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Women Who Bike: Kim

BIKE NOPA & Bikes and The City have spun out a collaborative bike series, Women Who Bike. Each Monday and Wednesday, we feature San Francisco women and their bicycles. Check both our blogs for the experiences, stories, and ideas that women who bike the city want to share with you.
Let us know your thoughts and leave comments for the featured riders!
Photo provided by Kim

Photo provided by Kim

Photo provided by Kim

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Women Who Bike: Kim

How would you characterize your bicycling style?
K. assertively cautious...but it all depends on circumstances and my mood...sometimes i'm joyriding, some days i'm riding like the wind to get things done...

Something basic: how often do you bike and what for?
K. every day, multiple times a day...for fun, for errands...for pretty much any reason i need to leave my house and get from point a to point b...

What could be done in SF to encourage more women, including teens and younger, to bike?
K. finding a way to show them that it's not as intimidating as it may seem to ride a bike on city streets...

Halloween y día de los muertos: kim - queen bee - before halloween critical mass 2009
Photo provided by LisaRuth

How many of your best dates/friendships started with biking?
K. i have a friend that i met on the haight street bus commuting to work but never saw anywhere else...years later, we ran into each other on our bikes and when neither of us were working downtown anymore and ended up at zeitgeist catching we go out for one yet has been from the lower haight out to lake merced and back...

I surprise people when I bike by (or with) -
K. - my cowboy boots...

Other little things:
- My favorite meal after a long ride (or in between) is:

K. hmmm....i followed up a ride out to fairfax with some gelato from ciao bella..that was pretty sweet...

- The best way to hydrate in between rides is:
K. latte in the back garden at mojo

- A personal item I must have or bring while riding my bike
K. um, bike lock doesn't really count as a personal item does it...i'll say a cute outfit..but that's more of a personal statement than a personal i'll go with my smile :)

My message to women who want to try biking:
K. you'll be so happy you exercise, fresh air, it's quickest way to get around town...and so many cute boys (or whoever floats your boat) in the bike lane!

Riding next to Kim, and the Fairfax Foray on our way to Marin. So clear – What a bridge view!

Kim rides all over the city and you can spot her radiant smiles miles away. I got to ride with her in the recent Fairfax Foray ride and she did a great job as a sweeper keeping everyone together at the back of the bus, including her bike getting a flat towards the end, she was a great sport.
Ride on my pretty!!
+ + + + + + + + + +
Gracias Kim!!

Don't forget to check out BIKE NOPA for more Women Who Bike profiles.
**If you or someone you know would like to participate email me at bikesandthecity +at+ gmail**
For women in the NOPA area, contact Michael at BIKE NOPA

See previous Bikes & The City profiles here:
Women Who Bike Series

Humpday inspiration: mi brother.

Meet mi brother.
In March, he participated in the annual ride from Rosarito to Ensenada, México (50 miles) link» More on his story to come to our story-collab blog CYLRAB later this month. Stay tuned.
I have called him Nano since the day he was born. ♥

sup banana slug

Butter up, buttercups.

so prettyyyyyy
so prettyyyyyy

This set is from when I realized my camera was really not good. Meaning the lens almost fell off... je jee. That much missed camera should be back from repair soon. Well enjoy the set, and more than likely, see you tonite. Weather should be fantastic!!

start. "who are we waiting for? lets go!" -mark
Ian, lee, moi, stephen
Ian, Lee, moi, Stephen
Ian tells me I'm horrible, because I've influenced him to go up hills and that it sucks.
Ja jaaa, I hear you talking, but all I see you is smiling – whatever you!!!!
suuuuup. 1st butterlap. Fabulous!!
game face on
game face on. boys ready to cruise race.
still light out!
into Golden Gate Park.

from across the street.
That would be the ocean behind us. Pacific moist facial salt beautifier, comes free of charge.
Butterlap is about 15-18 miles. Lots of hills. All types of rideres. Co-ed. No pressure. Multiple districts in the city. Much fun. Even 2-3 speeds can do it, see my friend's Ade's post and her fancy new camera snaps [link»] and here are some by LMG (set»)
Takes about 2hrs, if not less, to complete.
+beautiful fog y sunsets ♥!!!

♥ Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map/post here»


My good friend Stephen gave me a lift a couple of weeks ago. We were both about 50 miles away from the City, and it was a treat to chat with a friend, have our bikes in the back, and not leave work 1.5+hrs before to catch CalTrain or a time-restricted Bus or BART. I'm fine with that once in a blue moon.
I wanted to show off the fact this is built-by-Stephen. He made the rack himself. I know nothing about cars/sport racks, but if you can make something yourself and it involves bikes or food (better yet, both), I am all for it.
Here are some shots of his super fancy road bike, a pimped out Litespeed with Dura Ace included, and my retrolicious smurfette.

stephen's truck
stephen's truck
stephen's truck

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photos del día: Bikes and bits of luv.

