Wednesday, September 17, 2014

macaroons y front.

is it the weekend yet?! here is a foto I forgot to share from last Saturday, had cafecito en Potrero Hill w/butterbill, he even brought macaroons! :D We met a nice gal visiting from Vancouver

♥ cafecito × (at @FrontSf in San Francisco, CA)

Monday, September 8, 2014

mucha música Monday: links sent y text alerts edition.

It has been a bit since last time I shared some música, so here we go:

× Janelle Monáe: Electric Lady
This is a very pop/happy song for my Darian taste, but so fun and light. Cheery is contagious, if you let it. lalalaaa ;) and I do love Janelle ♥

*H/T —via the fab LGRAB gals

× Li Xi, Everyone is Dirty & Sister Crayon
Last Friday I checked out both these bands at the Rickshaw Stop alongside hormones aka all-ages show.
It was great.
Big thank to my pal Mr. Cline for being rad and texting me that day as he would be in the band opening for them. Couldn't make it in time to see him work his magic a major psychedelic-musical ongoing crush via musical updates continues to develop.
This is his band Li Xi, hope to catch them again soon:

And these, also gal-driven bands, we got to see and they were just great.
I'll upload some fotos at some point:

× Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto
Had bookmarked this from something linking to this Vice article.

Sidenote: Anytime there is a Colombian event in the Bay, I really enjoy seeing those straw/with-the-black-lines hats, so cool!
party prep música
(Foto I took from Stern Grove 2009)

× Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument" (Music Video)
This will be a great pre-meeting warm up. Or making coffee in the AM in your underwear, more realistically the monument being that fresh cup of coffe, am I right?

× Charles Lloyd – Manhattan Stories Mini-Documentary
On a jazz note, another great clip, I really love listening to history/facts in music:

× Boiler Room Collections: EGON
I was introduced to BoilerRoom just this year, I am a fan. Also on soundcloud
“Boiler Room set up shop in Egon’s office in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA as he digs through his own collection, playing a few records.”
I have had this bookmarked (clip is almost 2hrs) and have gone back to it since about June. Great listening, and viewing the LPs with liner notes peeking out. OH! :)
Enjoyed quite a bit the DJ notes here and there where each band was from when available.

*H/T two clips above — via long time blog reader+twitter pal always sharing great links @dirtycyclist

× William Onyeabor: Atomic Bomb
This is from end of year 2013 and just getting a hold of this, they played here back in May.
What a nice melody. This will be a great soundtrack to mid-afternoon workdaze navigations this week. What do you think?

× Melissa Aldana
A 21 year old saxon great young woman from Chile, now based in NY.
The interview is in Spanish but the CC translates, if you are interested. I think she is awesome.

× Phillip Glass: In the upper room Dance No.9
Endless emails? Long meetings? Jam to this. All the cosmic to your desk will gather and join team caffeine :)

*H/T three clips above — via my fabulous friend Nina.

× Bike To The Future (Quest science | PBS)
This isn't a music video, but it is like the Jetsons! The future is here.
Would you ride one? I'd love to one day visit North Carolina.

*H/T — sent by reader Dave H. of unctv.

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

One Word – Solo photography show by Ade.

felicidades y congratulations to mi amiga Ade for her solo b+w photography show at CCSF Visual Arts gallery last night “One Word.”
I got there a bit towards the end, and got some quick snaps, her photographs were a great narrative of what you wanted them to be. Just beautiful b+w pieces with great one word as titles.
Her BYOB (metrofiets aka ballena) made an appeance and was her gallery on the go for the yummy wine/snacks served at the CCSF Camera Obscura gallery. Love u, SO proud of ya!

¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
there is no app to find your friends, either follow the noise or the signs. or this one :)
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
this sign is from an adjacent gallery (with small robotic-like objects)

CCSF | City College: Visual Arts Building
CCSF | City College: Visual Arts Building
CCSF | Visual Arts building.

Just wanted to share some quick mobile-uploaded images from the gallery :D
big congrats again Ade! ♥

/All fotos above taken w/Nexus LG mobile apparatus.