Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter weekend y birthdays.

Image used with permission [Thanks!] from DarkHallMansion
I found these adorable Easter posters by Tom Whalen via OMGPosters. Aren't they super cute?!

- - -
Happy Easter, Passover and/or your personal celebration for the arrival of the Spring season.
Or March Madness.

And most importantly:
¡ H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !
to two of my dear friends who may no longer live in the city, but are a minute away on the internets.
a county or state away, see you both soon. ♥you!
Hey who does your hair?! omar's bringing sexy back.
Fotos from July, 2009 / Nov. 2009

Have a grand weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recovered stolen bikes alert via BART

Do you recognize these bikes? Recovered Bikes via Bay Area Rapid Transit's site:
[link w/additional pictures: Recovered Bikes via]

h/t JenniferG via Dave Moulton's blog.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Los Events: “Together We're The Spinster” 5 days left to support KT's new film

The following events are promotional local love for independent film/producer/awesome gal Kristin Tieche newest film: The Spinster. If you haven't already done so, show your support.
We need more women in film, behind the scenes and making films available to the masses. We need more, more! Also, many thanks for a few of you who have pledged on the collaboration I'm doing with her, a limited edition poster (with a pledge of $100) ←wow awesome!

If you are in San Francisco/Oakland area save the dates, and meet some fellow nice locals:

Tuesday March 26, 7 pm: The Spinster Movie Preview
205 Alice Street | Oakland, CA 94607
FB event page here
D E T A I L S:
We'll screen two exclusive clips - the bike shop scene and the bar scene. 
Q & A with filmmaker, Kristin Tieche.
Donations taken at door. Drinks served.

Friday March 29, 7 pm: The Spinster Kickstarter Wrap Party at Nooworks
395 Valencia Street | San Francisco, CA 94103
FB event page here
D E T A I L S:
Come see exclusive clips from the film (the famous BAR SCENE)
Meet cast & crew
Music by DJ Precious Cargo | Photography by Jillian Betterly | Food by MamakSF
Drinks from Cerruti Cellars and Numi Tea
Silent Auction includes Nooworks, Po Campo, Hotel Carlton, Animal House SF and more!
Sliding scale donations taken at the door for Kickstarter rewards!
The Spinster Kickstarter Wrap Party

We wrap this post, with a message from the filmmaker herself:
We are truly blessed with such a generous community coming out to support this film. Thank you for consideration during our March fundraising campaign. Just a few more pledges and we'll get there!
-Kristin Tieche 
// Support my newest film, deadline March 31: The Spinster, on Kickstarter //

Serena Williams rides a bike to her tennis match

Maybe she'll change her mind about saying “I really don't do bicycles, but I will today.” after this experience :)
/Further reading via yahoo sports

Friday, March 22, 2013


My boyfriend Kevin Durant is on a TV commercial, not sure what he is selling but he is wearing his UT shirt and riding his bike. Call me maybe?

In full March Madness mode. 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Los events: Free bike workshop in Tijuana

Wednesday March 20th
Parque Telnor 730PM
Hey borderlife bicicletos: San Diego's The Bike Stand [FBpage] is teaming up with Tijuana's Otay en Bici for a FREE workshop tomorrow Wednesday 3/20. Learn some stuff and eat some tacos, of course:
FB event link here

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mucha música Monday

Have you all heard of these fine musician enthusiasts? I just learnt about them +LOVE them.
Their youtube channel is full of great clips, what an amazing group of talented smilemakers.
Jurassic park, OMG I melted.
More people like this more often. The power of music: ∞

Los Angelopes: LA bike cult
via urbanvelo

Eartha Kitt: I want to be evil

via @dirtycyclist

Additional bits; motivation doses/reminders
Here are four videos that have made somewhat of an impact in these past few days. Their message is rather similar, various perspectives. It could be quick to forget to be in touch within ourselves.

Not a fan of the Foo Fighters much, but man Dave Grohl, your speech is quite something.
And he is a coffee junkie, I knew it. As I get older, I've truly begun to understand the meaning of the parallel between men and good wine.
Anyways, hope you enjoy the following as much as I did:

Get to the serious, by focusing on the silly

Further reading: Wondrous the Merge: Why Love Knows No Boundaries

Don't be in a party. Be a party!

