Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where the crafties at?

At the Renegade Fair.
Fun. Free. Tons of crafty hot peeps and stuff that is way too cute and stuff.
Score some handmade goodies and maybe a phone number or so.
Ft. Mason. Be there.

owl y bike
Photo above from last year – Renegade 2009
Recap from Renegade 2008

Friday, July 30, 2010

Good morning, hayes valley.

Get your early dose of visuals, caffeine and high cacti. +Happy Friday!
Wednesday morning
framed frenchie

Wednesday, July 28th
7:43 am PST
Temperature: about 57°
Hayes Valley
Octavia street was fairly quiet on Wednesday morning. I often time see the workers already working to make a smoother surface perhaps soon, on Linden st. but for some reason they were not there today. I see the beautiful Ashley and we talk about some mutual events we have done and other city happenings.
My brain is getting misfired signals from my bellylands, and I have to comply, so I head west on Hayes st. and Octavia to get a little snack to eat later that morning. There are dogs. Dogs are everywhere like 7-11s. You turn a corner, there is a dog party. You sit to read at a park, there are dogs. More dogs than roaming teenagers in this town, that is for sure.
Patricia's green smells pretty crisp and I can't tell if the grass was recently cut (looks well manicured to me) or if the fog is just teasing my senses. Mind you I have a 4x latte in hand and I can't quite concentrate past the smell of this morning love dose of blue bottle awesomeness.

I finish the coffee. Ride. Get a snack for later. Ride. Get more coffee.
Then eventually head to work. It is now 8:15am and the city is awake and alive, I'm still working on it.
not much going on at 7:50am
TGIF. Have a super fun one!
luv +besos xxo.m

Dynamic Duo week: Sunday streets edition

♥This week, I'll be posting a small collection I have gathered of fantastic pairs, couples or friends spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
fly away!!
These two were flying! From Sunday Streets Great Highway, Sept. 2009
two is better than one
two is better than one, Sunday Streets Mission, June 2009
The conversation
The conversation, Sunday Streets Embarcadero March 2010
cute pair!
cute pair! Sunday Streets Embarcadero, August 2008
(the 1st one ever!!)

♥Gracias Cool Jenny!

My pretty lady based out of Hong Kong: Cool Jenny.
She wrote a post about this crazy San Francisco troll on wheels. Muchas thanks too, for mentioning my girls and good friends +our story collab blog cylrab.
Wholelottta gurl power there.
Doing this post is very sweet of you, I feel all special wheeeeeee :D

International love dose, I ♥hearts it! – here is the link:
Cool Jenny Handbags | Fashionista report |

It's farty Friday again

♥ Friday: GAS-FREE Fridays all of July!!

For all of you early risers, get some free coffee at this Friday's station:
July 30: Valencia &17h

♥ Friday: Cadence DVS Shoe release party at pushbike
Pushbike knows how to party.
24th and Treat, be there
+info here: Cadence DVS Shoe Release Party

♥ Friday: critical mass

Photo borrowed from

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dynamic Duo week: Anniversary couple

♥This week, I'll be posting a small collection I have gathered of fantastic pairs, couples or friends spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
While riding with friends back into the city back in November, 2009, we came across this couple. They were riding from the city into Marin's little hidden gem places to stay (OK, Cavallo point) to spend an anniversary or birthday. I forget. Also, at that time, I didn't get their names, so if you know them let them know that they are a super cute duo and of course +many congrats for their celebrations that weekend!

Dynamic Duo week: Yvonne + Adam

These are my friends Yvonne y Adam. They are super chill sweet couple. This was in October last year. I'd like to thank both of them for coming to drink coffee with me on my birthday +hosting pretty fun parties at their house. Besos!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Women who bike the distance: Kati

Welcome to the new Wednesday series: Women who bike the distance!
This is a dedicated space for women that kick butt in the everyday errands, commute and fun rides, and decide to take it a curious, wanderluster step beyond comfort to miles and miles ahead to see what's out there, do long distance rides, camping and explore the landscapes.
Please do leave your comments and/or questions for the featured riders and enjoy!

Kati is the first post, which is a beautiful mix of the Women Who Bike series and going the distance awesomeness. Ride on, you awesome woman!!

hi, señor green

Women Who Bike the distance: Kati
**all photos below provided by Kati

What is the longest ride you have done?!

