Sunday, February 28, 2016

febrero: leap year

hola all. would like to say a quick hello and hope your year is going well.

things are calmed and very mellow. i have really enjoyed outings with a few of my coworkers to take a break from the workplace and draw. this month has been the month of rather broken leisure access to technology as i am typing this from a borrowed tablet, somehow unable to embed large format images from flickr, and this blogger platform beyond archaic without a desktop setup. anyways, not sure what else can do for now.

the arizona cactus garden, in palo alto, calif.
great little day trip to the outskirts of the Stanford campus.

this year has begun quite rough with the loss of a close friend of the family and an uncle. my brother's 5th anniversary was also very difficult for mi fam and all thos who loved him, and knew him.

life is quite crazy sometimes sad, sometimes magical. loss and sorrow also makes us embrace a new perspective and make new connections and friends along the way.

ok that is about all mi learning curve spans this evening or perhaps ever. having the most difficult time about typing on ios keyboards make me feel like i have these twinkie fingers in xl size with snow gloves on .. how can anyone handle these iproducts?
much love, meli.