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Untitled by meligrosa
Untitled, a photo by meligrosa on Flickr.

Finally dropped roll (fuji-superia) y got prints from 4thJuly weekend around Anderson Valley. I'll scan a few rolls eventually :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

mucha música monday

✚ | Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: Feeling Kind
music videos on the Bay Bridge, it was a only a matter of time. BTW I heard on the radio last week they are playing on Valentine's day 2014 at the Fillmore.
–t/h pal y super long time reader Alex, gracias! via boingboing

✚ | Luccetta: Magnetic Bike Lights
I received a nice email from Emanuel, an industrial designer promoting his cool magnetics lights. I like the video, it is video is ultra simple and catchy :)

✚ | David Lynch: Bad The John Boy
The latest and greatest by the man from Missoula, dropped a single this past week. Be ready to trip, or space out. Or maybe too weird for headphones. Apropos for a Monday morning, I suppose.

✚ | Dukes of Chutney: Domino

✚ | WorldBicycleRelief: Mobilize Me
Inspiring work.
“Imagine racing the sun just to get by. People across rural Africa face this challenge every day. Without adequate transportation, access to vital resources such as healthcare, education and economic opportunity is often out of reach. When you donate to World Bicycle Relief, you mobilize entrepreneurs, healthcare workers and students as they fight to feed their families, build their businesses, treat the sick, finish school, follow their dreams and change their world.”

✚ | Digital_Me: Bike Rider - Smile From The Streets Of Rothschild
Shay aka Digital_me:
Nov4 - Bike Rider is a 4 parts concept mix, trying to share the experience of listening to music while riding bikes in Tel Aviv, all in a sample-full hip-hop attitude.

✚ | Winners
Oct.2013: “The Sweet Ones new video featuring the single "BOBBY TIGHTEN UP" from TSO's new record due out this spring. Filmed as a satirization of an 80's style bike movie and gag reel spoof, The Sweet Ones continue carrying the torch of Quirk- Rock.”

✚ | Allies for Everyone: You & Me
According to mi email, this album dropped Tuesday last week. This is light tingy synth-pop to space out at work and think of a weekend bloody mary with blazing fog non-existent sun rays…

✚ | Anna Calvi: Eliza
Last and definitely not least, what a voice. Just learnt about Anna Calvi via the BayBridged as she played at the Independent last night, which I missed. English women, born with such solid pipes. Liking her so far.

have a great start of the week.
sincerely, xxom.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Los events: 6th Annual 2013 SF Bike Expo

Happening this Saturday 11/16 → The awesome folks at rideSFO have once again organized the Annual Bike Expo. It has been a great pleasure to see this grow from the beginning, please make sure you check it out! All info below:
✖  |  I N F O 
San Francisco Bicycle Expo
Cow Palace, 2600 Geneva Avenue, Daly City, California
November 16th, 2013, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
All kinds of cyclist looking for the best deals on cycling equipment of every type.
Admission F R E E

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Cyclists of all ages and types among San Francisco’s diverse bicycling population eagerly await the city’s largest annual cycling event, the San Francisco Bicycle Expo, which returns for its 6th year at the Cow Palace, November 16th, and for the first time entry to the expo hall is FREE.

Event promoter Philipp Segura said, “You’ll find all things Cycling at the SF Bike Expo. This year we have put a strong focus on all the great products and services that the cycling industry continues to make available, and manufacturers from across the USA are coming to show. Of course our famous bike swap meet will take place, and that remains the best place to find great deals and hard-to-find parts. There is no doubt that our event helps put more bikes out in the world it helps small bike businesses get their name out. It’s going to be another great SF Bike Expo!”

The 48,000 sq. ft. South Hall of the Cow Palace contains 230 booth spaces where dozens of cycling teams, clubs and individuals have purchased tables at the bike swap, while more than 50 manufacturers have signed up for full exhibit booths in the Expo area.

Expo sponsors include Bern protective gear, Bicycle Times and Dirt Rag magazines, the renowned websites and, and Oz Racing- a softgoods brand and manufacturer in the Philippines.

Handmade bicycle enthusiasts are once again offered the opportunity of a complementary on-site photo session for their beautiful bicycles at the Handmade Bicycle Guide studio.

✖  |  Bike parking
Valet bike parking is free and will be provided by Potrero Bicycle Works, and the expo hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Auto parking is $10 and attendees are requested to arrive by bicycle or to ride share.

✖  |  About San Francisco Bicycle Expo
All things Cycling! Founded in 2008 and produced by rideSFO, the San Francisco Bicycle Expo represents the myriad interests of the Bay Area’s vast cycling community, from fashion and apparel to backyard bicycle fabricators

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Small Business Saturday SF/OAK

I don't have AmEx, but I am one heck of a loyal coffee customer in my community ;-)
Love the title→ “Small Business Saturday, Coffee & Community” (Nov. 30th)
Qué cute:
Saw this commercial last night while watching either ESPN or reruns of The Big Bang Theory.
Features The Mill SF on Divis, Manifesto Bicycles in Oakland!, General Store in Ocean Beach & a few others. Info/local shops are listed on theselby (his first commercial w/the Director's Bureau).

Also in Oakland: Creative Growth. They are super! I admire their work and dedication, my little artsy heart skipped a beat.
Good stuff♥

Monday, November 11, 2013

mucha música monday: local love

Short + super sweet post for Howell Devine.
This past weekend KT + I headed over to Club Deluxe for late-nite pizza & some spirits. Howell Devine is a fun jazz/blues beats local band, and they played a few sets that night. What seemed like their super no.1 fan completely stole the show, dancing to the music the entire time with such freedom and passion.

