Monday, April 20, 2009

With Love From: San Francisco

I received this lovely email from a fellow rider (and curvy street enthusiast) in the city. Check out his citrus Motobecane ride below, what a nice orange bike! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Ride on Rob!!

Wanted to share my photo from today's ride. Up to the to of Vermont and 20th and then down.
Mounts: Road, Mountain, tandem or single speed. I like it all. Todays ride was just a few miles after work, I just wanted to take the single speed down SF's curviest street: Vermont.
Favorite ride - any ride that manages to work in China Basin/Terry A Fransisco St.

Favorite Coffee - Blue Bottle at Velo Rouge + Tandem + Wife + on the way into the headlands
P.S. Your Astra Love is the real deal. Modern Motobecanes are just an internet discount brand ( Irregardless I do love the Orange color.


  1. Team Super CaZualMonday, April 20, 2009

    Savage bike!!!! I love it! Must be a savage rider!!

  2. what code do you have to change to get the images to show up larger than the standard blogger size>?

  3. hola, he visto tu comentario, gracias por pasar, igual ia tengo mas cosas, y pues un gustazo volver por aqui, por cierto, que crees?, estoy viviendo cerca de Santa Monica, sera por un tiempo, y como te va?

  4. Hey... Love the blog, it's a daily read. Maybe you should make this mini interview feature a regular thing. Mounts, Favourite ride, Favourite coffee.

    A Vancouverite in Toronto

  5. Hey this is Chris from Hoopty Bikes. We need to hang out. Where are your hot spots in SF?
    I would guess that it's zeitgeist & beauty bar.

  6. team super caZual/ :D

    anonymous/ code? Oh I know nothing about those things. I use the blogger upload/URL stuff, you can link it to your photobucket, flickr etc.
    :/ Wish I could provide a more technical answer

    asis/ como ves! que bien, sta.monica tiene un clima muy bonito :) si visitas estos rumbos, me avisas!

    anonymous/ oh thanx for your nice comments!
    That's a great idea, yes I will try to ;) it is very fun to find out about fellow riders in the city as well as around the world. yes I agree, we should! well hit me up when you/your crew hits the city .xo


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