+What helped you learned that you would go long distances?

Well, the longest ride I’ve done is the 72 mile Tahoe loop, which isn’t that long. It’s not a incredibly hard ride, but it’s BEAUTIFUL! The first time I went, me and my friend lucked out because Route 28 (Nevada side) was closed for about 10 miles, so there were no cars! We had the whole freshly paved road to ourselves. We couldn’t have asked for a better ride.

The second time around Tahoe, we happened to ride the same day as the Tahoe Loop ride, so there were hundreds of other riders on the road. It was nice being a “in” the race, without the competition. We were cheered on, and received some water at the rest stop. I love the ride so much, I plan on riding at least once a year for as long as I can.

The greatest thing I ever learned about riding long distances is that “your body can go further than you mind thinks it can”. So whenever I feel like quitting, I know my body can still keep going because I’m strong, I’m determined and I’m having fun.

Me and my bike loving man

iphone 121
My new bike, an first year anniversary gift from my employer, Rickshaw Bagworks
iphone 147

My road bike.

Bike shadow!

Another bike date.


+ + + + + + + + + + +
How would you characterize your bicycling style?
K. assertive, carefree, cautious, competitive, law abiding, slow and steady

Something basic: how often do you bike and what for?

K. I bike everyday for work. And if I'm not to tired on the weekends, I can be seen sporting spandex on the hills of Marin.

What could be done in SF to encourage more women, including teens and younger, to bike?
K. Better female casual bike clothes, at a reasonable price. But seriously, maybe a big sister program to encourage women, to teach them to ride safely and to not be afraid to be aggressive.l gear or only on weekends. So, people like you who emphasize biking while being stylish help.

How many of your best dates/friendships started with biking?
K. The first date with my boyfriend was on our bikes, and we are happily cycling after. :) I'm lucky to have found a great family of friends who bike since I moved here five years ago.

I surprise people when I bike by (or with)
K. - my killer new Pearlizumi florescent yellow jacket! I don't care what anyone says, I'm visible, and I'm proud. Better dork than dead!

My favorite meal after a long ride (or in between) is:
K. - veggie pho (#100) from evergreen garden. otherwise an 18rabbits bar for long road rides.

The best way to hydrate in between rides is:
K. - home made sparkling water | at home.

A personal item I must have or bring while riding my bike.
K. My florescent pink and yellow striped arm-warmers.

My message to women who want to try biking:
K. don't be afraid. It's fun and it makes you feel good physically and emotionally. There's something about wearing a skirt on a sunny day while riding your bike that makes you feel beautiful, and gives you a sense of empowerment.

+ + + + + + + + + +
Gracias Kati!!

If you'd like to be feature in this series, or know of some awesometastic woman out there that goes the distance, send me an email at: bikesandthecity /at /gmail

Dynamic Duo week: Friends Lauren + Daniel

♥This week, I'll be posting a small collection I have of fantastic pairs spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
super cute pair
by Lauren
"Solo rides are nice but biking with a buddy is more fun. Somehow a flat tire seems less annoying when you have a buddy plopped down on the pavement next to you while you fix it.

Biking is inherently social- life is more vibrant when you leave the confines of a metal box. The Danish architect/urbanist Jan Gehl says one of the most important benefits of biking is "if you see a pretty girl, you can easily jump off the bike and start kissing".

This is me and my friend Daniel. We became friends over our shared interest in riding in general and also bikes from Rivendell Bicycle Works in Walnut Creek. The bikes in the pic are both Rivendells- his former Atlantis and my bici is a Saluki borrowed from my VERY kind friend Emily. I can't believe she let that beauty out of her sight. Riding is an important component of alot of my friendships and I like riding with Daniel because suggests ambitious rides that help me push my boundaries. This picture is funny because believe it or not it was shot in the summer! San Francisco summers = don't forget your scarf!"

Photo del día: midnight troll.

Tuesday night at the intersection of Stanyan and Kezar/Fell/Oak.

Hump Day Inspiration: Just can't get enough.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dynamic duo week: Regina + Red

♥This week, I'll be posting a small collection I have of fantastic pairs spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!

I ran into this fabulous duo on Irving near 20th ave.
Regina told me about her baskets and that Red had just finished installing the set up. I LOVE her energy + those boots are exploding with awesomeness ♥ such rad colors!!
You can spot Red and his white hat around town on this decked out bicycle, or on a fixie doing tricks around the Embarcadero.

