Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday! - and late late nites.

Tony Niks
Tony Niks. Frenchie awaits on Stockton st.
Grant street parking.
Grant street parking.
Penny farthin and beer follys
Penny farthin and beer follys
- - - - -
Have a crazy +safe fun weekend, and please be careful, there are lots of the crazies (and not fun) people out there
xoxo ♥ m

Ride. Work. Play. Play. Ride

What do you wear to ride, work and go out - One size fits all.
Sunrise to sunset.
Let's have some fun this beat is sic. Let's go.
the sun is in my eyes
Ride. Work. Play. Play. Ride

At the corner of 2003 and 2010.

That year, I spent lots of plenty of time around this very corner. Good times and late nights. The street remains just as fast, the students are always running around (USF) and I no longer buy cigarettes at the corner in the super early mornings.
But I live in the now, so the sunset evening light seems rather similar to that early morning bright light that bothered my tired eyes to hell, when rush hour seemed hours away yet I had a bus to catch and a class to go to. Sometimes I miss school, most of the time I don't. I loved heading to school and I loved very early early mornings.

Last week, I spent a few minutes waiting for the bus at the same corner to put both of my bikes on its rack (all SF buses are equipped with 2 of them) after visiting the bike shop. In between chatting with a friend and keeping an eye for the next bus, I snapped some shots. What would have topped it off was if the pink suit man was riding a bike. Just saying :D

red shoes. red car
red light fixie gal
pink house, pink tux, cadillac
tip tip toes trio

Beach corners of the north.

A few recent snaps from North Beach. A short walk and a few minutes from corner to corner offer plenty for your eyes to jump around. Then jump back on your bike and go.
walk. sit. drive. stand. and ride.
On Stockton.
quasi convincing
tempting and quasi convincing. I went for the cantaloupe instead. had real coffee as well shortly after
For those sweet tooths out there here you go - this place is called nia or nio it is next to the corner near green between Stockton and Columbus. Outside seating is great, for even more people watching.

buddy mirror
Union street.
Mason street.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Humpday inspiration: Contrary dose of the opposite.

I typically don't drink iced anything. I often don't stick to routines, why the heck not, I got a Mojito-latte-something drink, the special of the day, at Phil'z Cafe.
Get some.

Butter up, buttercups.

fire in the sky
fire in the sky
Butterlap tonight. I love the rain, but it would be great if it didn't rain tomorrow. The weather when it isn't raining has been super nice. Muggy almost with very bright sunsets. As you can see, sunsets can *almost* be caught when we reach the legion of honor, which is 8mi into the ride. Good stuff. Good peeps. Good weather – Come join us!

mike sunsetlands
red bike y red tights
you can bring fast bikes, you can bring basket bikes.
all are welcome.
yo meli. yo david
up the hill
up the hill. this is directly behind the warming hut in crissy field
Nio helps the flat chorro from happening
flat happens. Nio helps the flat chorro from happening
karen + the frenchie
karen + the frenchie
moonlight ocean beach
moonlight ocean beach. Kelley and Matt and other buttercups.
pitch black
pitch black. riding on JFK, smooth as a baby's bottom. so rad.
bday whiskey shot no.2
last week was Matt bday and we gave him a little something. "gaaaah"
happy birthday Matt!!
♥ Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map/post here»

Photo de dia: Hi cutie pants!

oh la la

Basket chronicles.

waiting | JFK at Kezar drive.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At the corner of melilands and caffeine avenue.

Without a date. Without a street sign.
Without a person to date it back to.
With my bicycle standing between my legs, this is how this corner decided to greet me.
Completely colorless. Completely colourful. Totally fake. Totally genuine.
Pick your very own perspective. Throw your own imaginary paint on it.
Run with it.
Ashbury at Hayes. San Francisco 2010
Passing time.
Passing time

Adventures on Masonicverse.

On Masonic and Fulton.
como una flor
Como una flor.
I went with my good caffeinated friend to pick up my road bike from the Freewheel bike shop on Hayes. I love those guys. How can I not? -hearts-
The update this time, was to swap out the freewheel for a larger span of gears for those mean rolling hills to come (as if the hills can get any meaner than they already are here in SF...) Three of us ladies and a few of our peeps have signed up for the upcoming Marin Century in August. We have formed our very own team we like to call "the Back of the Bus". This upcoming ride will certainly be the furthest distance for all 3 of us. Regardless we will still have a blast, we are pros at that. je jee.

