Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fotodiary few #1

(formerly) grateful

To wrap up the first month of the year, I thought I'd share a few photos taken throughout January.
It has been pleasant to go places, some new but mostly familiar faces.

Friends, pals, colleagues. 
Come and go. We grow.
They move. They return. 
They are pregnant. 
We catch up, 
and we are right were we left off.
Life is a fragile circle.

- - -
All taken with the LX5 in San Francisco. 
SOOTC (Straight out of the camera), the majority in manual mode.
Hope you enjoy the short fotodiary 2013 sets. 

lush lounge
Hanging out with GWSFers. Lush lounge, on Polk street.

Embarcadero center in 49er colors
Embarcadero center in 49er colors.

The Great Seal of the State of California
The Great Golden State. Go warriors! This is in the upstairs floor hall area inside the Ferry building.

Keith, from Wrecking ball coffee at Firehouse 8.

Linden. Blue bottle coffee, weekend edition.

The 24Muni and the beautiful Castro theater.

Inside San Francisco's City Hall:
Wooden victorian
- - -

Night nails
North beach.
Little city meats
"A Brit bike lost in an Italian Deli" -Eric M.
The bike is a good looking red Harry Quinn, has a sign indicating "make offer"...
Eh oh.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A tragic loss in the Bay Area.

Dave Martinez (1955-2013)
I'm very sorry to hear about this loss in the Bay Area bicycle community. A tragic accident while riding his bike to work ended his life :( Our thoughts +love are with his family, friends +those who rode with him. I didn't meet him but have ridden with the good people and friends of the Vintage group in the past, very sad.

Thanks to my friend Eric for sharing on his blog, this hits very deeply.
My condolences to Dave's family +loved ones.
Link: Classic lightweight bikes & rides: Dave Martinez Nov. 4, 1955 - Jan. 21, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy birthday: David Lynch (January 20th)

David Keith Lynch
Born on January 20, 1946 (age 67) in Missoula, MT.

David Lynch spent his childhood drawing and painting. in 1965, he went to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelpia, where he discovered a passion for moving images and made his first experimental short film. via steidl

A Bicycle About Filmmaking by David Lynch photo RBP-ABicycleaboutFilmmakingbyDavidLynchsmall.jpg
via photobucket

A short film from 2011: "The three R's"

I haven't purchased any myself, but if you are a big fan as I, his lithograph prints are for sale here: item éditions

-via Mundoflaneur | Litografías por David Lynch

I had posted about Lynch, Ev Williams (Co-founder of +Twitter) and tweets in 2009 [Feb. 23, 2009: Tweets and the City]. His twitter account is not as constant, but very Lynch. Here is a funny video of Lynch confirming his account @david_lynch, four years ago:

With a tremendous prismatic repertoire in the film industry, his own organic signature coffee +that sexy gray hair, we wish you a happy birthday señor Lynch.

One of my favorites is Blue Velvet (1986), amongst many – yours?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday at sunset.

Saturday coffee evening dose,
on Linden street Blue Bottle kiosk.
Cappuccino catch-up conversation begins,
Patricia's green becomes a tone of the neon greens.

Saturday sunset strolling those vibes
are purple, pink along with the moon up high.

Linden sunset
@cho y @rab
Patricia neon green
Atardecer rosa púrpura

Linden street and Patricia's green in Hayes Valley, San Francisco // All images are SOOTC [straight out of the camera] taken with the LX5.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nine to Five

Dolly Rebecca Parton
January 19, 1946 (age 67)
Sevierville, Tennessee
*Image via the thedollypartonscrapbook tumblr

- - -
It's Dolly Parton's birthday +I uploaded mi first youtube video :)
This band is called Three Cord Justice and they were an excellent live music treat at Pioneertown's Pappy & Harriet's. The clip below is Act Naturally [by by Buck Owens & His Buckaroos] and next they sang Jolene – which I didn't record. I enjoyed it in its entirety holding my beer 
This was just recorded from the LX5 and uploaded unedited:

And just for kicks here is one of Velcro's first pictures a day or two after I adopted her. I was Dolly Parton for Halloween 2008.
*Made with this silly fun Bday card social Dolly page.

By the way, has anyone seen 'The Year Dolly Parton was My Mom"?

Happy Birthday, you legendary awesome working girl, you ♥

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Of Black Cats and thirteens: Velcro, the exclusive art curator says consider this the only holiday card you'll ever need.
velcro 13
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
To unwind after I get home late from work, my exclusive personal art curator helps me chose selected works.

She curates and inspects all and any art work that comes into our casa.
Velcro is an artsy fartsy snob.

Monday, January 14, 2013

mucha música Monday: NORTEC

Nortec [Bostich]: Polaris
I may have been less than a handful of times in a Target in the last decade, but I love this commercial because NORTEC scores the score, so to speak. So proud. I love NORTEC

Nortec is the sound of Tijuana.
When Pepe+Ramon travel around the world, they bring Tijuana with them.

It is a mix of awesome and badass beats.
I've previously posted a number of fotos from a few concerts in the last few years.
They were also part of 2012 Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations "Baja" episode.
*If you are unfamiliar, this 3-minute video sums it up the best (it can't be embedded, but highly recommended): BBC First person: What is the sound of Nortec

One of NORTEC's biggest audience performances to date, has been in the inauguration of the 2011 Pan-American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico:

Tijuana makes me happy.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

201three for the weekend.

Hola, it's Meli.
Happy new year.
Hope you are well, and enjoying the first few days of 2013.
The weather in the Bay Area is currently 36°F as I type this, early Sunday morning.
I had a chance to take some fotos yesterday with the Lumix/LX5 yesterday, here are 3 SOOTC [straight out of the camera].

Papel picado y chandeliers.
luz y fotos
El huarache loco, Larkspur landing.
Weekend cafecito
Weekend cafecito at Wrecking ball cafe, inside Firehouse 8.

Grateful for all your kind words+wishes throughout the holiday/end of year season.
More updates, writings y fotos in the near future.