Sunday, May 31, 2009

i take photos!

Finally stopped by the Purple Pedals bicycle that I have seen parked on Valencia st. for a number of weeks. I know some of my peeps have spotted it in action and the bike is gadget central, set up with solar power gizmos, a cool mount and its lush color purple. It is a pretty cool ride, and seems to be popular around the city. Upon our return to the rack, which we parked our bikes next to, purple bike had left the scene.

purple pedals

friday nite flickerized.

**update/ camera=not very good at night. This, I think below is me taking the first photo.
Maybe Ill try again in the day time. Check out the link, the daytime pics are great!!**

Momentum in San Francisco

This past Thursday, momentum magazine threw a little party for us all bike lovers in the city in celebration of their San Francisco issue. It took place in a nice studio-art space on 7th st. Raffles, beer, bikes, bikers etc. I'm very happy I got to meet the super nice woman that is the editor here in SF! and more peeps that are also Bay Area staff. Cheers!

Beats and bikes.

Raffle time.

Glass zebra.

vip area

Meli J blige

That's what I named these shoes after one of my favorite female singers. I got them over a year ago, but only felt like trying them out a couple of months ago. Sometimes you just gotta do things when the timing feels right.
Yes, they are clipless and they go on some gadget-y looking pedal, but I'll be the first one to explore all ways of cycling and yet, remain to prefer high-heels and my frenchie above it all. Having so many beautiful mountains to climb and endless miles to explore around the Bay Area, I'm game. So, here we are. These shoes are still worn with dresses. Indeed. In these pictures I have knee-high socks and tights so, not much of a change. However, I do miss having my basket.
The smurfette has been getting some TLC riding time now and it is a fun ride.

What's the 411?

Move forward.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ride of Silence, San Francisco

Ride of silence by busbozo

Two Thursdays ago the Ride of Silence took place here in San Francisco. It was a nice quiet ride to honor those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways. The ride brought together a small sized-but good group of riders to pay the respect. We all know, that next year the group will continue to grow. It was nice to meet the group, including people from all over the country for such a small group, it was very nice. I also got to meet nicole, who is a reader of this blog and was visiting from the midwest for a few days. That was very cool.
[*A highly rare occasion that I forgot my camera - all pictures in this post are either Adriennes &/or Ramona's, as indicated below each image.]

heading down market by warbin k

Green means Subway! or Go. by busbozo

Photo by warbin k

the slow quiet ride by warbin k

End of the Ride by warbin k

See post about Ramona, Ride of Silence organizer here in SF, over at Adrienne's & I bicyle-ness story blog:
✖ CYLRAB Ramona Wheels Right

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Friday! Go Ride

The smurfette in all her glory since the frenchie has the flattastic virus going on.

You spin me round round baby

I always think this installation will be taken down soon and have always wanted to take a picture. It's been yearsss and it's still there.

Clement st.

Things and Thoughts: Seriously.

This phat flat happened hours after fixing a previous flat. that makes it 3 rear flats in a week.
Now with a new tire, can only mean I'll be good for 4 more years, right...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Humpday: These boots are made for riding

Check these two pairs out. They rock. They are official San Francisco steep hill butt-kicking shoe apparel. You wanted more shoes? How about these two sassy, stylish and caffeinated. Could I ask for anything better? And a Schwinn coffee chain guard?! Oh just wonderful.

Valencia st.

Grove st.

Chain Reaction

No boots here, but Jennine sent me this lovely sighting. I highly appreciate it when I receive a note sharing a link/photo of something to do with awesome bike things, and they thought of me! ♥very thankful for that.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From the paper agenda

Today, I share a tiny tad peek of some just-for-fun-passtime stuff in the last few weeks. Some years I've drawn a lot on my calendars, some years I have not. This year is slowly starting again. xo/m

This is a photo I took on top of my desk. it is a strip of reused paper,
my endlessly-used-favorite-stamp on top of my keyboard arm rest.
I made a little icon for the mail at busbozo's & I's story collab story blog CYLRAB

Monday, May 25, 2009

Caffeinated Mail Appreciation from Denver

united & caffeinated
& yes - I wear my addiction with pride!
A tremendous thank you! to JonGrinder over at Two Wheels for officially introducing me to the Association • Caffeinated • Wheemen! :D [**Update: Jon is currently out of pins]
I received this adorable pin with a lovely note via postal mail, and it will be carried around with me all over San Francisco coffee shop adventures. Cheers!! Don't forget to check out his blog and here, for more pin info: Are you a caffeinated rider?

