Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caffeinated news: Bay Area coffee company sells itself

The Golden State native has been bought by Germany. One billion dollars. Cash.

I have a fond attachment and longtime love affair with Peet's Coffee.
Not only were they the only coffee spot where I could get a kick in the butt from Major D before starting school or after a long all-nighter during my college days. Before smaller roasters and boutiquey coffees (which I am a huge lover of) were a solid and present equation in the avid coffee consumer's eye such as myself, Peet's was the go-to spot alongside with many places that sold Illy and Mr.Espresso, as well as Grecco and Trieste.

Regardless of their company size and how rapidly they have expanded in the last few years, this West Coast company and their workers have always treated me well and I have had a sustainable good connection with numerous local baristas throughout San Francisco and California for the past decade. For example, most recently running into an old barista buddy of mine in their Santa Monica location.

Peet's was one of the pioneers of Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, alongside Alice Water's Chez Panisse and the Cheese Board. Known among coffee historians, Peet is labeled as "the Dutchman who taught America how to drink coffee."[5]wiki – Alfred Peet passed away in 2007.

Peet's Coffee is also a place where I have been able to take my mother and older friends+relatives for a cup, and not have them feel somewhat technology or age uncomfortable (not until recently they have open wi-fi connections, limited to one hour I believe) and they can also avoid the random rude young barista correcting them on how to properly pronounce chemex. Classic and jazz music are often played in the background and the majority of their San Francisco stores, including one of their original 5 locations dating back to the late 1960's on Chestnut street in the Marina, are mostly not remodeled (yet), so they have somewhat of a dark, woodsy feel to them.

To this day, I often get beans from them. I do an extensive amount of consuming coffee from a majority of local roasters and small independent coffee shops, so my french press is one of the best $30USD investments I've made to date. It is also nice to recognize history in general, and recognize those who helped paved the way.

At the moment I am rather unsure of what these news will mean to the future of a Bay Area icon in the black gold industry. Will it reconnect with the company that was once its apprentice, Starbucks? The Seattle global titan seems to be interested in regaining the look and feel of the small boutique experience as it recently acquired for $100 Million San Francisco's local sweetheart chain La Boulange bakery.

Not only is the Bay Area the hottest nest of big-fish high roller companies for tech, taking for instance Facebook's recent gazillion deal with Instagram, because it obviously seems to be pretty hot with all-things gourmet as well.
Will Peet's go global next? Will one be able to get a cup of Peet's with a La Boulange sandwich+salad combo in an airport while being delayed in the near future, or the ultimate absurdity: across the street from one another.
What are your thoughts/feelings? Do you have any Peet's stories to share? Do tell.

Read the complete article:
Peet's Coffee to be taken private in $1 billion deal

Here are some images of Peet's in the last few years, including the one above: one of the limited-edition gift cards I designed for them while working for a small design studio, amongst other fun projects, many coffee moons ago.

Get your Peet's coffee
Get your Peet's coffee - donation from Peet's coffee for Bike To Work Day San Francisco, 2008.
Duckie drinks Peet's
Having coffee with Declan, my favorite coffee partner-youngster.
Met a happy blog reader. Ferry building, 2008.
Not me, my bike.
Met a young blog reader, and fellow butterlap rider. 2010
on a very, very early morning before a long ride to Marin, 2009.

Los events: August

August 1st /Oakland
Hat-Tip one of my fave longtime readers David, he shares:
"Friend Janet Smartt has her own Climate Ride fundraiser next week, for anyone who wants to pop over to Oakland:This September, I will join 200 other cyclists to ride 320 miles down the NorCal coast in order to raise money and much-needed awareness for effective bike advocacy and sustainability-focused organizations.This gathering on Wednesday August 1st will support the excellent work of 350.org, and will be super fun!"  
My friend and fellow Climate Rider, David Jaber, said it best: "It's so easy to become despondent on seeing the array of issues that call for action, and it's so easy to feel that one person can't make a difference. Climate Ride has emerged for me as a key opportunity to personally make a significant contribution and tackle the challenges which so many of us very deeply care."
Drink & Dance @ Janet's Climate Ride FUNdraiser!
+ The Layover Music Bar +Lounge 
+ 1517 Franklin St., Oakland, California 94612
FB event page here: link
Climate ride fundraiser page: Janet's // David's

August 4th /San Francisco 
Dolores Park
Free, Film Night in the Park presents "Sixteen Candles"
more info: filmnight.org // SF Rec&Parks

August 7th +11th /San Francisco 
Olympic Viewing Parties at Civic Center
Free, 9AM-4PM
Civic Center
more info: HERE

August 10 /San Francisco
The Atheist Film Festival
Full schedule here: link

August 11 /San Francisco
Muni Diaries Live
Take Muni there: J-Church, 12, 14, 22, 33, 49, or BART: 16th or 25th St stations
Sat., Aug 11, doors: 6:30, show: 7 p.m. Tickets: $12.

