Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dads on Wheels: San José Bike Party


Bikes and The City is collaborating once again with BikeNOPA to bring you a new series: Dads on Wheels. Every Tuesday, we will be featuring dads from all over the city, and the ways they get around town with their kids. Please check both our blogs for the current profiles.

This week my collab post for Dads on Wheels will be a little 2-photos essay from my Dads on Wheels sightings from the San José Bike Party, this past Friday, August 20th. Enjoy!
Dad on wheels
You can bike, but you can't hide!
I sees you!
I sees you!

+ + + + + + +
+ + +
Ride on, dads!!

Don't forget to check out BIKE NOPA for more Dads on Wheels profiles.
**If you or someone you know, would like to participate email me at bikesandthecity +at+ gmail**

Dynamic Duo week: Fabiola y Spencer

♥The Dynamic Duos are back once again! I'll be posting a small collection I have gathered of fantastic pairs, couples or friends spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
Spencer +his lady friend
Ferry builiding
Spencer y Fabiola
Ocean beach

Photo del día: Critical mass is boring

Submission from Adam via the infamous Dating is boring pool.
Super!! :D

20100827191516-2 Critical Mass Is Boring
20100827191516-2 Critical Mass Is Boring by TyrellVoightKampff

Los events: North Point!!!

I am *sooo* happy this north end of the city gets some love. I'm one of the only ones out of my close circle of peeps to ride this on a constant basis, though I haven't for awhile on a daily basis.
Ooooooh I love that North Point got a bike lane!!

Here is the event, if you are free, please check it out - I'll be there in spirit =)
(Facebook page) Celebrate the First Mile of new bike lanes in San Francisco»
Meet at Pier 7 on the Embarcadero
"Join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to celebrate the completion of the first mile of bike lane on North Point Street Tuesday August 31 at 5:30pm."

+Here are some random shots from the last few years sans lane:
flash night
flash night. Approaching Hyde
Pandita on a hill.
Pandita on a hill.
seeing double
seeing double

Mi blog had a ♥Lovechild.

mine <3
Mi blog and Scallywags had a lovechild. This *awesome* mug, the Coffee Brake and I are meant to be. And yes, that IS a brake lever. RAD.
So here it is.
y ♥Gracias Benjo for the coffee dose included with this. Delish!!

IMG_0448 IMG_0444
Bikes+Coffee. My religion.

coffee corner

Hellsss yes here is the info, you coffee brake copykat!!
and you better share pictures if you do =)

disclaimer. This post was not requested to be published by the aforementioned company neither was me, the blogger, asked nor paid to blog a post about this in any commercial way.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dynamic Duo week: Tandem two

♥The Dynamic Duos are back once again! I'll be posting a small collection I have gathered of fantastic pairs, couples or friends spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
Ran into this fabulous pair on Taraval and 21st Ave. If there is any standard to the high levels of awesome+romantic+fun in San Francisco, you are looking at it. Take your picnic/concert/date/outing to the next level and take some notes.
Loved running into them – Red Schwinn tandem, wine picnic pannier rack, chucks, high-heeled boots and earrings to match the tandem, nonetheless.
Tandem fabulous two
Tandem fabulous two

Hat. Helmet. Hills.

The other weekend I rode up the Arguello Hill in the Presidio, San Francisco is even hillier and the hills are steeper on the weekends. True fact....
Shortly after conquering those Northside meanies, the Sunset district 20th Avenue is an annoying little continuation with its uphill grade, for more than a few blocks. Does it ever stop?! No. and because I don't stay in only one neighborhood ever, hills are my friends +enemies, and BFFs when they are a sweet downhill. I own them. kthx.
So, I took it like a hill pirate - aaaaaaaarrrr
This is somewhere around the heading south on 20th ave.
pinches hills. solo ride.
pinches hills. solo ride.
All hills, distance, wind, fog, hangovers, weather cases – just seem to disappear once you are rolling with your friends. This is way later in the afternoon post concert in Stern Grove, back to flatlands, leaving Golden Gate park and approaching Stanyan.
flatlands. peeps ride.
flatlands. peeps ride.

