Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photo del dia: Future.

City, bicycle, youth – Cheers to a beautiful future!

/ Taken from inside the Warming Hut.
Coffee beans by Equator.


According to blogger, this is my 80oth post published. Just in time to close the year. Cool.
This whole bloggin thing has been a blast – thank you SO much!! for taking the time to read my bicycle lipstick caffeinated adventures ••xoXO♥m••
It's raining patterns.
It's raining patterns.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Palace of fine arts/exploratorium in the Marinalands.
During the holidays, when everyone is either away or in the city acting like funny photo-takin toursits, I enjoy going to a local touristy destination, grabbing a deli sandwich and making friends with birds and their friends that want to steal your lunch.

Photo del dia: Window shopping.

Calitexican awaits for me to get my grub on. I picked up a sandwich and while waiting for it, this angle outside the deli, just seemed great. No photoshop needed, as usual all the pics here are pretty much straight out of the gadget camera of mine.
Hey ladyyyy – lookin good eh?! ;-)

sup y'all.

A coveted Sunday.

Apple cider, capp, Frenchie
Apple cider, capp, Frenchie
2 Sundays ago, I got to meet Jennine during her holiday visit to the Bay Area. Her blog The Coveted, was actually the first local blog I began to follow in mid-2007. She once asked me, when will you start your own bikey blog? oh, right. and I did.
Her posts are focused on fashion, designers and the culture around fashion and blogging. Amongst other things are her daily and beauty tips from Sonja, her blog beauty correspondent. I started reading her blog because I related closely to many of the fashion questions, issues and topics that are still brought up throughout her blog and links. She also founded Independent Fashion Bloggers. Cool stuff.
Now her blog is based out of Chicago in the states, before that was Germany, and before that SF. When she visited, we enjoyed some time to chat over a cup of coffee and hot cider at Farn:Table on Post st.

It was lovely hanging out with you Jennine. :)
This picture is super outta focus, but I dig it. It had just started to rain, freaky-flash incident of nature.
Jennine et moi
Jennine et moi
- - - - -
Read her visit back to San Francisco over the holidays here:
The Coveted | San Francisco Treats »

guesswhoz back guesswhoz back guesswhoz back

found them!!!!!!!!
ironically, while looking for a gift certificate for a sunglass shop.
the terribly missed raybanizers, had fallen behind the bookcase, their ritual, usual spot.
sooooooooo happy, i danced. ok, and went on a bike victory lap
guesswhoz back guesswhoz back guesswhoz back

- - - -
shady's back.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blinkie bells, blinkie bells.

Bikes y lights everywhere.
Bikes y lights everywhere.
The Annual Xmas Bike ride was the Sunday Dec. 20th. It was a rainy evening, but that didn't stop us all from joining the traditional and unknown route ride. Changes every year. Ridership almost felt as if it doubled from the ride last year, and it was tremendous fun. The residential holiday lights combined with people's spirit on wheels is a craft of beauty. One of those gatherings that you get to hang out with your peeps, new ones, get to show (don't we always?) your inner holiday end of year kid-like spirit when we stop at some amazingly lit decked-out houses and when you least realize, you have gone 10 miles, a few hills and a number of districts throughout the city.
Statue start.
Statue start. Ride meets every year at the Panhandle statue on Baker st.
Official SF tree
Official SF tree.
The ride this year went from the panhandle, out to the Inner Sunset onto the Outer Sunset via 20th or 22nd (I forget, it was the few minutes that it was kinda rainy) then we went on to Parkside, rode around the circles in St. Francis wood. Yelled at Adrienne from the bikey lane from the vicinity of Monterrey Blvd. We rode up and around Glen Park, downhill to Noe Valley and then did a Limbo bike dance on Lexington.
There is no official website or anything for this, just stay tuned in December when the organizer Robyn – she does a great job of pulling this together every year– posts the date in the Bike Coalition's Chain of events page. Yay.

