Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meet Greg.

I have met Greg from various events around the city. Always super chill and super nice. Here, he is about to bike away in his cute little blue bike, basket included, from the volunteer party that the SFBC threw for us at the make-out room. He is a superstar volunteer.
Hola Greg!!


  1. So happy to see the basket! I keep trying to convince my Greg to get a basket - they're so useful.

  2. Thanks, Meli, for the great shot of Greg. He's also a regular with the SFBC Good Roads Ride -- our rides are always better when he joins us.

  3. dottie/ boys+baskets=awesome
    it's the latest out here in SF <3

    mike/ yes - isnt he super?! id love to join one of the good roads rides soon. happy 2010!! :D


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