Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last post of 2012.

Rough 22 months.
A tremendous roller coaster of grieving, emotions, post-30isms, new career path. New, old, lost friendships. Moving, hair, past, future and somewhere in there I decided to return to this blog.

I had considered this journey done and over with for about a year. And that's OK.
I almost didn't ride my bike and unsure of when or if I ever will. And that's OK.

Sharing photos, observations. And minute pieces of me.
A different take on life. An indubitably different perspective.
Thank you for reading, thank you stopping by.

To see parts of the city, Velcro, caffeine, to read.
Whatever it is that keeps you coming back.
Sudden explorations with often short and concise observations.

I hope it is inspiring to you, and that it sparks curiosity into creativity in your surroundings, making your day a better moment. A better memory.

Grateful for what a beast and a dove of its own 2012 was, and that it is almost over.
Happy holidays and wish you all a grand new year 2013.

See you sometime in January.
Gracias, Meli.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last minute Holiday shopping: buying local

Here are a few local places, good last minute ideas:

Firehouse 8
The coffee here is superb, but what I have liked most about stopping by now a few times in this old +beautiful firehouse, is the rotating vendors each time. 
Firehouse 8
Firehouse 8
Earrings, accesories and scarves, look at those old-school beautiful San Francisco ones by the Molte Cose:
Firehouse 8

Super lush US Made +designed shoes, here is Frank of Beneduci.
Firehouse 8
Had a chance to chat with Frank briefly a couple of weeks ago. He is very passionate about the shoes he designs and what it means to have a good, well made pair of shoes, all of them are made in California. It was very nice meeting you Frankie!
Beneduci is having a weekend sale, per indicated on Firehouse8's FB page
Firehouse 8
Firehouse 8
Firehouse 8
Firehouse 8

And upon leaving, an accessories vendor just setting up:

Visit my friend Gwen over on Valencia's locally made cutest things and pieces to put on you body: Nooworks and you are sure to find something even for your new hot momma friend.
Seksi tip: they have super cute shoes +bags, mis GF's approve.
Check out those snuggle onesies!
//Nooworks is on 395 Valencia st. (415)829-7623 SF, CA.

Local company photojojo has a not-so secret pop-up store: via missionmission

The Inner Richmond
Stumbled upon this window display off Clement on 6th and it was late night, but took some phone-fotos. I'm not sure what this is called but it looks cute and they will have tea tasting on Saturday. 

[Richmond Plaza had been vacant for quite sometime]

View Larger Map

Rosebud was a bike
When in doubt, just head over to North Beach. At Citizen Chain, you'll be sure to find a classic bike bell, or wind up with a classic baby to gift or to keep for yourself.
North beach
Oh mickey donde estás?

This isnt local, but it is my absolute favorite on etsy. Planning for shipping it may be a bit tight, but you can treat yourself to a new piece of bikey jewelry by handmade by GTO of GreenGoatDesigns on Etsy:

Bikes and the City: Posters
Well, and you can always support your favorite caffeinated local woman by buying a set of posters (40$) from yours truly :)

“Christmas doesn't come from a store, 
maybe Christmas perhaps 
means a little bit more....”  
– Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
These were some of the places that come to mind gathering a quick last minute gift.
Unsponsored+ unfiltered as always, hope that you enjoy them.

OK that is all for now.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow in San Francisco.

Well, yes far from that happening :)
BUT music, fluffie snowflake confetti +other activities at the Academy of Sciences, details here:
Almost Snowfall
/Almost Snowfall by Tom Carmony, on Flickr
T/H via Richmond Blog

It has not snowed in the city since the 70's but when it's nice to see hail accumulate to pretend to be patches of snow, from time to time. Last heavy hail I remember, was around this time in 2008:

Stolen bike alert

Kelly S. San Francisco:
Black Intense Slopestyle bike more info:

Monday, December 17, 2012

The 6K+ dollar bike.

Not sure why I get this catalogue since I have not once shopped there.
$6,000 copper bike. Wonder if this on that anthroparodie blog yet?