Photo del día: Bike pile

Bike pile in the Lower haight
bike pile

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Los events: for the weekend!

♥ Saturday: Clement St. Pub Crawl
CrawlSF and Tom Roche Present: The 2nd Annual Clement Street Pub Crawl
Saturday, August 28, 4-8PM
more details: link

♥ Saturday: Free Outdoor Film
Rear Window (1954)
Union Square 8PM or dusk
No bike valet parking that I am aware of, but uncertain =)
More info: sfneighborhoodtheater.org

♥ Sunday Nopa Velo ride

NOPA VELO To Russia With Love, of Pastries Ride
Sunday, August 29 Meet: 9-930am at Peet's Coffee Start: 10:00 am sharp
End: About 12 noon
More info: bikeNOPA »

♥ Sunday: North Beach by Night walking tour
this is my bike parked outside of specs - always a good time in that little gem bar
just the fact that it begins here, gives me a good feeling. and that is the get-to-know the real North beach, baby. Say hi to Carol Doda if you see her walking around the neighborhood as well =)
Meet in front of Specs Cafe, 12 Saroyan Place -Columbus next to Tosca Cafe.
Sunday, August 29
7 pm | FREE
more details: link

♥ Sunday
It's a Race For Space....man
August 29th at high noon
soilsaloon.com »

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!

This is from last Friday.
San José Bike Party in the house. This little film is when the ride had just started, around 4th and E Santa Clara St.
**ding-ding** BIKE PARTYYY

End of week roundup: Monday weird eats

While waiting to be seated inside Weird Fish the other day, there was a whipper-snapper with skinny ass jeans and a trendy messenger bag, and he walked right in front of me straight to the back, wrote down his name +his party of 3. I though maybe he was getting food to go.

Shortly after, I asked the waitress if there was a waiting list, I also mentioned I had been standing there for about 5-10 minutes (this place is tiny), and thought it was weird no one had acknowledged me but, assumed they were just busy.
She said something like:
"Our PROTOCOL is not to sit people down, we have no hostess, so you walk yourself up and the list is up there." Signaling towards the back of the restaurant and with tremendous sass and highly-annoyed energy.
"Oh I see" I said.
Given that many times before, they have taken my name, phone number included, just in case I wanderlusted around the sidewalk. And I have enjoyed this place plenty, and many times before. I don't judge upon one poorly mannered staf member, so on with the evening.

Easy. I'll just take my business somewhere else.
No big deal, really.

So instead, my dinner partner and I went to La Oaxaqueña, where I can shoot the shit, no waiting lists required, talk to all of the staff, and even get some music from these well mannered gents, on the house, upon whatever I request because I know the lyrics to all of the songs they are playing. Now that is a PROTOCOL.

¿Cuál quieres, guapa?
¿Cuál quieres, guapa?

Music, Beans and Oaxacan cheese over some wannabe-fancy-mean waitress?

3 sopes
that was 3 sopes.
Later that night, we ran into a bit more of a larger-scale, real weird fish in Potrero Hill.
Always a big sign that burning man is around the corner =)
finding burning man
finding burning man
big fish
big fish
See why biking is good for you??!!!? - just look at those killer legs.
You go girlsssss

Monday, August 23rd
Weather: 85°
Time: 12:30AM.

Photo de día: compare y contrast.

'This one runs on fat & saves you money' by Peter Drew of Adelaide
This one runs on fat & saves you money' by Peter Drew of Adelaide by carltonreid
tiphat_via Jef Poskanzer

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Triple blues.

Triple blues
Blue bench. Blue beans. Blue bike. Cadillac.

Now that the frenchie is getting her much deserved down time, I must say it that it has been pretty fun riding the smurfette all over the city. Especially the big hills. The ones I usually ride my way around them often over a mile, so that I avoid walking them.
Table bikes of califas

This is the cutest little market in the north-east side of the inner richmond, on 8th and California. The don't have the biggest yogurt selection (life-saver for an caffeinated abused stomach), but you can find dirty -in the good way- fruit, french little soaps, picnic items, fancy crackers to impress your picnic friends, naked-brand coconut water little packs (I had no idea such things existed) and etc. etc.
And did you know they have Blue Bottle drip coffee? Well, now you know.
When my friend muffin introduced me to this little gem market a few years back, I knew that is some vital info that I just wouldn't forget. Comes in handy more than often...