Sent by Eric:
Laurent-Archambaud-SL37 Compact Prestige
Laurent-Archambaud-SL37 Compact Prestige by cyclecrank

Sent by Matt:

Sent by Santa Fe's greatest fan, Jon C:
(+thanks for the picture of the Agfa Isollete, so cool!)

Dan dedicates this PUBLIC blog post to someone with a coffee addiction...
Espress lane: Baristas and Bicycles»

Tuesday beats: muchas thanks!

My most sincere thanks to all of you for reading, and for all your recent comments and emails. This blog will soon turn 2yrs, and it is your comments, connections, friendships, emails and interactions both locally and around the world, that has kept me typing away and taking snaps for this little blog.
Bikes. Boys and lots of coffee
Film + movies.
Pizza. beer.


david et moi
taken while riding, by longtime blogreader/butterlap butter cup and good pal of mine David

Riding with the band of outsiders.

If you are a 1960's film fan, you have perhaps seen this Godard film. If you are a mixte, frenchie lover like I am, the first thing you notice 5 minutes in the film Bande à Part, is Anna Karina's beautiful bicycle.
The one thing that I am quite pleased, is the curvy top tube of that distinguished Motobeacane mixte characteristic, that she happens to be riding, a direct family member bicyclette of my Frenchie. The 60's call me. And a generation of my steel beauty's family of assembly, was once ridden by France's hottest New Wave actress in that decade.

faire du vélo

both pictures found/used CC via Flickr: bellefox rendezvous

Ultimately, this movie is a close visual parallel between me and my two housemates. Of course there is the scene where they all need to take off somewhere, and the 2 guys just throw her bike in the car's trunk. Except that, last time that happened was in 2005.... ja jaa

Ratta, ICE, moi.

This for David.
"Jusqu'au bout du hasard"

Walking is boring.

Walking is boring
Part of the Dating is boring series.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Saturday 26th, before midnight.
I ride this city at all times.
In the past 8 years of riding almost everyday and roaming the streets of San Francisco, I have seen many things and been in many situations that have certainly been scary to some degree. I had never been directly attacked, definitely not within inches, until today.

I say attacked, because I was directly approached by a violent, intoxicated young blonde skank on polk street.
As I was waiting on the light to turn green at the corner by the red devil lounge (Clay St.) I hear
"you and your fcuking blinkie lights"
When a couple of seconds after that, this crazy bitch with shiny platforms and a zebra looking skirt is running out of nowhere towards me, yelling and swinging a punch and her purse.
"i want yer bike you piece of shit biker and @*&@*^&#*(!&@#*&#@!!!
I happened to be almost ready to take off, so when this happened I pedaled towards the middle of the road, mind you there are is traffic everywhere, and get moving without thinking much other than RUNGETOUTTAHERE MELI. A few seconds after that, my raging instincts kicked in. Of course, I was sober, and able to smart out the situation to not put up a fight against some drunk person on the street. Not worth it.
But shit. I wanted to grab my u-lock from my basket, and kick the shit out of her. WTF.

I was minding my own business, I had just told a friend how upset I was the 'security' guards near civic center were not happy bikes were going through their set-up gates for pride tomorrow (one of them told me to go ride on van ness as an option.. are you f-ing kidding?!) and I was riding home and couldn't wait to get home, wash my face and get in bed. And now this.

Yeah, sure I'm fine. I'm more upset over the fact that festivities in the city always seem to attract a significant amount of out of towners and losers, who can't figure out how to handle the city. Either do a ton of drugs and drinkthemselves to shits. Or want to treat every little street, as if it is a huge boulevard. Some other things that pissed me off today were:
A herd of harleys behind me, honking incessantly for me to move out of their way on Embarcadero near the levi plaza, on my way to the Giants game. Apparently bicycle lane, reads 'motorcyle lane too' to some road illiterates.

A nasty junkie (anything they say doesn't particularly bother me) but today, was a 'find a woman with a bike and tell her nasty obsenities' day.

The lack of alternative bike lane use (it was almost entirely fenced off) for the whole section of civic center which runs for more than a few blocks around from golden gate ave. to market to van ness.

And then the skank attack.