So after heading to pick up the smurfette, I ended up with two bicycles, two legs and one route. A new friend holding onto my hat wanted to help, but I decided to pass this time.
"essscuse me. there is a bird on your hat"
Bird wants to ride bikes.
The Muni line is really one block away from the bike shop, and on the other end, three blocks away from mi casa.
Given that I had missed the first bus by about a block, why not take some pictures. It would be the first time that I had seen both of my bikes together outside my house. This mural is beautiful, you can learn more about it from a short and informational recent post from BikeNopa

me and my hot ladies
The Frenchie, me, and the Smurfette
A French mixte first purchased in SF in the 70's and an Italian road bought here as well in 2005.
Both steel. Both loved.
ok I love Frenchie more ♥ we all know that.

So now the tricky part was putting both spoiled beauties on the bus. When one is around their bicycles so much, it becomes second nature to know how to hold them, walk them. Hold with your hip without letting it fall. Use the ATM, squeeze through BART and back out without causing a scene or a new pattern of grease on your legs. Lift them up as if they are the latest fiber glass feather-like weight up a long flight of stairs and we have those just as much as we have steep hills around here. I have also seen a number of city parents do this while also putting their kids' bikes. Super
It's hard to explain, but if you ride bikes for sometime, years, it just becomes like your 3 arm. Your 3rd leg. Except that now, I wish I had a 4th leg so I could ride them both home.
are we there yet?!
are we there yet?!
mi two beloved steel ladies ride muni.

Taking both bikes on Muni was not a big deal at all. I was only hoping that the bus didn't already have a any bikes on the rack because I was ready to take over. But had that been was the case - I already had a coffee stop alternative in mind, oh but of course. Both bikes made it home safely, I dropped the smurfette off and went back out again. Let's ride because the sun is still out. Cheers!
blue. teal. blue

Bits y pieces.

A few of the recent little meaningful things going on my much neglected Italian steel beauty, the smurfette. And other things. ♥Muchas gracias!!

•• Here is the saddle bag, a cute little gift by Stephen, to match my skull calaca style. Swoon.
calaca coja y sin boca.
- - -
•• A new freewheel. After hurting my knee a tad late last year, it is getting a ton of love and caring withouth spoiling it, becuase there are roads to explore. I'd like to see you riding on the gears I was... I'm *very* happy to let them go.
" help save your knees for the future."
•• Many years ago I took the torpado for a tune up. Was returned sans quick release - "Oh you didn't have that on there" – That shop & the specific cheesy boy get NO LOVE from me. And guess who is back:
Nice to see you again.
Got this for my birthday last year. Will now be roaming with me.
-Grazie mile Eric!!-
- - -
•• Also for my bday. Chan clan luvz
flor de seis

Saturday, April 24, 2010

With love from: Vietnam


I am very happy to announce a first guest blog post series, from a fellow San Franciscan photog - the lovely Mai /fashionist/ during her travels in Asia. We have followed our blogs for quite awhile, and finally met briefly last summer.
There will be a few guest posts featured here on Saturdays with her beautiful photos and writings from Vietnam, drop by and say hello -and- welcome Mai!! have a great vacation ♥

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Vietnam /part one
Story, and photography by Mai

Vietnam's Bicycle culture is inherent to its identity. Without the
bike, transportation and commerce in Vietnam would be severely
hobbled. Relatively flat terrain means bikes (and its cousins) are
part of the machinery that drive life here. Because of that, bikes are
used until they no longer can function. Making their everywhere and
everyday presence sort of beautiful.

Fun fact about the population of Vietnam's bikes? They're mostly
step-thru, but both men and women ride them equally.
One of my favorite places to swim and walk around in Vietnam is Con Dao (Con Son), a
southern island once used as a prison by the colonial French and later
a prison used by the South Vietnamese Army.
Con Dao (Con Son) has been host to the best swimming of my life. I
describe it as the feeling of swimming in a fish tank. In between
swimming and eating, I took pictures of bikes.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

This Sunday - Cookies and the city.

Get your free cookies tommorrow at the Mission's favorite cookielands.
•tip hat via sf_haps

These are from July last year, Deep and I went on a tandem troll around the Mission and stopped by to say hello to the cool peeps of Anthony's cookies. Keep up the sweet work and happy 1st anniversary!
anthony & his cookie helpers
anthony & his cookie helpers
tandem on the window
tandem on the window