Good morning, sunshine.

signs of the future
While everyone goes ballistic over the hot summer days, I still love the mid50° foggy summer days. I mostly stand alone but that is fine. As long as I have my coffee, the weather truly could be whatever it wants.

good morning sunshine
These snaps are from sometime last week.

On this morning
I yelled 'HOLA' to my buddy that hoses down the bar big plastic mats, which was funny because I was at that bar, the night before with my girlfriend for an evening drink.
He said 'hola, chica' without even looking at me. He knows the bike bell.

I chatted with an older beautiful man reading the paper. He said that I could have one of the sections so I could catch on local events. The photography quality was fascinating, he said.
I thought that was sweet. He was wearing the most pristine crisp white linen shirt. What attention to detail I thought, I was for once too slow to ask him to take his picture, I'm sure if it was post-coffee, I would have no troubles asking him so.
At your feet
Oh look, money grows on cement.
I'm spacing out sippin' my coffee made by the all-women-staff this morning. Blue bottle, I love your boys-staff, but all the gals in the AM sometimes is just a plain awesome energy boost =)
Right about then, this sweet guy rolls up on his bike and greets everyone good morning. Nice. We chat a bit over bikes and how this morning has been. Nice.
boy +his bike. linden +frenchie
boy +his bike. linden +frenchie
I head to work and I get greeted by a lovely young woman. She reads my blog and that makes me my morning. ♥ She is based out of Hayes Valley and it's pretty cool she says hello, being that is a few minutes after 8AM, I'm still a little space cadet myself.

Off I go to work, and off goes last week.
Good early bird times, San Francisco. Don;t turn the fog machine off please.

Happy Women's Equality 90th Day

Those 'I VOTED' stickers are sexier than anything, my San Francisco women.
Learn. Decide. Vote!
Tortilla power!
Showing off an awesome piece from Rio's The Great Tortilla Consipracy
Photo and edible-friendly ink printed tortilla by local artist: Rio Yañez
at the Levi Workshop event last week.

Women in the United States were given the right to vote on August 26, 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was signed.
via: wikipedia | link »

Two bikes. Two slices.

Bikes +amigas +pizza.
Great post-happy hour plans.
Polk street.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tonight 8PM Masonic and Golden Gate - Vigil for Yannik

I plan to be there. My prayers and thoughts are with his family +loved ones.
Rest in peace, Yannick
"The memorial has been organized by neighbors affiliated with Fix Masonic, North of the Panhandle Neighborhood Association, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the San Francisco Day School, St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, and BIKE NOPA."

More details: bikeNOPA | Candlelight Walk & Community Vigil for Slain Bicyclist This Wednesday Evening »

I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle.

In Spanish there is a saying that goes something like "Front the bad weather with a good face", or something like that. I'm not sure which one exactly would be for English. Do you know?
All it takes is your bike +friends +you're there.

This photo of my friend Diana and I, was taken by our friend Alex last Friday during the SJ Bike Party aka **BIKE PARTYYYYYYY**
Will update more pics+video +more posts once I sit still. Promiseeee!!

y que viva la vida

Life is too beautiful and finding joy in the simple things to provide constant happy moments and good memories, are to be cherished every single day.
+ring your bike bell while at it.
mucho love.

Pick your kicks

Pick your kicks
Last week and the beginning of this week has been way too much fun + way too much adult civil duty seriousness make for an extreme combination that make this San Franciscoverse cosmonaut go round and round :D

I missed my collaboration post with Michael of bikeNOPA this past Tuesday, so please make sure to check out his post:
Dads on Wheels | Craig Persiko's Family Bikes the City

Humpday inspired: Space riding

La chica de la space rider has sent me this.
Mi caffeinated artsy eye loves it!!