"Anything can happen on Muni. Listen to true hilarious stories about life on public transit at Muni Diaries Live! Brought to you by the editors of MuniDiaries.com.
This time you'll hear stories from the king of stylish brokeitude, Brokeass Stuart, audience favorite Jesse James, and spoken word wonderwoman Joyce Lee.  We’ll reveal the rest of the lineup in a few days (hint: mime!). In meantime, get your tickets now!
Got your own Muni story? Be ready to share during the audience portion of the show to win great prizes.
Muni Diaries Live
Elbo Room (www.elbo.com)
647 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

August 16-18 /Oakland
PedalFest Jack London
FB link | Vounteer | pedalfestjacklondon.com
"In collaboration with the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, enjoy pedal-powered food, a pedal powered sound stage featuring live music, dare devil stunts, a kid’s bike rodeo, safety training, and the most amazing collection of bicycles to be seen from vintage and hand built bikes to high-end customs, sturdy commuters and creative art bikes."

August 16-18 /MPLS, MN
All City Championship
via bikejerks +urbanvelo

August 24-26th /San José
DIY Punk music festival 
via the BayBridged

Throughout August /San Francisco
Free, Stern Grove
Every remaining Sunday in August, get there early (9-10AM), unless you have steep dirt hill sitting ninja skills...
Full calendar: sterngrove.org

ok that is all for now

** previous listed events: los events 2012
If you got event chisme/info: bikesandthecity -at gmail

Monday, July 30, 2012

Got it back! Three women recover their stolen bikes

It is often that we feel not so optimistic when we hear a friend or someone in the bicycle community has gotten their bike stolen, or that we think that chances are that you will not see it again.

Let's start the week right with these three awesome women and active advocates in the Bay Area bicycle community. They have recuperated their bikes with the power of social media, friends +the community, looking out for stolen bikes being sold and NOT giving up as Adrienne did, confronting the thief.

Below are the links to each of the posts. Jenny's took place this weekend in Emeryville/East Bay. Ayuchi's and Adrienne's happened earlier in July, here in SF.


JULY 29: Jenny gets her stolen bike (IBIS) back
Combine the Bay Area cycling community +social media = the black IBIS is back
Read her post here: My Stolen Bike Was Found With Your Help, Thank You My Fellow Cyclists!
T/H the twitteratti
Screen shot 2012-07-26 at 11.35.37 AM
image via plattyjo on Flickr

JULY 3: Adrienne shows the bike thief who is boss 
Declan's bike is still missing, stolen earlier in : Give it back! but Adrienne did not get her older son go with empty hands after realizing his bike had been stolen in the Civic Center area here in SF.
If you haven't her excellent narrative already, check it out here: Foiled! 

image via cylrab

MAY 23rd: Ayuchi finds her bicycle 
Ayuchi's bike was stolen in the Mission (am I correct?) and with multiple posts in FB, help from friends/craigslist/SFpolice she has it back. So glad to hear that Ayuchi!
"I found this pic on the SF police webiste; stolen bike recovering project http://www.missionstation.org/ingleside-sfpd-recovered-stolen-bicycles.htmlI need to check if it's really mine!! I have been waiting call back from them :)"
fotos from Ayuchi/Anna's FB

/Other stolen-bike helpful links +recent published articles:

Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 London Olympics +la misión

London 2012

Bici friends over at Mission Bicycle emailed/posted their current display their Olympic spirit on Valencia st.
Muy cute. Thanks for sharing :)

via twitter
"Happy Olympics. We spent waaaay too much time on this display." @mission_bicycle

Thursday, July 26, 2012

No one has the moves like Jagger.

I'm more of a Keith woman, but there would be no Keith if there is no Mick.
And viceversa.

Rock 'n Roll's most epic marriage. 
Happy bday, mate.

Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger , July 26th 1943. Dartford, England.
via coco's 
Letter to Andy Warhol from The Rolling Stones -- signed by Mick Jagger via The Life of Polarn Per

stolen bike alert: black ibis in emeryville/east bay

Platty Jo's bike via twitter/flickr:
STOLEN via plattyjo
Due to my own stupidity, my new Ibis MTB was stolen yesterday. I was really exhausted and came home, leaned it against our garage and forgot to bring it in. While we live in a gated community on the West Oakland / Emeryville border, some local individuals jump our fence on occasion to steal stuff from the cars parked outside. They must have been roaming last night. If you see this bike - size small - please let me know! Utterly depressed. 
Details: It's a standard black Mojo, size small, with red Thomson faceplate/stem, Thomson seatpost and Fizik Aliante saddle. Red Crank brothers pedals. SLX Shimano group, Ergon GX-1 grips.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

remix #1

Stronger than tequila 
Tequila should always be consumed in good company and music.
Parallel to the qualities that make a good tequila, are emotions of ardor and the essence of the following Mexican voices.

No tequila is stronger than the passionate voices of the Mexican women featured below. 

1. Madame Ur y sus hombres /Venada
2. Cecilia Toussaint /La tregua losimas
3. Ely Guerra /Quiéreme mucho
4. Chavela Vargas (en vivo) /Cuando vivas conmigo 
5. Santa Sabina (RIP Rita) /Distante instante
6. Lila Downs /Alcoba
7. Aurora y la academia /porque te vas
8. Julieta Venegas /Acariciame

I'm considering sharing more music mixes more often. Tequila is optional. 
What do you think?
xxo♥ la meligrosa

Como se dice: Tequila day, July 24th

like sipping tequila, despacio: eslow.
via wiki/tequila
According to the interwebs, yesterday July 24th was tequila day in the States(?).
I recall reading awhile back that May 27th had been proposed by the Tequila commerce people in Mexico as a global tequila holiday.

According to me, tequila day could be every day.
A good shot of añejo sure does the throat and the soul very good.

And just like a good tequila shot goes well with limón y sal, 
this post goes with some time-travel y fotos.
These photos were all shot in the town +its vicinities of Santiago de Tequila, state of Jalisco, Mexico. 2006.

you know me +unconventional billboards

/All fotos above taken with a rockstar point+shoot for its time, a Canon powershot SD440. 
Unedited, SOOTC. March 2006 ©meligrosa

Monday, July 23, 2012

mucha música monday.

Here is short+sweet dose of the weekly set of mucha music monday, let's own this week.
Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
xxo♥ la meligrosa

Lemonade /Boys Noize +Erol Alkan 
Forget PBR's and wobbling fixie rookies trying to stop and balance in the bike lane. 
Women and lemonade is where is at.

Black Hills /Gardens +Villa 
Found this Californian band (Santa Barbara) via the BayBridged and had to share their short+sweet write up for those of us new to them:
Santa Barbara’s Gardens & Villa have only one EP available at the moment...  this is the quintet’s first official release. Each track has a refined confidence akin to a band knowing exactly how they want to sound on record; from the new wave sounds of opener “Black Hills” to the Talking Heads-ish bass line and melodic flutes in “Orange Blossom.”
The band’s been on the road much of the spring honing their live sound too, including festival appearances at Sasquatch!, High Sierra and Minnesota’s Rivers Edge.

Ma Bicyclette /Andrew Huang ft. Side Pony Nation 
*Hat tip to Xander, Toronto's 416Cyclestyle handsome father-bike-advocate.  

Love Unlimited /Fun Loving Criminals 
BMXs throughout New York +London. +some suits.

Mar el poder del mar /Delafe y las flores azules 
That accent Edspañol may make some of you feel tickleish in the knees, as sang in this melody.

/previous posts: 
MMMonday 11june2012
MMMonday 16july2012

Ketchup: los events /end of July edition

Tuesday, July 24th /San Francisco
Sketch Tuesdays
6-10PM /Free
111 Minna street
On July 24, 2012, Sketch Tuesdays wil be featuring an all-female lineup of artists.
via 111minnagallery.com
This week July 23-26
San Francisco Library Film Festival
Free /Hours vary, check schedule 
Did you know the SFPL has an array of a film festival +screenings? Now you do. 
The movies are shown throughout the city, just saw my branch with its own movie +you can find the rest here: link
(Milk, Bullit, The Social Network +more)
via sfpl.org

Tuesday, July 24th /San Francisco
Wind down with Wine
Free admission, free wine tasting at 530PM
1 Nob Hill /Top of the Mark Lounge 
21+ view complete schedule here: PDF link
Wind down every Tuesday night this summer with a free wine tasting and screening of movies filmed at or around the historic Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel in Nob Hill, along with other classic films.