So, make sure you don't miss Regina's dog in her basket. How 'bout that?!

Weekend roundup.

How is it the end of July??! Let's not focus on that, and do a quick photo-recap of the weekend just for kicks.
The climate here in the Bay Area is like having an emotional fight with the weather. I tell you, you can find yourself in San José with enjoying the 85° weather and strappy-strap tank tops, then you can be in the city, and love the 55° foggy evening. Love it, so nice.
bay kayakers
Went to a hippie picnic out in Tomales Bay.
you girls are trouble
Went to an Oakland A's game with my gorgeous mamasita girlfriends and Miguel.
Dugout guy said we girls are trouble. Maybe it was an ugly undercover of Brad Pitt? (reference)
fog machine was temporarily off
Went the longer way home and took BART. This is downtown. The fog machine was temprarily off.
Went wanderlusting and found myself riding a MUNI bus. Not sure how that happened, but I enjoyed it.
Got lots of books to read and many serious friends to make here.
Lots of foggie Frenchie trolling adventures, as usual.
Golden Gate Bridge, peaking out of the foggy distance.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dynamic Duo week: Sitar + Jason

♥This week, I'll be posting a small collection I have gathered of fantastic pairs, couples or friends spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
Jason + Sitar
"Jason and I can be found at Alemany Farm, the Free Farm, or Garden for the Environment on weekends learning the tricks of gardening in San Francisco."

Is it Friday yet?

One of those Mondays... Will have tons of coffee today.
mandatory stop at Cibo.
Cibo. Dose of Blue Bottle goodness in Sausalito CA.

Friday, July 23, 2010

train. bus. ride. walk

train. bus. ride. walk
Yes, this is our July – he is wearing a beany. Was (or felt like) in the low 50°s the afternoon I took this.

Not me, my bike.

Not me, my bike.
Blog fan. Bike rider. Hill climber. Coffee maker.
Didn't want his photo taken and OK'd me taking one of his bike.
Young nice man works at a Peets, always greets with smile :D

Los events: ready for the weekend.

♥ Friday: GAS-FREE Fridays all of July!!

For all of you early risers, get some free coffee at this Friday's station:
July 22: North point & Embarcadero

♥ Friday: WTF at the bike kitchen
6-10 at the Bike Kitchen in the Mission
WTF night at the Bike Kitchen is for women, trans/gender queer folks, femmes, or anybody else that has had gender be a barrier to learning mechanics. No one turned away! Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

♥ Saturday in SJ: Ladies representing in San José!

details: link
from their FB event page:
Are you a Female biker?
Do you love riding with San Jose Bike Party, or are you a newcomer to Bike Party? Want to meet other women cyclists and have a great time? Then come out and join us for our Ladies Ride! Women and girls of all backgrounds and riding abilities are invited to participate!

5:00 – Meet up at the start location.
...The San Jose Fire Department will be giving a safety presentation. Thats right ladies, there's going to be firemen!
♥ Saturday in SF: flashdance
You know that crazy dude with shiny pants and the loudest tricycle, he'd be putting his MJ beats on. oh HAI Deep! Catch his next gig here:

♥ Saturday in Oakland: B4L 3rd Annual Peace Ride

from FB event:
Community Allies & Riders of all Kind:
Bikes 4 Life will be having it's 3rd Annual Peace Bike Ride from Lake Merritt to West Oakland. This year the ride will be a NIGHT RIDE that will be followed with an outside BIKE-IN drive-in style movie. The movie will be a classic flick. If interested Please Save The Date. Saturday July, 24th 7:30pm From Lake Merritt Playground Area/ Bird Sanctuary
More on their FB event page: here

♥ Sunday: SF Marathon
I'm not a runner enthusiast, but with closed streets come some rides. I perhaps not make it as i have plans, other than roaming the city in the early hours of Sunday (right, for once I plan to have a lazy Sunday AM) so Dan and friends are planning the following.
Many people don't realize that the best car-free event for bicycling in San Francisco is not Sunday Streets or Sundays along JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park.
Find it in the spacebooks: link

♥ Sunday: bikeNOPA Tall Trees Ride »

Photo del día: high standards

high standards
Market st. at 8th