Tuesday, December 9, 2014

From mi eyes and out the window.

A window has observed and absorbed us, observing and absorbing life through it.

× Monday morning, on Burrows /SF.
I really enjoy stopping by this small quiet four barrel in portola once every couple/or few of months — however, I highly dislike that it doesn't have a restroom.

la luna, de coqueta × oh hai moon
The moon.
× moon me, home.
It makes its flirty bright rounds through the neighbors' fire escape. It really feels like someone put a new streetlight back there. Sometimes dogs are also seen, cats, random raccoons, but mostly the moon. Humans, not so much.

w/ wlmhsu ×
× light roast, on Polk street /SF.
The light through Saint Frank's coffee shop on Polk street this past Saturday. The day had been mostly overcast but the sun made an appearance for a bit. It's been great weather lately, I love the rainy days.

w/ wlmhsu :) HBD! ×
× Toast to the thirties, on Polk street /SF.
Mi friend William made it over to the better decade side (30+). We had breakfast with lots of hashbrowns with cheese. This is at Toast on Polk y Sacramento streets. The dish is call Hasbrown Hill or something but I like to call it Big Mountain of hashbrowns w/extra aguacado* (*meliism english: avocado+ spanish: aguacate)

felton, califas.
× Fog and trees /in Felton.
Quick trip to Felton, Ca in the Santa Cruz mountains last weekend. Taken from the passenger window.

SF Grill × 4th anniversary
× Balkan band by the window, on California street /SF.
SF Grill is KT's favorite place, and it is becoming mi fave place to tag along with her. Great staff. They celebrated their 4th anniversary last Saturday night with live Balkan band music. The small place was full of great characters. Everyone drank, talked, ate, hugged, danced all good things. We met new people from all walks of life, corners of the world and careers — our absolute favorite and the life of the party was Tito.
Thanks again KT for inviting me♥

los sharx en los altos cafecito spot :) × for butterbill
× Coffees at the Red Berry Coffee Bar /in Los Altos.
diana <3
Had coffee with the beautiful Diana in downtown Los Altos. Diana knows all the good cozy, local spots through the peninsula like no other. A few laptops around but mostly unpretentious and on the quiet side, this coffee shop had a bunch of beans from around roasters around the Bay. Nice staff too. It was exciting to try San José's Chromatic for the first time. In the words of my mom, the best part about going out for coffee, is the company. 

“life is a full-time job” ×
× After or before the rain /in Palo Alto.
Great windows at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Mi first time there, plan to visit sometime again.

gwsf ×
× the bar exam /somewhere in the city.
The morning rush will always be there, often it is a pleasant moment to find things that I haven't seen the hundredth time around.

muchos cooking books :)
× bookstore windows, on Fillmore street /SF.
Documenting bookstore windows is one of my fave things. books are my fave things. food is the best thing. I'm not a cook. There is a Peet's next to this window. That was the best thing at that moment. must repeat frequently, the documenting of bookstore windows. 

cafecito earlier today @snowbirdcoffee new spot en el inner sunset × great coffee, nice staff :)
× Sunset window, on 9th Avenue /SF.
Two Sundays ago went to Snowbird coffee on 9th Avenue (between Judah/Irving) to check it out for the first time with my mom. Somehow her and one of the barista were chatting it up in Spanish sharing their mutual joy of being two-sugar-cubes-in-their-lattes type of people :) 

× The end /SF.

“A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.” 
× Mark Twain