 Further reading Kid President blog

Anchor California Lager
Im such a proud Californian, but that is known. Anchor Steam Lager's label is just so beautiful, I want a patch, a shirt, I don't know I really really want something with that label on!
Also, I recently had the pleasure to learn tons about beer in great company with Kristin y la CTX, more on that later.

I was writing about starting over
“Back then I wrote about my dog, my bike +my dad. 20 yrs later I was at it again; drums, the guitar, to the coffee maker. I was writing about starting over”
Dealing with a tragic loss leaves the deepest of scars no one can possibly describe, I wish it to no one yet there is an immediate bond when a mutual human condition is exposed, and so vulnerable.
This speech hit hard and perhaps some unspoken feelings that are quite impossible to describe.
Here is the link to the video, also available in audio form:
Dave Grohl's SXSW 2013 Keynote Speech (46minutes)
And if you've read this far I wanted to thank you; and I'm glad I have this creative outlet and that in very small bits, I am able to somehow express myself and share some things, Etc. My life has changed, and everything changes. And I don't know what else to say.

Have a good week, I'll go get me some coffee now.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stolen trike alert

And another bike stolen from the Inner Richmond(!!)
Same garage from the blue trek1000, now a foldable cute blue tricycle.
-via CTX:
“this bike was also stolen out of the same garage as the blue bike in the top picture. was going to be used in a wedding this year. please help!”
/foto via calitexican

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stolen bike alerts

Blue Trek 1000 from the Inner Richmond, red Cannondale w/stars from Bernal Heights, bright yellow Felt F70 from the Presidio's SBasement.
Check out the recent info/more listings/contact here: [googlegroups] Stolen Bicycles Bay Area
via plattyjo/google groups

stolen bikes 3/15

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sixty thousand George Washingtons later: Adobe books

I have heard on +off about the possibility of Adobe Books closing. I found out today on twitter, I think, that a group of people fundraised 60K+ for Adobe books to be saved; that is impressive!

My exexexex-roommate, the fabulous Evan, worked there and he was super. I spent plenty of time in between school/home there, hanging out, talking, reading, or waiting for Evan. Or years later coming in to check if he was in that day. Or if he was back from NYC. Our rent was about 400$ea. near Atlas café. Oh I miss him! If anyone knows if he still is in the city, let me know as he is super anti- technology/cell phones.
Anyways, here is a picture of me waiting for him. This was taken by mi amiga Yvonne at Adobe about a decade ago.
/Previously posted in 2010: Pick up the phone

The Spinster, a film by Kristin Tieche: Upcoming events

Local fabulous woman and friend Kristin Tieche, is an independent filmmkaer with a new film The Spinster. We are all so very proud of her film and today I'm taking a moment here to promote her kickstarter project +efforts:
The Spinster is a psychological thriller that follows a cycle vixen in search of true love into the dark, shadowy depths of romance.
Read all about on the kickstarter page: 
The Spinster Completion Funds by Kristin Tieche
UPCOMING EVENTS: Tonight, March Friday 15th
Bicycle Art Salon
1600 E. 31st Street Oakland, CA 94602
510-356-5665 (RSVP - space limited)
Facebook page event here: LINK

UPCOMING EVENTS: Nooworks, March Friday 29th
Fri 3/29 7 pm The Spinster Kickstarter Wrap Party at Nooworks [FB event page]
395 Valencia street 
Come see exclusive clips from the film (the famous BAR SCENE) 
Meet cast & crew | Music by DJ Precious Cargo | Photography by Jillian Betterly | Food by MamakSF | Drinks from Cerruti Cellars | Numi Tea Silent Auction: includes Nooworks, Po Campo, Hotel Carlton, Animal House SF and more! 
Sliding scale donations taken at the door for Kickstarter rewards!
The Spinster Kickstarter Wrap Party

The initial opening Kickstarter event took place Friday last week, March 1st at Huckleberry bikes on Market street, such a beautiful retail store. Here are some fotos:
Was really great to see a few of my friends and many bikey pals I hadn't seen in a very long time. This bike shop is fairly new, super nice and it plays an important role in the film. Go Spinster!
Doorman, fundraising computer/ipad station and the limited edition poster sketches in the background for voting, designed by yours truly. Pretty exciting!
Food was enjoyed and catered, beer was served by Jason of Comrades Brewing

// The Spinster, a film by Kristin TiecheKickstarter (Ends March 31st)
Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mucha música Monday

Föllakzoid: Trees
Got to see these guys during the SF NoisePop festival at the Hemlock & loved them. They opened for the Psychic Ills (New York), they are from Chile +super nice sound; promising band.