6K copper bike

It's pretty, sure. But who buys bikes from a catalogue of overpriced dresses and dishes?
6K could instead go towards purchasing a bike from fine bicycles made in the USA +have plenty left for an investment in your education (the best of investments!), charity, savings.
That would not only be brilliantly green, but rather brilliantly smart.

6K copper bike

To be honest, I thought it was a miniature bici desk piece like Panchito (below) or a tree ornament.
Meet Panchito

I attempt to briefly extend the lives of lonely and often ignored paper catalogues by letting Velcro ninja surf super pounce on those dismissed recycling archives. No catnip, no problem.
noisy paper, will surf.

Well, anyways.
+Thanks to Ramona for the swan bike illustration reminder, the golden bike has come to life and it is Dutch :)

DIY golden spray paint projects are waiting to happen..
Any comments or thoughts my wise shoppers, what do you think?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


+  The year is not quite over, but The Atlantic's summary in photos of 2012 is out:
2012: The Year in Photos, Part 1 of 3 
2012: The Year in Photos, Part 2 of 3 
2012: The Year in Photos, Part 3 of 3

+  SF darling Anchor brewing company releases a vodka?! True story: New Hophead Vodka Takes Its Cues Beer

+  Ricki Lake rides in a Baskfiets.

+  Beauty tips (including chocolate coconut water) by the Rockettes: The Radio City Rockettes’ Beauty Secrets Revealed I have hoped for years to one day see this show!

+  Cyclelicious posted over a bunch of bike jobs

+  I've been watching the Amazing Race on and off for many years now, but last night was very special.
Then a super sweet, biggest kiss happened on national TV by Josh+Brent [foto +interview here]
"You know what? We've accomplished a lot in our lives. By no means were we the weakest team there and we have to prove it." My favorite underdogs beat everyone in the last leg in NYC.

+  Josey Baker Bread is hiring

+  The local SOMA's blog is no more, and they don't miss the sidewalk feces. Open to pass it on, read more: livesoma: it's been fun everyone

+  Santacon is coming to town.

+  MUNI free for everyone Friday, December 28th celebrating its 100th birthday.

looking up.

+  pedal y patas: NYC from the pedal's ground rolling view: nyc by bike 
This is how cats +dogs must view the world... -thx Tim for the link :) 

+  are you a coffee fanatic like moi? This looks interesting, wonder if a caffeine breathalizer is next? I would totally fail it, every time. The App (iPhone only): Coffee Cellar helps you track coffee tastes. -hat tip to Alex V.

+  If the Santa +candy canes ain't your thing, remember SF has an x-rated cake shop. 
Any of these would definitely be the life of the party, even if halloween was over a month ago mmmh...

Monday, December 10, 2012

mucha música Monday

Tame Impala: Half Full Glass of Wine

Rolling Stones: 50th Anniv. 02 Arena in London
SOO grateful for the internet right now.

+with Mary Jay Blige, awesome.

Tegan +Sara: Closer

Rah Rah: Prairie Girl

Deerhoof: Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meanwhile in the northside: SF Made holiday gift fair in Fort Mason

SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason

Today's weather was extremely nice and sunny. The SFmade holiday gift fair is currently happening in Fort Mason (ends at 6PM), got to check some of the local made vendor scene. It was great to see a few familiar faces and be introduced to new ones. Here are some fotos:

SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
So happy to see Ariana from Brown Owl Coffee, here with the booth for Hearth Coffee.
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
Brent from Bike Wrappers
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
Recently introduce them with a cyberchisme link, Gobha clothing are water resistant+wool reversible caps in one, pretty cool.

SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
"Buy me brunch"
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
This is Stolen Sunday. It was mi favorite display. orange chones included, so funny.
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
A Sutro tower coat rack, so rad.

SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
I forgot to grab this business card, but loved their prints.

SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
Cool little map with all the local shops that are part of
SFmade holiday gift fair in Fort Mason
'Til next time :)