Monday, November 18, 2013

mucha música monday

✚ | Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: Feeling Kind
music videos on the Bay Bridge, it was a only a matter of time. BTW I heard on the radio last week they are playing on Valentine's day 2014 at the Fillmore.
–t/h pal y super long time reader Alex, gracias! via boingboing

✚ | Luccetta: Magnetic Bike Lights
I received a nice email from Emanuel, an industrial designer promoting his cool magnetics lights. I like the video, it is video is ultra simple and catchy :)

✚ | David Lynch: Bad The John Boy
The latest and greatest by the man from Missoula, dropped a single this past week. Be ready to trip, or space out. Or maybe too weird for headphones. Apropos for a Monday morning, I suppose.

✚ | Dukes of Chutney: Domino

✚ | WorldBicycleRelief: Mobilize Me
Inspiring work.
“Imagine racing the sun just to get by. People across rural Africa face this challenge every day. Without adequate transportation, access to vital resources such as healthcare, education and economic opportunity is often out of reach. When you donate to World Bicycle Relief, you mobilize entrepreneurs, healthcare workers and students as they fight to feed their families, build their businesses, treat the sick, finish school, follow their dreams and change their world.”

✚ | Digital_Me: Bike Rider - Smile From The Streets Of Rothschild
Shay aka Digital_me:
Nov4 - Bike Rider is a 4 parts concept mix, trying to share the experience of listening to music while riding bikes in Tel Aviv, all in a sample-full hip-hop attitude.

✚ | Winners
Oct.2013: “The Sweet Ones new video featuring the single "BOBBY TIGHTEN UP" from TSO's new record due out this spring. Filmed as a satirization of an 80's style bike movie and gag reel spoof, The Sweet Ones continue carrying the torch of Quirk- Rock.”

✚ | Allies for Everyone: You & Me
According to mi email, this album dropped Tuesday last week. This is light tingy synth-pop to space out at work and think of a weekend bloody mary with blazing fog non-existent sun rays…

✚ | Anna Calvi: Eliza
Last and definitely not least, what a voice. Just learnt about Anna Calvi via the BayBridged as she played at the Independent last night, which I missed. English women, born with such solid pipes. Liking her so far.

have a great start of the week.
sincerely, xxom.


  1. Don't know if I should be glad or confused that the lyrics of that crazy mixed up Thao and the Get Down song made complete sense to me. She melded three or four national-cultural origin themes into one song, and it kind of made me want to wake up my own ghost of New Orleans.

  2. I love the Dukes of Chutney clip. Some of those scenes are from my favourite surf movie of all time,'Morning of the Earth', which was shot in Bali and the north coast of NSW in the early 70s. It also had one of the coolest sound tracks ever.

    cheers and happy tube riding.



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