Laura Mvula: Green Garden
I found this video via Mark in the UK and loved it. 
Laura is a British soul singer-songwriter from Birmingham +her debut album “Sing to the Moon” came out this week. I think she'll become a big star, I like her already:

A Million Billion Dying Suns: Journey To The Center Of Your Life Pt. II
Trippy psych video found via TheBayBridged.

K E E F 
Yes! The Rolling Stones: Thru and Thru (Live at MSG, NYC)

Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day.

Celebrate international women's day, every day.
With a cumbia de mole, Lila Downs; gracias y salúd ♥

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[mobile upload] Seattle bike travelers

Met two super nice bike travelers from Seattle, on their way to LA (900mi so far!) at an intersection walking earlier this AM & they asked me if I knew of a coffee shop nearby. This is at Firehouse 8.
Destiny is a funny thing :)

Beautiful sunset at Lands End.

A few weekends ago, mi friend muffin +I were fortunate to capture the last bits of this purple wicked sunset. And to top it off, the full moon was brighter than ever behind us. Amazing.

I've added a map image [or Google map it] of the location, for those of you outside of the Bay Area. Those flooded-looking squares are the remains of the historical Sutro baths and home to San Francisco's only river otter (Sutro Sam).
/via CreativeCommons, map image by Eric Fischer.

With the rather strange nice weather we had in February, without much rain at all, I have frequented the Lands End Trail & Sea Cliff area quite frequently. If you haven't been out there recently, the Lands End lookout was completed in April, last year. It is a great spot to also bring local +visiting friends, a date, family or come by yourself. There is coffee & ice cream in the visitor's center, plenty of restrooms, in addition to a camera obscura, a labyrinth +one of the best and most panoramic time-outs you can treat yourself to, in the northwest region of the City. Anyways.

The power of the ocean is infinite.

x | Previously on Land's end: fotos with a t-max one hundred.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mucha música Monday

Afropop in Mexico: Keepers of the Chilena
When I was in middle school I found out that in the Gulf of Mexico and the Veracruz region, radio signals were best received from Cuba, than from Mexico City (Sierra Madre Oriental interfering with the signals) and back then – sadly still now, not much is known or widely spoken about the Afro-Mexican culture. I am super glad that thanks to the internet +documentaries, that seems to be slowly changing. It will be a very very long way until mainstream media in Mexico vastly recognizes people of indigenous/afro +darker skin color.

Io Echo: When the Lilies Die
Didn't get to check this British band in SF's NoisePop as it sold-out(!), but I'm liking their sound.

Humans since 1982: A million times
Interesting kinetic work/installation.

Massive Attack: Teardrop (Vegetarian..)
When veggies +cables unite.
/via thestrut

Miss Kittin: Bassline
This French DJ is nothing new to the tech sounds, but Miss Kittin is releasing a new album soon so a new video has hit the music internets and I like it. I like its roadtrip subliminal message directed to my ears...

YADi: The Blow
Have you heard of her? She is based in London and her roots are Algeria, Norwegian & Italian.
This video has a tad of a linear similarity to Best Coast's "Our Deal."

Saturday, March 2, 2013

[mobile upload] Cafecito in Cow Hollow

Steep hills, great views and Rapha's parklet con coffee.
Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy birthday: Lou Reed

Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed
Born on March 2, 1942 (age 71) in Brooklyn, NY

*found this image via tumblr, if anyone knows the source/photographer, please do tell.
Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, Coney Island, New York, 1995 / by © Annie Leibovitz

Well no better audio treat than with this fine duo:

Sure that a femme fatale in New York City seeks out a pair of pale blue eyes today.
Do do doo, do do dododo.