Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From my elbow to yours

-De La Caffeinated-
Happy Wednesday, again. I'll probably be drinking a whole french-press pot a to myself before 8AM today. Thought I'd like to share my latest half-pound of heaven. Throughout this blog I have probably posted a gazillion of coffee shops and my caffeine addiction is well known. We are very lucky here in the Bay Area to have access to wonderful local coffee companies and I can't say that enough. I found out about De La Paz by randomly walking into a local market about 2 years ago. It can now be found in many local coffee shops, including (above) Trouble's Elbow Grease. Yum.
Did I mention they do all their deliveries by bicycle?! Good thing I haven't cross paths with the delivery coffee bike because, the cargo will be going in my basket. OKAY, don't say I didn't warn you De La Paz!!! xo/meligrosa

Witch on Wheels Window Wednesday

blue phone sign. blue bench. blue bike.

You can do it. Learn your route this Thursday!

Bike to work day is coming up in a ouple of weeks. I bike everyday, but I'm always excited to hear people's stories or experiences weather is their first, or 15th bike to work day. You can check out the SF Bike Coalition's resources, but wanted to give heads up for those that are starting to explore a better route from whichever neighborhood/district you may be, happening the following Thursdays. Should be fun :D Check it out!!

Thursdays April 30, May 7, and Bike to Work Day, May 14

Commuter Convoys assemble and depart at 7:45am (unless otherwise noted)
see all the times/locations here:

Photo del Hump Day: Pretty Peugeot

The Frenchie's long-lost cousin?!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday Coffee Brake

I love this photo!
Kicking it with Busbozo in the Hayes/Octavia street. Caffeinated session with comfy bikes, big sunglasses and cute shoes. The weather looks very nice in pictures, but the winds were getting pretty brutal. We sat in the shade, and it was under 50°!! (The Batavus has a temperature gadget. Cool)

Post Quad Latte. Yeah. It's mid-Friday

Glove love.

Double trouble comes in double green and orange.
The gals that took this picture were heading to the Golden Gate Park & the DeYoung Museum. Makes it very nice to find out what people are up to or where they are visiting from, with a simple hello or taking pictures. We have no problem initiating conversations with people. Is that a bicycle caffeinated trade?

Simple and very fashionable. Aren't those trousers great?

ciao. adios /'Til next time!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cougarettes, tiggers and bikes oh my.

You be my Canadian boy. Canadian boy.
Cougar run - Augies BDAY - cyclecide - and about 50/60 bikes- to see performances by The Brakes from Canada and our very own local, The Derailleurs, which got cut short by some kind of park power rangers (literally, they'd turn the power out). Ended at Bender's for a beer. Call it a Wednesday night.

Tennis courts at Dolores Park.

Blinged out floor sightings.

Sitting Pretty

The Derailleurs. /21st and Folsom.

How to avoid the caffeinated life.

I dont think I can, but the cool cats over at Swobo are awesome at avoiding the bummer life. They've gotten a dose from Bikes And The City - witch's bird's eye view edition. Check it out! Image links to HTATBL Thanks Stevil!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Things and Thoughts

Last week, I received a lovely surprise of goodies from the fashionable hands of Mary Jo from Trust your Style. She has been a reader and follower of this little blog since the early days! This cute little bag holds a few of my everyday things that tend to hide at the bottom of my purse. This will be a nice option for going without one sometimes. The linen or cotton material feel very nice and I love the illustration. Pretty cool.
Thanks Mary Jo!!

What would I do without my allen tool (phillips screw included) and lipstick?!

I was very happy to run into my homeboy Jose. (we are overdue for a bici coffee ride, eh!?) He handed me this at the end of the night. Maybe it's because I'm riding big hills with big heels? haa just kidding. Sweet. I like redish-pink and blue together. You can check out his thing over at Viva La Bici.


And this is from a sweet man in a shoe repair place in the Sunset. We started talking about bikes, cats and shoes. He had this super old school poster I fell in love with but would never dare to ask for it, but he handed me this as a souvenir. He said he always tosses them. What a gem. Looks like my ♥velcro.