Love in all you see...
"Love in all you see..." by Space Rider Gal

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Frenchie currently getting some serious love

While the SJ Bike Party was *tremendous** fun, the frenchie decided to show signs of her 40+ age. For the next few days, it will be getting tons of love from Dallas + Sasha over at Citizen Chain.
On Friday, the rear brake cables went on sabbatical and quit on the spot, and while stacking my bike around simple parking maneuvers, the Transat infamous crazy saddle, snapped out of this world. The chain is getting replaced, amongst many other wear-tear usual suspects.

I saw this day coming so it comes as no surprise, and new saddle ideas are already in the brain oven for months. As beautiful as the Brooks Pro-S my road bike Torpado « the smurfette » has treated my rear behind - I will be more than likely to go with another fine Brit piece of equipment because the frenchie deserves the best.
She is a tough machine that has taken me everywhere on an almost daily basis for many years, and has shown me the many colors day in and day out, fed my wanderlusting for my beautiful city, and doesn't cease to present me and encourage me with the multiple empowering spectrums of my inner strength and confidence a woman and her gorgeous French two-wheeled machine could possible achieve. I love mi bicycle very mucho.
OK, enough with the I-miss-you sillyness, she will be back as the badass she is pretty soon.
frenchie is quite tough on the inside
Frenchie is a real elegant calaca on the inside.

Los events: weekendnittis

What you up to this weekend?! Way too many cool events happening - can't the weekend have 52 hours a day kthx.

♥ Sunday: Free Admission to California Academy of Sciences

CLIF® BAR “Fun Ride to the Academy” Gives Bike Riders Free Admission to California Academy of Sciences!!!
CLIF BAR is giving people a chance to pedal their way into one of San Francisco’s greatest adventures for free. As part of its 2 Mile Challenge bike advocacy program, CLIF BAR is offering free admission to the California Academy of Sciences (valued at up to $24.95 per ticket) for the first 100 folks who arrive by bicycle.
The CLIF BAR “Fun Ride to the Academy” takes place on Sunday, August 22. More details are below:
Free admission to California Academy of Sciences for first 100 people who arrive on bicycles •Free bike valet, offered by San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. to the first 100 people who arrive by bicycle
Free CLIF BAR samples to the first 200 people who arrive by bicycle

♥ Sunday Streets

Great Highway 'Penguins to Penguins' route: JFK Drive in GG Park (CA Academy of Sciences) to Lincoln/Great Highway to Sloat (SF Zoo) route. Sunshine is on order this time.
sundaystreetssf.com »

♥ Sunday: Rock Make Street Festival
Mission District / Treat st. between 17th+18th

"We are pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Rock Make Street Festival will be held in
San Francisco’s Mission District on Sunday, August 22nd 2010! The festival will be TWICE
the size of last year, with three stages featuring all local and kids’ rock bands with over
100 arts and crafts vendors."
rockmake.com »

♥ Sunday:

The last gig for Stern Grove. Free bike valet parking, of course.
Stern Grove 2PM

Indie rocks Stern Grove Festival’s season finale They Might Be Giants
take the stage for our season finale with their eclectic geek rock sound,
smart lyrics, and offbeat musical style.

sterngrove.org »

♥ Sunday: Pedal the Presidio with a Park Ranger
Crissy Field Center
Call (415) 561-4323 to make required reservation.
Ride along with Golden Gate National Park Ranger James Osborne as he bikes through a
roughly 2-hour tour of Park Presidio. Spin your pedals and explore the history, scenery and
wildlife (if you’re lucky) on this six-mile, moderately strenuous bicycle ride through the many
hills and glorious views of the Presidio of San Francisco.
via sffuncheap.com - more details »

♥ Sunday: Northern California Bike Expo
10AM-4PM in Santa Rosa

"The Expo begins at 10:00, but you can come down to the park earlier than that to cheer on your friends who are riding, while you sip espresso and munch a scone from Fork Catering. Fork will be at the Expo all day to provide fabulous lunch." More details: bikesonoma.org