Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy birthday: David Lynch (January 20th)

David Keith Lynch
Born on January 20, 1946 (age 67) in Missoula, MT.

David Lynch spent his childhood drawing and painting. in 1965, he went to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelpia, where he discovered a passion for moving images and made his first experimental short film. via steidl

A Bicycle About Filmmaking by David Lynch photo RBP-ABicycleaboutFilmmakingbyDavidLynchsmall.jpg
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A short film from 2011: "The three R's"

I haven't purchased any myself, but if you are a big fan as I, his lithograph prints are for sale here: item éditions

-via Mundoflaneur | Litografías por David Lynch

I had posted about Lynch, Ev Williams (Co-founder of +Twitter) and tweets in 2009 [Feb. 23, 2009: Tweets and the City]. His twitter account is not as constant, but very Lynch. Here is a funny video of Lynch confirming his account @david_lynch, four years ago:

With a tremendous prismatic repertoire in the film industry, his own organic signature coffee +that sexy gray hair, we wish you a happy birthday señor Lynch.

One of my favorites is Blue Velvet (1986), amongst many – yours?


  1. Truly an American original. Happy birthday,Mr Lynch.

  2. If we ever watch Blue Velvet together someday, please don't hate me because I can recite every line of that film by heart. And without any mind altering substances, I will deconstruct every shot for you.

  3. Well, my FAVORITE? The whole of Twin Peaks. So good. But there is also the Wild at Heart! And Lost Highway...with the Patricia Arquette strip tease. Oh.

    1. oh yes and yes. and wild at heart! what was her nickname CUPCAKE!? I melt.


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