Monday, January 31, 2011

El weekend

the orbit room
scoping out
scoping out the scene
eggsville corner
after the light rain.
sidewalk dose while you wait. Plow in Potrero Hill

With love from: London

My cross-atlantic pal from London has sent me a series of his mobile photos from a recent event (London bike show) he attented.  
+ + + + + +
(About the photo above) The t-shirt I bought from stand which caused me to find the ice sculptures on the unrelated:
The bike in the t-shirt text is made of reflective paint btw ;)

**All photos+text below by Alastair, in London

-This bike was really interesting – they don’t have metal chains, instead they are rubber belts. No grease, rust or the suchlike. Most have one gear, there was one with two, but almost double the price :0 Switching gears is weird – you have to kick the cranks to switch up and down.

-Nice London Underground detail.
-Interesting clothing stands - the woman makes the items herself. She has been doing it for about two years. The saddle bags are quite nice:

-Bizarre auction/workshop stand.

-These little rods flash on and off.

-“Cleverest bike in the world”

-The kask helmets do look snazzy - a lot of people driving vespas around london have similar ones. I like the idea of not having to remember to bring your sunglasses and just flapping down the visor. Very space age. 

-The blue “Cycle Superhighways” - some bits are great, others just stop dead into a row of parked cars sans warning. 
-For me it was nice to see some more stylish bikes and clothing at this show. Although there was a lot of lycra and regular bikes, having more flair makes people want to ride. Kind of like tweed versus mucky hi-visability yellow vests. If people see it as not such a niche they will ride more. Personally it would be ace to have everyone riding in style like Thomas Stevens  What an Englishman!


+ + + + + + +
Many thanks Alastair =)
Ride on!

Monday motivation: film, blizzards and the interwebs.

Reading furthermore seeking to learn and find info about my new Lumix LX5, I came across this peculiar little video about a guy in Brooklyn, who comes across this canister of film, develops it and hopes to find their owners. I thought it pretty much sums up how the internet, photos and a little bit of time and effort, can connect so many people across the planet, with a few clicks.

Not to mention the simple power of curiosity to ask one self, well what if?

-via petapixel

Friday, January 28, 2011

Los events: meanwhile tonight in Santa Cruz

via Hannah - thanks! =)

♥Happy Friday!

a little last uphill
Scenes from the Bike Party on Jan 7th. This is at Fulton and Divisadero.
- - - -
Go ride!! TGIF

Los events this weekend.

Friday: Critical mass -gathers at 5:30pm
"Critical Mass is a mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month in cities around the world. Everyone is invited! No one is in charge! Bring your bike!"
The unofficial critical mass site:

Sunday: Walk the wiggle 11am
"Before bikes were invented, the popular Wiggle bike route was a foot trail to avoid these same hills. Change the way you see the landscape as we talk about everything from art and bike politics to floods, lakes and native societies. We’ll discuss the very latest research on how the Mission Dolores was, it seems, founded in the Wiggle."
RSVP required. Set your own cost: $10 to $40 donation asked.
+info via here: link

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's yam

let's yam.
The yam sandwich / in my top 5 fave local sandwiches of the last decade.
This is from last nite (Wed.) Atlas Cafe - 20th and Alabama
- - - -
atlas at nite

Photo del día: picking candy.

I forgot to show you the photo that I submitted just for fun, in the photo competition that the fine site candycranks held.
The contest ran through the month of December 2010.

This is in front of the Asian Art Museum, and I had forgotten all about the timer. I'm not very good at that, I get easily distracted.
Looks like I'm picking my nose, perhaps. But I'm removing my shades, I ran into a friend. Read on, and check out all the entries here:
Submission to candy cranks -- DEC 2010
Submission to CandyCranks -- DEC 2010

Women, the webs, and even some WTFs

+ + + +

Julie lost her wallet, which was used at Walgreens near where she potentially lost it. Read how she fights an unfortunate event, with positive energy:

+ + + +
The local blue dancing bici queens, The Bay Area Derailleurs, San Francisco's bike dance team, have a new video out:
"San Francisco's bike dance team is requesting support to continue the eco-arts revolution. There are plans for a US and world tour with bike dance teams around the world to spread the bike fun and strengthen community around sustainable transportation." Read more: here

+ + + +
Speaking of badassery, Women join the circus, on wheels. ohdaaaang.
tip hat to Brian. via jezebel

+ + + +
The Claremont cyclist thinks he spotted me riding down south =)
I do turn into giant skulss from time to time...

+ + + +
My girl Emily of the San Franista, reviews the book Velo and features an interview with from Mission Bicycle here in SF.
Read the article here:
Photo via

+ + + +
My amiga Diana, loves this sweater from modcloth. So cute!
"I like bike sweater"via…

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One of my top, favorite bloggie friends Jennine of The Coveted, pretty much had her blogging identity 'duplicated' into this new site, under the same exact name, which claims to be "the selby for closets."