*guesstimation of turns, but quite accurate...
Jacket on. Jacket off.
This year was a needles-ride. The rain was never really intense or much present at all, but was a sufficient effect as what I'd like to call the needle-effect on your face. It is really great. Doesn't get you drenched, doesn't let you arrive very dry, and gives your skin a few raining needles on your face.
For those of us riding like turtles in the back of the bus, there was Nancy. She did a great job at sweeping or letting us know where the group turned. Here she is, sporting an awesome belt made out of reflective pieces wrapped around her white coat. Very cool.
Reflect urself.
Reflect yourself.
After we rode up and down Lexington street in the Mission, we rode on 18th, rode a little bit on the east side of the Castro and caught the down side of the Wigglelands to end the ride at Duboce park. 14 miles really?! that was a ton of wheeeeeee-milage.
on 18th
on 18th.
Thanks to all the peeps that brought soup, delish cheese, crackers and some sweet baked goodies for the end of the ride. And Calitexican's special filtered-water bottle. Yeah.
Super super fun everybody.
After snacking, we ended the night getting some late night Sunday pizza in the lower haight. After all our city is only 7 miles square, we pretty much covered every other district. And our bikes became happy raindeers with wheels.
queso, crackers, even some zuppa. yummmz
See you all again next year!!
-Much love et Brie. ♥m

Bike light limbo.

The bike limbo.
The bike limbo.

The bike light limbo: What you see above + everybody in the ride riding under it = tons of fun.

My fave bike lights for this year's xmas lite ride, were the versatile sets by new bikey peeps Volker. Here he is striking a pose in St. Francis Wood, before he got all experimental (or maybe he had already masterplanned it)
He bought the lights at a local hardware store and kept the wiring and batteries inside his Hambone bag, a local fave made by my girl Lisa Marie, a mutual friend of ours :D

Riding on lexington st.
Riding on lexington st.
Blurry but you can still see the big smiles. weeeeeeeee

Here we are on Valencia and 18th:
and what came out of that shot:

Bike limbo on the go on Valencia st.
Bike limbo on the go -Valencia street.
- - - - -
Good times.

Best first ride ever.

Ready for your Monday dose of awesomeness?!?!
I love mythbusters. Who doesn't? and this is AWESOME.

I met Adam for a new york minute after a bike ride on Mission street earlier this year, I tell you if you live in the city, sooner or later people end up running into each other. No exceptions.
You might remember this picture from April, if not here it is again
street busting
He is rad.
Mythbusters, unicycles, golden gate bridge and our beloved city = RAD.

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Spoke for yourself.

Didn't get enough little presents? How about a $10 bikey one :D
I can never have my hands too full, that is why I love these bracelet lovelies, made with re-purposed bicycle spokes. Very cool. Catch them while you can at Mission Bicycles Co. on Valencia street. ♥Thanks Jefferson at MBC!

More spoke bracelet info here »

Photo of the day: Let is snow.

It hasn't snowed here in San Francisco since the mid-70s (and last month's frosty little minute doesn't count -mkayyy!) so instead of braggin of our Golden State 50° weather, I show you a lovely photo I came across the interwebs from Paris. A personal resolution to visit the city of lights in 2010?
Maybe. Take me there. Pretty please?! :D

Snow in Paris by gaijin

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Picture by volker

Happy Holidays everybody!!
Lights, and bikes and santa hats and all celebrations.
I'll be around, San Francisco is home.
And bike is where the heart is. I mean home. Yes.
Have the best end of year celebration with all your family, relatives, friends, bikes, gingerbread, tamales, latkas,
apple cider, beer, wine.
Whatever makes your belly happy.
♥ ♥ ♥ Cheers!!

_Photo also by volker
Thanks to Lisa Marie y Calitexican for the fabulous shirt!!
because I do I do - luv u all!!!!

And here is a little good spirited video from the back of the bus - none the less, from the annual Christmas Bike lite Ride, which I will post some pictures later before the end of the year. It is Edgar and Volker holding some strand of lights while riding. Pure awesomeness:

45° Mod nightrider trio.

Here is what I wore last weekend - Saturday night.
I almost never wear this top . It is is good ol'poly fabulous from the 60's, so for our spoiled California weather, it just gets a little too toasty.
I got it in a vintage shop in Austin and everytime I wear it, I just expect Dirty Harry to jump out of a beautiful Galaxy 500, looking dapper as ever, chasing some lucky punk.
The clear night was at a crispy mid 40°s and couldn't be more of a beautiful night for riding.
Boots are campers. They make me a happy camper every time I wear them. ♥he hee.