Hands up. Hands down. Lyrics. Pause.
Turn. Stand. Hips. Move in place.
And his Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shirt.

He must have been a bit over 60 and the youngest at heart amongst us, the happiest person in that very moment. And as the small, packed and pleased audience, it was as refreshing as it was enjoyable.

video from their website/youtube channel:

- -
As of for me, this was a good weekend with great company. I don't always get to see many of my friends within two days. Very grateful to savor every moment. This is the only foto I took this weekend (and a couple of my friends' cats, of course)
howell devine

I think my twitter pal Andy will like this, he has in the past commented/
tweeted to share great bands+music :)
/ More info: | @HowellDevine | FB/howelldevine


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cafecito chronicles: Of morning coffee and the solar system.

un quick sketch
from mi moleskine.

Monday Nov. 4th. San Francisco, California.
I began to wonder if I was going to break a sweat as soon as I set foot in the coffee shop.
My black wool sweater has been cleaned over the weekend and has no sign of floating lint patterns or Velcro cat hair. Black patent boots. And that black wool dress that has been to date my favorite consignment find.

The windows are as steamy as that one scene in Titanic, and I can't help to think of that puberty-soft skin Leonardo must have had.
“The usual, Meli?” she asks.

I have moved on from the steamy adolescent lingering thoughts and started observing fellow patrons as I make my way to the espresso machine to pick up my drink which will be ready in a few minutes.

The vulnerability of people waiting for their morning fix is unique.
The wet hair. The occasional lack of planning which becomes everybody's emergency.
The spills.
And the grinder goes off again.
This will be my second cup after the one brewed at home. It is a few minutes before 8am.

I usually run into this guy who wears all-Giants gear, all the time.
When I'm not looking, he stares at my Athletics pin on the left collar tip of my summer jean jacket as if he is disappointed or something. Or maybe stares at my chest, I couldn't give a fuck. He is harmless and has no idea the espresso machine is shiny, like a rearview mirror. I've watched my share of surveillance movies and television shows.
He's not once talked to anyone other than the people who work behind the counter.
I was not wearing my jean jacket, and neither was this dude there today.

As I waited for my drink I walked towards the southeast corner of the shop.
I continue to observe and randomly exchange looks with whoever is making my coffee. I don't have an urgency to look at my phone at all. I have a fond of appreciation of moments that some might otherwise consider insignificant.

“Your look – Your colors” he said as he figured-8 his right hand over his face while shifting his New York Times section away from him. “You ARE like a planetarium” slowly bringing his right hand back to his coffee cup.
I was unintentionally wearing all black today and all the color that accompanied me was my purple (lavender, as my barista crush at this same location likes to call them) sunglasses, earrings and lipstick. I was a bit confused but mostly flattered. Did I hear that right? I thought, a rather peculiar and playful choice for an adjective.

“Why, thank you” I responded. I complimented him on his coat, his poise and I asked what article he had enjoyed the most this morning. We exchanged a few words about Julie Taymor and shortly after he handed me his business card.
He looked at me with a pensive vibe, and kindly asked if I cared to join him for coffee and further NYT talk. I said I had to go to work and couldn't stay.

I reached over the counter for my drink, and saw the barista –we'll call him Nick–.
In my mind I blow him a kiss as I reach over the counter, and wish I had met him when I was 21, but in real life I can hardly manage to say thanks and grab my drink without spilling it all over myself trying to take the first sip.

“Did you get a haricut? –ohwaitttt, oh OK I know– I don't think I've seen you without a hat in months” Nick said.

Left the planetarium.

on an unrelated note:
✕ | Patti Smith Mourning Lou Reed (New Yorker) –via fellow bookclub friend SSK
✕ | Lou Reed's 71st bday post

Buen viaje, Lou.

Monday, November 4, 2013

mucha música monday: noviembre

✚  |  La Mecánica Popular: La Paz del Freak

✚  |  DJ Equal: Lost in the Evening
DJ Equal is from NC, based in NY. I found this pretty good listening to this after my 3rd cup of coffee and before noon. good balance of mellow and modern hip soft talk from what sounds like a young 20something voice. I'll take it.

✚  |  Emptied Gestures Art

✚  |  Cass McCombs - Dreams ComeTrue Girl
bikes y skateboards. muy bien :)

✚  |  Trails & Wails: Nunca
Found out about this band, playing in November via the NewParish email newsletter, cool stuff.
“we are four people and we write pop songs out of dreams and mistranslations. after we met at & graduated from Berkeley, Emma lived in Spain, and Keith in Brazil. at start of 2012 we were all home, full of ideas & obsessions for new words & sounds we'd learned, and we made a band. we all sing & write together, in lyrics crossing between spanish, portuguese & english.”

✚  |  Son Lux: Lost it to trying
Cool video+music, found via iso50
–“Ryan Lott, better known by his stage name Son Lux, is a post-rock and alternative hip hop musician based in New York City, New York, currently signed with Joyful Noise Recordings.”

✚  |  The Mountain Goats: Scorpio Rising
–Mercury retrogade returns: “Give yourself the time, space and attention to feel.”– via AdrienneVita

✚  |  Warpaint: Love is to Die
Yes, a new single is out. I found this band via that one song Elephant a couple of years ago and liked them so.

✚  |  Warpaint: Elephants
ok this is the one. Undertow is also pretty good.

✚  |  Paul McCartney: Queenie Eye
mamigrosa made me look up Sir Paul's new song the other day, she loves him.

✚  |  MGMT: Alien Days
mellow melody for a monday