Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Photo del Dia: 8ball bike

It's the little things

This post, is to say thanks for a little freebie I scored a few weeks ago. This small - super cute bag, was a giveaway by the green brains behind green LA girl. It arrived in, of course, in a re-purposed envelope. Awesome!
It's a pretty cool bag Act2 GreenSmart made out of old plastic bottles and has many practical pockets. I carry an extra tube, multi-tool, IDs & lipstick when I don't feel like taking a purse. Sling it across & stick a secondary rear blinky because it gets dark VERY early.
I've also used it to stash my bike holiday lights-set that go on my basket (pics to come soon). So functional. ♼Thanks Siel!

Few weeks ago.

Morning one hour, sunset the next. (feels like it)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad news NE of the bay :(

This morning I read this article and made me pretty sad. I know there is plenty of sad news out there in many subjects and many issues, but when a terrible loss like this happens in a quick second from the bike lane (Earlier this year RIP Jordan McKay), twists my heart. A hit-and-run? Just terrible. This happened in Port Costa, approx 30mi. Northeast of the city.
[Bicyclist killed by hit-run driver near Port Costa]
A bicyclist who was struck and killed Monday evening by a hit-and-run driver on a rural road in northern Contra Costa County.
My prayers and thoughts are with his family & loved ones.
Be safe out there!♥

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chocolates & the city

I might be the only person that does not like chocolate. At all. Rarely I give it a shot, without a doubt when there is coffee in the mix. Had a chance this weekend to check out TCHO on Embarcadero, lady informed me that the factory (?) was next door, not sure she was on the phone kind of, so I just browsed around. Cute little place (tiny!!) with many possible little gifts and blue bottle coffee while you decide. Lovely. TCHO Pier 17, San Francisco.

I'm in no means a chocolate expert at all, but SF has lots choco love. ‹Some ran privately, some partially owned by bigger names - I'm uncertain how the biz rolls & most definetely, do not intend to compare one to another› but here is a small list of what quickly comes to mind, or/and I've gifted from time to time ;)
CocoaBella The times that I have been there, their espresso drinks are very-strong goodiness.
Poco Dolce / Recchiuti / Charles Chocolate / Guittard Chocolate Company /
The San Francisco Chocolate Factory / Scharffen Berger / Ghirardelli /

Sunday, November 23, 2008

4barrel bike

Lovely green Schwinn

Previous Four Barrel post

Stable ride

Stable is a rather new cafe in the Mission. I've enjoy this place plenty. My favorite part is the view from their upstairs area, the messenger service nextdoor (godspeed) and the use of the local De La Paz coffee (also located in the Mission). The atmosphere is super chill, I have yet to see a laptop and the staff is always very nice.

STABLE CAFE 2128 Folsom Street M-F 8-3, Sat 9-3. /No website yet, but more info here

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What can bike do for you?

This Holiday season, UPS is jumping on the bike saddle and delivering by bike.
via / UPS is looking to hire bike delivery people in Vancouver (WA), Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and Medford.
UPS started delivering by bike in Seattle (where they were founded) over 100 years ago. Today, the company once again uses bikes for deliveries up in Seattle and Grant said it went so well they’ve decided to expand the program.

faster than thy trucks

Autumn Kicks

Brown Kicks

Foggie Vision

My friend was tripping on nyquil. Very funny

Monday, November 17, 2008

Peets and the coffee bikes

Rumor had it that the Peet's location at the Ferry building had a discount for bike riders. I know they do offer 10¢ off when you bring your own mug, but so do many local coffee shops around the city, which is nice.
I already get much love with my SFBC card-discounts, so I was uncertain if this was only for people that worked there, used the ferry etc. & so, rumor is true.
[Cute young lady-staff, confirmed: "For the month of November, the Peet's Coffee & Tea /location in the Ferry building - San Francisco is offering $1 off when you roll by with your bike. Just testing it out for the month and will perhaps continue if there is demand for it.]
Save a buck and get caffeinated.
Pass the word, dear bike coffee lovers

get your fix

sweet suited man & his cool red schwinn!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Sightings.

Enjoy your weekend!

Photo del Dia: Opposite Directions

Fog Dream Ride

Heading to work is always a different sky scenery. This was a nice morning welcome. A massive man-made structure in junction with the foggy nature. Some mornings I'm just in love with the sky.

The Embarcadero corridor below the Bay Bridge gets its daily fog dose.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday! From San Francisco, with love

& equality for all.
‹Wednesday night› In front of the Civic Center, the War Memorial Opera House showed some support. ♥Ride on!
from SF with love

Further reading:
To see the red and green differences in California

Bike lovers make out.

The SF Bicycle Coalition had a Volunteer Appreciation Night this past Wednesday at the Make Out Room. Bikes, volunteers, drinks and prizes. It was nice to see riders that I've volunteered with throughout the years, meet new coalition staff and share a drink with fellow bike lovers.
This was a nice gesture from the SFBC, thanks!& also thanks also for the gift certificate I won in the raffle.
I will be stopping by the Freewheel bike shop soon. More certificates, locks, fenders and a messenger bag were also given away. Very cool♥

wanna pa ty? hellzyes

making out

bike valet parking


roma aroma omar

ground control to major LeMond

Thursday, November 13, 2008

WTF of the day

No thanks.
My new stuff is stuff that goes on my bike.

...And what is she smiling at? eew.

Boo for kaango, such imperative sentences.
Note to self: continue to support craig's list.

-As seen in the home page for SFgate

Rock the Green Festival!

Rock the Bike's Fossil Fool is organizing a rad ride not to be missed.
More info [here - via RockTheBike!]
Sunday, November 15th at 7PM.

This weekend (nov 14-15-16) is the annual Green Festival.
Arrive by bike & get a discount.
There will be of course, valet bike parking by the SF Bike Coalition.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Momentum Magazine - The San Francisco Issue

The first issue I collected of Momentum was the issue that included the opening of Lance's Mellow Johnnys in the awesome city of Austin TX. Now MORE awesome, is the upcoming issue – Momentum Magazine: San Francisco!! Im jumping on that subscription discount for SFBC members right now.
- -
(From this week's SFBikeCoalition newsletter) It has a San Francisco focus with a great story on SF bike culture, a profile on architect and SFBC Board member David Baker, and other 'SF cycling Agents of Change' including Dave Snyder (former SFBC Executive Director); Carla Laser (Founder of the SF Bicycle Ballet) and Jim Swanson (Pioneer of Critical Mass). SFBC members get a discounted subscription and Momentum Magazine donates $5 per subscription to the SFBC! Thanks Momentum!!

The sun y more bikes

I came across a new print by Evan Hecox. Often, his screen prints have the power to bring back memories of personal travels & wonders. El Sol De Mexico reminded me of this sweet corn and crepes vendor I met, down in southern Mexico sometime ago. Enjoy!
(found via OMG posters)

previous Evan Hecox post [here]

Happy Dude

Fell st.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bike things Bay Area

bike tiles - Lafayette, CA

bike flowers - Walnut Creek, CA

bike grass bump - Berkeley, CA

flex those muscles - San Francisco♥