom August 14, 2013

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Monday, August 5, 2013

mucha música Monday: social media playlist

From London

Twitter via @michael_boylan

Through the Porthole Episode 2. Second Life Bikes from Michael Boylan on Vimeo.
Directed and Edited by Michael Boylan

Second Life Bikes(formerly known as The Bike Church) is a biking community center in Asbury Park where people connect to each other, build skills, join group bike rides, learn bike safety, and create bike art and custom designs that can support new social enterprises. Our mission is to get more people (especially youth) on bikes, more often, while encouraging people to repurpose old bikes and bike parts, rather than discard them.

Second Life Bikes |
Asbury Anchor  |

Anthony's Putsch: King of the world
via @dirtycyclist

From Tim, long time cyberamigo

i love seeing new videos by CDZA, first found them back in April this year. via the youtube monthly emails:

An awesome set of New Orleans beats by longtime reader, twitter pal y fellow super A's fan Andy K. Here we go:
Trombone shorty – SO GOOD!

Automatic mood enhancer:

“The Subdudes are an American roots rock group from New Orleans. Their music is a blending of American folk, swamp pop, New Orleans rhythm and blues, Louisiana blues, country, cajun, zydeco, funk, soul and gospel with harmonic vocals.” [wiki]

and boogie woogie's finest Dr. John:

+a clip from “TREME by HBO” w/The Hot 8 Brass Band and a live performance [embedding disabled]
link → The Hot 8 Brass Band: “New Orleans After The City” | Treme Season 2
link → Hot 8 Brass Band - New Orleans (Live from Pickathon 2012)

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