I think it is rather a cheap-shot being that her blog of 4+ years has earned a very good reputation around the web.
Do you think they intentionally want to mis-direct her readers?! What are your thoughts upon scenarios like this?
There is only one The Coveted, and in the internet/fashion/blogging community, we know which one it is.
Jennine is well known and well loved, and it is always LOVELY to catch her whenever she comes back to town (in 2009, in 2010).
There is an article which recently presented the situation, read furthermore about it:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesdays of Who Wore What

Who wore what is a weekly series. And if you have any submissions, questions and of course fotos, feel free to share. All fotos taken in San Francisco.  
This is not necessarily about being chic or into fashionable things or trends, but if you want, it can be.
It is about being yourself, what works for you and what makes you comfortable, confident and happy to ride your bike!
- - - -
Time for the gentlemen on wheels to take over this week.
matching yellows
I captured this fast guy (don't all bright colors just make you go faster?!) on an overcast mid-December morning.
Why this works: The yellows make him very visible, and they add sunshine when the weather lacks it. Plus any guy wearing tights and shorts seems pretty practical, and layer-savvy. Some sporty outfits out there are good, I like my athletes.
Where: This is on Polk and Broadway, early morning.

- - - -
Hugh. Sup.
Why this works: In the winter, the weather can be fabulous+sunny for a lunchtime ride, to a foggy windy afternoon. A warm coat and a scarf are never a bad decision. Simple and functional is timeless. And his non-chalantness comes naturally =)
Where: This is on Hayes and Divisadero

- - - -
All smiles
I forgot to ask this cute fellow his name, but if you know him, let him know he is interwebs-famous.
Why this works: Coat, backpack and scarf -- check. You are well rounded with a super smile! I also think you can always pair dark denim very nicely for work and for after hours, here he goes a bit monotone and it is office-casual ready.
Where: This is also on Hayes and Divisadero
These two shots were obviously taken before we had our 'heatwave' here in San Francisco (Mostly mid-60°s this week) but don't be fooled, the fog can strike anytime!

Weeklong nap.

no more naps, we nomnoms nao

Where was I? Well, I was sick as hell.

I got hit with the flu pretty hard last week. It kicked my butt.
I'm pretty sure my cat Velcro really thought I was in the process of becoming an actual cat, as I slept so much. After a whole week of rest, I'm feeling a lot better.

Been drinking lots of hippie teas --gotta spoil the body with a little change! and looking forward for my early caffeinated mornings once again. I'm also pretty sick of soup. ish.
Ok, let's hope this is a beginning for another healthy streak.

It's sunny out there
We all took week-long naps.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Butter up, buttercups. It's butterlap!

2011-01-17 15.52.56
This marks the 500th photo I have added to its butter lap ride - foto set
The blood + flats was from that one first ride of 2011, it isn't a frequent happening ummkay...
Um yea that's a lot of butterlap fotos. ♥Good peeps. Good times.

 Butterlap | Meets Wednesdays at Ferry bldg. 7PM
Ends at Bender's around 9PM • about 17-18mi ride
Rules: 1) Don't be an asshole. 2) Bring good booze.
++ Ferry building (in front of the steps)
++ Ft.Mason (at the excercise bars by the statues, atop Gashouse cove
++ Presidio overlooking Baker Beach (Lincoln at Washington Blvd.)
++ Legion of honor
++ Clement and 43rd ave.)
++ Ocean beach (Great Hwy at JFK)
++ Stanyan and Fell/Oak
++ Benders (19th at S. Van Ness)

Wednesdays of Who Wore What

Who wore what is a weekly series. And if you have any submissions, questions and of course fotos, feel free to share. All fotos taken in San Francisco.
This is not necessarily about being chic or into fashionable things or trends, but if you want, it can be.
It is about being yourself, what works for you and what makes you comfortable, confident and happy to ride your bike!
- - - -
Well on this occasion, it is my turn to show what I was wearing for butterlap 2 weeks ago, first ride of January.
The temperature was in the low 40°s. I dont think it was lower than that, but it could have been.
oh hai
Foto by Duby! 
A little late night panda action. I'm pretty surprised that sharrow sneaked in the photo. Good timing (!!!)

The ride is about 18 miles and dressing for butter lap, as I would typically for other rides, layers are key. Often during the ride I get overheated if I overdress due to the monster hills (the one up to the Legion of Honor never gets easier...) but then I like to be nice and warm while just hanging out at a bar or with friends. For this particular ride, butterlap pretty much goes from side to side in the city, so it could be clear by the Ferry building, Crissy field is typically windy during the winter and by the time we get to Ocean Beach, the fog could be super thick.

Anyways, this is what I wore to earlier that day.
Before I headed back out, I switched scarves, threw a vest on and changed to my black mini skirt (which I think is a 'running' skirt) I like it because it has reflective little strips on the side. Pretty handy as most of butterlap during the winter/fall begins when it is already dark out and we don't ride past very busy or too-brightly lit streets.
The bright orange layer I have is thin merino wool which I am a HUGE fan, keeps you dry,warm,stink-free. Icebreakers are awesome.
work attire es riding attire
See, no rocket science, and if you overdress layers can always come off. 
Don't let anyone intimidate you for longer routes. Working attire can always be riding attire. 
+wow, my hair is getting long...

Photo del día: the corner

The corner
From a corner where the bike views blossom and smell like fresh baked bread + coffee.

Hump day inspiration: berets

Came across a sweet+short post about berets and a penny farthing.
Link: The Beret Project