Friday, July 21st /San Francisco
SpokeArt gallery /816 Sutter street
San Francisco – July 27 – 28: Spoke Art (http://spoke-art.com) is San Francisco’s newest art gallery and publishing house. Located in San Francisco’s dynamic Lower Nob Hill neighborhood, Spoke Art specializes in emerging new contemporary artists with a firm emphasis on figurative and illustrative works.
Ben Wison voice_of_warning
via http://pangeaseed.com/ /Ben Wison voice_of_warning

Friday, July 21st /San Francisco
Club Sixth /60 6th street
$20 USD
"Who doesn’t want to paint all over a big blank canvas?Picture this: the walls of Club Six—one of SoMa’s hottest new spots—covered in huge canvases, DJ Ry Toast spinning her signature retro/hip-hop mix, and loads of brushes and paint to get your creative juices flowing and paint on the walls. Whether you want to swing by for an hour or stay for four, it’s all for a good cause: 100% of the evening’s ticket sales will help Young Audiences of Northern California, a leading provider of arts education for K-12 students in the Bay Area, further its mission of making the arts an essential part of every young person’s life.     Admission includes:*One free drink*Awesome tunes by DJ Ry Toast*All the supplies you need to unleash your inner artistCome for an hour or the entire time and paint the night away!  If you can't make it out and wish to suppport the organization click here to make a donation." -- via eventbrite link

Saturday, July 28th /San Francisco 
9pm-2am /CLIFT hotel
Tickets are $11.50USD fee included: via eventbee /via SFindiefashion

Saturday, July 28th - Sunday, July 29th /San Francisco 
$3 Admission (12 & under FREE) 
Treasure Island Flea -Great Lawn
Free Parking +dog friendly
-foto via their FB page link: treasureislandflea.com  
Throughout July /San Francisco
Off the grid SF has grown to multiple places and areas throughout various San Francisco neighborhoods. After a hot summer day (in our language that would be 70°F) had to check it out at its beginning stomping grounds, the beautiful bayside Ft. Mason site.
Great views and so crowded. IPAs were available +saved the evening. 
FB event page list with dates and locations here: link
marina sunset
marina sunset / ©meligrosa, 2009

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
+South of the border: Tijuana

Saturday, July 28th /San Diego
Barrio Market Presents.. La Misa Negra @The Roots FactoryPublic
From Oakland › to San Diego
FB event page: link

Join us for another Barrio Market, Saturday July 28th. Hand crafted art - jewelry - clothing & more!!! 
Live music featuring: La Misa Negra (Oakland, CA)+ Special guest DJ's

Free / All Ages / Vendors / Art / Music / Food 
@The Roots Factory1878 Main St. Barrio Logan CA 92113

Monday, July 23rd /Tijuana, MX
Bici en tacones (bikes +high heels)
Photo session starts at 7PM
Ride starts at 8PM
FB event page here: link

Llego el verano, ponte tus mejores galas, tu vestido favorito, falda, sombreros, moños, listones, caballeros de traje, corbata, camisa o pantalon, mega formal, adorna tu bicicleta, como tu gustes, como te sea posible, ven super guap@ a pedalear, descubre q para andar en bicicleta se puede tambien en zapatos o tacones.
La sesion de fotos sera a las 7:00pm, arrancamos a pedalear a las 8:00pm, ruta tranquilita, cooperemos con nuestra puntualidad.

Niños obliga traigan su casco
Menores de edad acompañados por un adulto
Cada uno es responsable de su seguridad

Trae tu alegria y tu glamour a rodar en bicicleta, te esperamos!!

Sunday, July 29th /Tijuana, MX
Ladies Ride a la Diana Cazadora (Women-Only Sunday social ride)
Theme: 60's outfits
FB event: link
Chicas vamonos, invita a una amiga, sera tematico estilo 60's, ven a disfrutar tu bici, este día será para pasear con tus amigas y conozcas nuevas amigas, cada vez seremos mas, la cita será en la glorieta de La Diana Cazadora, les recomendamos checar la bici unos días antes, queremos que nos acompañen todo el recorrido, A LAS 9:00AM POR FAVOR SEAMOS PUNTUALES!!!
HOLA LADIES ¡que guapas! -- foto via FB/ladiesride

ok that is all for now

** previous listed events: los events 2012
If your event fits in any of the categories of local/bike/cultural/rad/community/uncattegorized... send your info in bikesandthecity /at gmail