After having some happy spirits at Mojo's on Divisadero, we headed to Chilango's in the castro for some belly filling Mexican food. Night bicycle strolling in the city, riding the hilly small streets that power the arteries throughout the city and its charming districts, and trolling with friends is the best of therapies for any mood affected by the holidaze end of year. Happy end of year riding.
Wiggling our way to chilangos
Wiggling our way to Chilango's

Mismatching like laundry socks.

Night parking.
Matching Half Cafe serves Verve coffee from Santa Cruz and they also offer a small variety of beers and some yummy simple eats. I have now been there a few times and I give it thumbs up. I learned that their machine is a sassy new element that is rather rare and the boys from Sightglass drool over as well. Oy caffeinated nerds that truly speak my language.

Hits the spot

Matching Half Cafe | Corner of Baker and McAllister /SF.

Holy caffeinated bike smokes!

Caffeinated reasons to head to the East Bay. Not often much I visit the East Bay territories. Friends, coffee or bikes, and a cafe with inside parking? Heading out there soon. Like next week soon.
This place looks awesome.
Actual Cafe | 6334 San Pablo Avenue • Oakland, CA 94608
-Tip hat to Dan.

"Bicycle protection, without locks or chains.
A whole new way of doing business and attracting business, all at one."
-The NYT | Bay Area Blog:
The Bike Is the Star at This Cafe

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bicycles and trees, lunchtime and picnic.

Bike picnic machine
Now you see Humboldt Fog Cheese, Spinach salad, baguette, various berries, yummy hummus. Now you dont.
There was yummy food. Gone
There was yummy food. Gone
Fuel stop
Fuel stop.
When was the last time you took a bicycle and strolled around out of your workplace and on to its surrounding neighborhoods? Time out for food, time out to stretch the brain and get back to nature, air, trees and the elements. Purposely forget your gadgets on your desk, pack your lunch and bring a friend. Bring a date. Bring a book. /♥m


Welcome. I have been waiting for you for quite some time.
Mon., Dec. 21, 2009, 12:47 PM EST (17:47 UT), marks the solstice—the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere
The term solstice can also be used in a broader sense, as the date (day) when this occurs. The solstices, together with the equinoxes, are connected with the seasons. In some cultures they are considered to start or separate the seasons while in others they fall in the middle. More wikis»

Ready for a break.
Ready for a break.

Basket chronicles.

Polk + Broadway.
Solo / Polk + Broadway.

RIP Raybans

Yes. I have lost them.
I have given them a week to perhaps pop like magic hot popcorn out of one of my bags or secret pockets in unknown places, but items such as lipstick and eyeglasses are things I just don't leave the house without :(
Cube mate.
And we close this Rayban chapter.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Geary, Rye, bikes and girls.

Holiday parking.
Holiday parking.
I went to Rye on Geary to get some fancy cocktails with my girlfriends. The place is nice and fancy but not a place I would typically go for happy hour, you know. I'm always down to check out new places, so meeting the 6 of my girls there was super fun. Cheers!
The girls
The girls.
I was excited to learn that Gwen got a new red bike. Hey fabulous!
Riding again.
Riding again. Welcome back knee, we are still taking it easy.
We are traffic.
We are traffic.

Meet Kelley.

Riding in skirts and fast bikes is very cool. Kelley is my favorite butterlapper gal because we are often time last and keep a nice skirt steady pace. Well I enjoy all the girls at butterlap, always good times :D
Hello my pretty.
Hello my pretty.

Meet Greg.

I have met Greg from various events around the city. Always super chill and super nice. Here, he is about to bike away in his cute little blue bike, basket included, from the volunteer party that the SFBC threw for us at the make-out room. He is a superstar volunteer.
Hola Greg!!

So crafty and more crafties.

This weekend is the Renegade Craft Fiar in Ft. Mason. I'll be cruising by with my peeps to check it out. I hearts Renegade.

"Over 150 of today’s finest indie-craft and contemporary design talents will be setting up shop at the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale on December 19 + 20 from 11am –7pm at the Fort Mason Center Herbst Pavilion!" »

Also don't forget to stop by Mojo's today, B.Spoke tailor will be there.
Join B. Spoke Tailor at Mojo Café tonight Saturday 19th from 5-9 for a holiday party and custom clothing sale. There will be a wide variety of beautifully handmade clothing and accessories at a variety of prices. Many great gifts that you can feel good about buying as well as giving.
Please come by and show your wonderful faces and cheers the holiday season with us!

Nan, Gwen and Bridget