Monday, November 10, 2008

The sun y more bikes

I came across a new print by Evan Hecox. Often, his screen prints have the power to bring back memories of personal travels & wonders. El Sol De Mexico reminded me of this sweet corn and crepes vendor I met, down in southern Mexico sometime ago. Enjoy!
(found via OMG posters)

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  1. your blog makes me so sad that I don't have my bike anymore!! must get a new one!

  2. aw! not fixable?! dont be sad :/
    Well, happy bike hunting, keep me posted darling _♥m

  3. I've said it before, I just LOVE your photographs - I'm not usually a photo lover, so that is saying something.

    Also, have your trained your eye where stuff just pops out at you, or do you spend hours looking for the right pix?

    Thank you,

    Lavanna Martin

  4. lavanna/
    thanks so much for your compliments! :) I love people and daily scenarios so if I come around something, I'll try 2capture it.
    Also having a camera around helps me remember many things that sometimes you overlook and discover by looking at the image later on. I do it for fun & enjoy sharing them with people that also enjoy them♥

    cheers /m

  5. Awesome Cargo bike. A Cargo bike is on my list of things to of these days.

    Nice to meet you last night! Hope you're having a good day.


  6. that'd be a fun ride!
    Likewise, it was a nice little party ;)


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