_As a side note, I'm a Californian, but I'm really rooting for the nuggets to beat the lakers (is anyone into bball?!) Go Melo!!!

Kids and biking. & Adrienne

I dont have any kids and can't really imagine what fun, learning process, awareness and teaching is taken when the family is out on the road. Hanging out with Adrienne and her family has opened my views as a San Francisco rider in a perspective that I had not thought about nor experienced before. She is also the photo/credit on the article. Swoon. Parents on bikes rock!!

Adrienne was featured in the Chronicle's Bike About Town last week.
Kids and Biking by Monica Nolan /

She's told me that there are almost no pictures of her riding some time ago. I've asked her to rephrase that. :D

we are the green lane.

you talking to me.

one couple. two parents. four wheels.

Valencia Morning Style

pimped ride. cute lady. nice purse. great look.

Civic Center-Polk sightings

Mid-day mini ride back out to business after a caffeinated session.

I'm debating wheather I like the bag more than that super nice shadow on the cement.

box backpack bike boy.

oh hello!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday! Go ride

A preview of summer in San Francisco. I' a fog worshiper.

Cute boy strollin on Octavia.

Rudolph, the biker raindeer. / I neglect the smurfette way too much.
Like this, because the Frenchie has a flat I'm too 'lazy' to fix. Road bikes are fun.
♥Frenchie I miss you, though

The coffee brings all the boys to the yard

no milkshakes here. /coffee tasting at four barrel.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Things & Thoughts: Trifecta.

Seeing someone enjoying coffee time in a quiet moment all to your yourself, near your bicycle, perhaps before work, is a feeling I can always highly relate to. Of course is always nice to have good with friends and good company, but sometimes you just need a brake for some you-time. There is something very poetic and important about that moment, or at least I think so.

coffee. boy. bikes.

Heart + leaf.

given the boot
Given the boot.

Flora Grubb Brake

Sneaked in a little brake for coffee, good chatter, plants and colors. Flora Grubb, San Francisco.

Flora parking.

Framed succulent plants.

Macchiatto. Ritual Roasters.

le caffeinated. I made that top in my first sawing class 3 yrs. ago.
Haven't made much since, but think about it more than often.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Los Events: The Silent Ride

If you are in the wonders of google reader or rss gadget stuff, you cant see my little side list of events, so here it is.

Tomorrow, Wednesday May. 20th
7pm Meet @Justin Herman Plaza at 6:30; Ride begins at 7pm
On May 20, 2009, at 7:00 PM, the Ride of Silence will begin in North America and roll across the globe. Cyclists will take to the roads in a silent procession to honor cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. Although cyclists have a legal right to share the road with motorists, the motoring public often isn't aware of these rights, and sometimes not aware of the cyclists themselves.

*Bikes and The City and Change Your Life, Ride a Bike! will be present.
We will be dressed in white to honor and raise awareness. /Photo by busbozo

SFStation bike pictures

Found some photos over at
Someone asked me about.
Here you go:
sfstation Disposable Film Festival

Afterparty fashionesque chill & fun.

- - 6/6 Bike To Work Day 2009 - -


Lovely cyclist women post-fashion show. thumbs up, indeed!

Some fixie video backnoise visual to entertain the masses...

Troublemakers in dresses in the house -I forgot what's going on here. Good times, that's what's up!

After a day of volunteer, bikes, work, bikes, volunteer Etc. the Rickshaw stop was the place to be. The SFBC presented its Bike Away from Work Party, and this year it included a fashion show that Dusty and Gwen organized. Nicely done!! I only took very few pics at the end. chilled, grabbed a drink and chatted with peeps. Good times.
To see some rocking pictures of the fashion-show, which was a fabulous first, check these sets:

Okay everybody. This concludes the series for the BTWD posts. By the way, this year's bike to work day- Bicycles outnumber (by the doubles) cars this Thursday on market street!!! Ride on San Francisco. We rock.
Again, it was lovely to meet so many of you. It has been a pleasure. xo/♥meligrosa