This is my street. This is my city. I particularly ride this street perhaps most than most – at 7am, 1am, noon, anytime. I get a 'hey bike gurrrrrrrl' almost every other day from the usual trannies at the same corners around Diva's. There is no other street to get from 11/market to north point, unless I decicively choose to ride 4+miles, go on embarcadero, or further west with many, many steep hills.
Last night shortly after 11PM I was already on my way home, from my friends' house in the south of market. I had hardly anything to drink because I was quite turned off by seeing some teenagers puking their guts out on Sutter and Market earlier in the early afternoon.
This incident has not scared much at all. It pissed me off.
It will not make me ride less because of it, at all.
There is NO reason nor excuse for a person to attack another person, just because – in my case, for waiting at the red light, with all my blinkies on, my helmet, my bicycle, my route.

With the festivities of pride weekend and many other things going on in the city, be careful out there. There have been many of my friends experiencing attacks, verbal abuse, and a number of incidents on the streets. Also terrible sequence of events recently, a drunk with a car targeting cyclists [link].

Bikes & the City has always been a positive blog, because if you ever meet me, and/or know me, that is who I am. That said, had I not been riding alone tonite, this incident would have probably turned out ugly, because I don't tolerate verbal abuse and had I been at a different position, she would have probably been able to reach me and if so, make me pull my chola moves I long ago retired and claws to fight like the native California bear I am.
I'm just glad this turned out the way it did, and I am here writing this for a blog post, and not in a more complicated or nasty situation.

I respect traffic, I stop for pedestrians, I don't blow red lights.
Cars, public transportation, bicycles and pedestrians all belong on the road.
Respect each other.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Blackout. Beer. Bikes. BVPV.
Happy hour in San Francisco, Bring your own bike.
♥Have a great Friday evening!!


Good morning, my senior citizens.

good morning, sf public library

After I got a quick 3ple americano at Peet's last week, I threw my sturdy mug in my basket and off I went. I saw the posse of the local firemen that also happen to have a similar affinity with coffee around that time. It is just a tad after 7am.
I take different routes because I don't like to have the same routine, but that happens all the time. I could be on divis, on hayes, on polk or on mason at any given morning just to add 3 miles before 8am. And just to go get coffee, even if I head right back home. Why not.

This particular morning earlier this week was just very nice. The weather was particularly high for a summer morning (mid60°s) and I got an almost choir-like 'good morning' from the construction crew on Polk near Jackson. As I was drifting off to space and looking at the clear skies waiting at the red light on California and Polk, I noticed this small old lady, walking towards me. I thought for a second she might have a cane and swing it at me for being a few centimeters into the pedestrian path. It has happened before.

Instead, I noticed her perfect red lipstick and with her biggest grin, she says to me:
"Good morning young lady"
"Why good morning good looking," I replied.
I now have the sweetest happy feeling with a smile. She must be in her late 80s. Crossing California street and trying not to fall face first on the train tracks at the same time, seems like a huge challenge with only a few sips of coffee in my system. The surface is distinctively wet today.

today's paper
Am I the only one under 30 without a smart phone?
I have an affinity with morning rituals. Reading the paper is one of them.
Enjoy reading them mostly from existing/sharing ones in local cafes.
Something I use to do with my dad in high school while listening to the radio.
The newsprint ink on my fingertips triggers that memory.

I am almost at Market and 8th, when a very old guy on one of those bicycles that look like the lovechild between a camping tent and a 1963 Swiss Army knife, with two wheels. He is wearing what has got to be the oldest reflective yellow vest, a couple of old milk crates as panniers and a ton of little junk and stickers around his handlebars, and all over his frame.
"Well, those twist knots, have not seen those around much – I had those in my bike back in the 60's"
He said pointing at the Frenchie's quick release front knobs. I chat with him for a second while he is drinking a little orange juice pack he had just gotten out of one of his many pockets in his vest.
"Good day" and he continues southbound on 8th street.

bart bike

A full dose of good energy from two particular senior citizens on the streets of San Francisco.
It is now 8:10AM and I head downstairs

Pride weekend 2010!

the frenchie + happy pride
the frenchie + pride colors all over the City this weekend. Happy Pride!

Photo del día: una chica Derailleur


He yelled right when I shot this. And this crazy kid skidded a u-turn.
"Hi this is Chris, hooptybikes Chris"
Ride on!

Golden Gate ave at Polk.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bike to bar!

The fabulous gals and my girlfriends over at VeloVogue, here in San Francisco are holding a super cool contest throughout June 30th, so submit your photos! See all the details here:

For once, I remembered to take a picture the other day post-Monk's Kettle & thanks to my friend Fred for snapping this. That is the face of a super full bean-burger belly. This is in front of Delirium, where the bike racks are.