Thursday Troll

This is from three Thursdays ago. Thankful for days like these when a little brake for coffee, a bit of bike, a bit of boys, sightseeing and a bit of park goes a long way. Lots of T posts around here today ;D
Anyways/ xo.meligrosa

Octavia st. /Hayes Valley

NYC Hats and hotels notes

1. Here is a hat accessory that seems pretty cool. I'm a huge advocate of sun-protection but have learned to embrace my tanned nose from the big sunglasses. Oh well. I still prefer Riding-Pretty's super cute covers, if I was to choose one (Eventually, no pressure!!), but thought I'd share this by fuseprocject. Seems to be a well designed piece. What do you think?

[From] City of New York NYC Helmet: We were commissioned by the City of New York to create a product and brand that appeals to the new generation of bikers, would provide safety both in a context of a free bike program, and of a policy to promote cycling in the City.

2.When I first saw the headline for this, I thought it was kind of a Bikers-hotel deal. I guess I have been thinking too much about the idea of traveling by bicycle across the US and it would be rad if instead of say, trucker-hotels or pit stops, there would be a hotel for bikers with bike shop and nice mechanics, right?! Anyways, these are good looking red bicycles. Here is the article:

Hotels Offer Bikes To Guests /By Deidre Woollard
Forget renting a car the next time you are in a new city,
many hotels are now offering bikes to guests.
It's a great way to see a new city and be green too.
read the article here:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings!

Globe Love.

Mother earth salutes you! //Presidio - Crissy Field.

She rides in colors everywhere

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Have you seen her dressed in purple?

Oh everywhere // Valencia street.

Sweet sightings

Seeing people from the bike lane, their energy, the way different people ride, plus the weather, just puts a huge smile in your face. Having your senses at full exposure while riding a bike is just priceless.

Holding on.

Ride tunes/ hard to see from here but he was holding a drink. weather has been blazin hot.

Los events: Wednesday bike fun things

For those of you in google reader or unable to see the side bar for events, here are some cool events going on today:

The cougar run:
From Cyclecide \Starts at El Rio at 7PM - ends at Bender's at 9PM. Augi's BDay bike ride and show.

SFSU Bike to School Day: Bike to School Day is organized by the Bicycle Advocacy Group at SFSU and ECO Students. All events will take place on the quad.

Monday, April 20, 2009

With Love From: San Francisco

I received this lovely email from a fellow rider (and curvy street enthusiast) in the city. Check out his citrus Motobecane ride below, what a nice orange bike! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Ride on Rob!!

Wanted to share my photo from today's ride. Up to the to of Vermont and 20th and then down.
Mounts: Road, Mountain, tandem or single speed. I like it all. Todays ride was just a few miles after work, I just wanted to take the single speed down SF's curviest street: Vermont.
Favorite ride - any ride that manages to work in China Basin/Terry A Fransisco St.

Favorite Coffee - Blue Bottle at Velo Rouge + Tandem + Wife + on the way into the headlands
P.S. Your Astra Love is the real deal. Modern Motobecanes are just an internet discount brand ( Irregardless I do love the Orange color.

Dirty Bird BikeBQ

And here is some photos. Dancing, DJ, music, dancing, trees, dancing, food, dogs. Happy stuff. Enjoy!


Sitting Pretty.

Bottoms up.

ink and stripes.

Red and stripes.

S. had the best t-shirt ever! /Ziggy Catdust

Riding to the meadow.

walk. ride. run. talk. /Fell and Masonic
I rode out to Elk Glen Meadow in Golden Gate Park for the Dirty Bird Season Opener to meet with my peeps. Nothing like another excuse to ride through Golden Park on a gorgeous car-free Healthy Sunday (40+ years and counting!!)
Snapped some pictures on my way there and back, since I was probably riding 2 miles per hour. The weather must have been in the 80s. This heatwave is very loco.

Sunday traffic.

Brake time.

Hat Panda. Overheated.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marinated Saturday

Fog love.
This Saturday morning Marin was calling. Rode for about 40-50 miles. Got the Smurfette to stretch her legs out and it is indeed, riding as smooth as butter. I've had this bicycle for a number of years and never felt confident about being able to roll around Marin quite easily. My Frenchie would do it, but gotta show love to both bikes. It is a magnet for old-timers that enjoy geeking out to its components and steel frame shmcuk. Sunshine, fog, coffee, deer. All included.

April. /San Rafael

In front of me. /Larkspur

Behind me. /Larkspur

Lycra boy and tired happy tourists. /Fog: I've missed you


wat. up. /The End.