Monk's Meli
Monk's Kettlemeligrosa

Frenchie, de colores.

linda lupita
Linda Lupita
Here are a few encounters of the splendid colorful walls around the Mission. Qué bonita!
Other than coming across some interesting adventures and encounters in the city, Frenchie and I are mostly surrounded by intense bursts of color all around. Though, I love my peeps and riding in groups all the time with my friends and new pals, I often ride by mylsef. I actually roam solo a whole lot. This is around 24th/Valencia/23rd streets, a few days ago.
M is for calaca
M is for calaca
pegasus vs. frenchie
pegasus vs. frenchie
anytime. baby.
anytime. baby.

It's Thursday, which means the weekend is almost here...

Gotta say, I had a fantastic time riding with *so* many new buttercups on a fine San Francisco Summer evening (think low 50°s and pretty foggy. No wind).
And now it is Thursday, and I can't stop thinking about the weekend – Here are some awesome events to look forward to. xxo♥m

Happy Pride weekend in SF!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Saturdday 26th in SF
SFBC Rec Ride: Gay Pride LGBTQ History Tour
more info: facebook|link»

Sunday 27th in SF

via iBikeNOPA»

Sunday 27th in Oakland:

Oakland, Ca
Sunday, June 27th 10AM – 2PM
more info visit:»

Photo del día: Pinches hippies

Damn Bicycle Riding Hippies
sent by ML-w via

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Women Who Bike: Jenna

BIKE NOPA & Bikes and The City have spun out a collaborative bike series, Women Who Bike. Each Monday and Wednesday, we feature San Francisco women and their bicycles. Check both our blogs for the experiences, stories, and ideas that women who bike the city want to share with you.
Let us know your thoughts and leave comments for the featured riders!
When she first got +named her new old bike: meet Tostito
+ + + + + + + + + + +
Women Who Bike: Jenna

How would you characterize your bicycling style?
J. Slow and steady.

Something basic: how often do you bike and what for?
J. I've been biking for a little under a month and during that time averaging about 4-5days out of every week for both commuting to work and for fun.
Jenna and her coworker, on their first Bike to Work Day. May 2010
Happy girls

What could be done in SF to encourage more women, including teens and younger, to bike?
J. I'm not sure on this one yet...maybe after a few more months of biking I will have a good answer for this. But the more women bike and are out there being seen the more it encourages others of us to do it.

How many of your best dates/friendships started with biking?
J. Nothing has started for me yet because of biking, but starting to bike has giving me one more thing to do with a few of my good friends.

I surprise people when I bike by (or with) -
J. I think I surprise people enough when I am on a bike to begin with. Haha!

taking the banana-yellow one for a spin
taking our friend Yvonne's banana-yellow bike for a spin

Other little things:
- My favorite meal after a long ride (or in between) is:

J. I don't have a favorite meal yet, but I have been eating a lot of peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bars and craving naked juice drinks.

- The best way to hydrate in between rides is:
J. Usually I go from point A to B, but whenever I stop it's usually for beer with friends.

- A personal item I must have or bring while riding my bike
J. A scarf.


My message to women who want to try biking:
J. You may think it takes more effort than it's worth...but once you start it's so much fun you forget why you didn't do it sooner!
I am very happy that my friend Muffin (as she has pretty much let me introduce her for the last many years) has filled this out. And I felt very very speacial when I got to randomly come across her on her first 'Bike to Work Day' this year. The frist time we had both biked together was an early foggy morning in 2003 in Berkeley Calif. We bought lots of fruit, granola and other healthy stuff. We borrowed bikes and we had coffee. It was a day that I remember as if it was yesterday, but I'm sure she knows this :D

+ + + + + + + + + +
Gracias Jenna!!

Don't forget to check out BIKE NOPA for more Women Who Bike profiles.
Women who bike: Take the Writing Women Back into Bicycling survey online by May 15th. More than 7300 women already have. Survey conducted by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP). See survey here: link

**If you or someone you know would like to participate email me at bikesandthecity +at+ gmail**
For women in the NOPA area, contact Michael at BIKE NOPA

See previous Bikes & The City profiles here:
Women Who Bike Series


Like all photographs posted in this blog: ©Photos taken by meligrosa
unless otherwise stated and if so, always credited.

Hump Day Inspiration: The big day

Sent by a dear someone that likes dancing by themselves and, perhaps secretly loves my Frenchie for its speedy super powerful deliveries – ha haaa *merci !



François is dismayed at how backward he sees the French Postal Service, he only having a bicycle as transport for his postal route. It is even a major process for his company to get him a replacement bicycle tire. François is obsessed with speeding up the delivery of at least the service on his route - doing it as well or even better than the Americans - with only his bicycle, his ingenuity and advice from the townsfolk to do so. via_IMDb»