Thursday, October 30, 2008

Market Street

It's nice to find a moment of observation. Vehicles, humans and sounds become theatrical.

Taken within a minute

Skateboards and tattoos.

Not only is this local company (ran by the 5th generation) known for making your house parties better (local markets sell their super good chips and salsas). In 1999, they became internationally famous by being the place that offers you free food for life when you get their corn-rocket-sombrero-dude tattooed; due to popularity, they ceased the inking... Read the article, tattoo image included:[SFGate] 04/1999 .
This image is current, so let your skater friends know. Oh so much love from the Sanchezsss!!

Fast forward 9 years. Casa Sanchez on 24th

Day & Night

Currently raining. Rain was predicted for Friday and not today, but I enjoy the rain. Yesterday was a sun-fog-wind mix .

Friday, October 24, 2008

Get your bike mojo on

Mojo Bicycle Cafe. Genius.
Bikes ‹and a full-on bike service/shop area› coffee and cute boys ‹ok and girls too :)›. Super.
Also been there when some drumming, music and performances go on late at night, which is the spot to be.
The cafe has a good selection of sandwiches, good local coffee ‹from Sonoma county: Ecco Caffe beans› and drinks. The shop has a good selection of Swobo, planet tool stuff, color rims for the cool kids and tons of other goodies. I'm eyeing a super cute helmet that I think I'm gonna be getting pretty soon. Matches with some shoes of mine. mmmhhh...
The only thing that threw me off a bit was that there was no bike rack adjacent/in front of it. Maybe they are working on that ‹?› There are a few bike racks within the block though.


This, the guy said, is a souvenir from Japan. "Do not park/leave your bike here". Very Cute

Bike Reflectionisms

No Photoshop needed, all you need is glass.
Top: outside sign for Maya Lin
Bottom: Below the tower inside the DeYoung Museum, Golden Gate Park which, you can access for free.

Walk & Pedal Golden Gate Park

Signs of the future



Happy Friday!

Spoiled Report – average this week: high 7o°s.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Box your calendars!

This Sunday, November 2nd, 1PM in Bernal Heights.
The San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Society presents Soapbox Derby. Here is a post from last year, and a Chronicle article from 1997!...

Olive Bike Oil

Riva Cucina has the best Italian food in Berkeley (in my opinion). I was introduced to local beans Due Torri there, and I'm not sure any other place in the Bay Area carries them, as far as I know. It is a great place to have lunch, when in the east bay and the service is great :)
A super nice wooden deck/roof & plants area recently added to their outdoor tables, and I think it looks great! Large bike rack outside, triple points!

post lunch machiatto. sunny sunny

This is North Beach

North Beach is full of local gems. Given the gorgeous evening weather (low 70°s), can't help but to have a little coffee and some music. Every Wednesday night over at Caffe Trieste

local band - Cafe Americain

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Wave

Another heat wave. I kinda miss the AM fog.

Sunset Riders

Inner Richmond duo

Chronicle Books warehouse sale -Friday & Satruday-

Local prestigious publisher company Chronicle Books has some interesting books and cute books.
They are having a huge warehouse sale this weekend.

I'm hoping they also have some Moleskins on sale. They are located in the soma area, and their rather new space, from visiting a couple of times and chatting with some chroniclettes, is very very bike friendly with plenty of indoor bike parking, showers and even lunch time yoga. Namaste-

Found via Rincon♥Hill

Hook'em Horns

This is currently available in Texas only. Very progressive and it makes sense. Sounds pretty good to me. Ride on lone star!!
“We wanted to create an insurance company that is fair, and made sense. If you walk to work, or you take mass transit to work, or you are a low-mileage driver, you could be a MileMeter customer. It also creates a financial incentive for you to drive less, which means we’ll have fewer traffic injuries, less smog from vehicle emissions, and a number of other social and policy benefits.”
Read the rest of the article via

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gas Free Friday

October Fridays are Get on your bike and celebrate Gas-Free Fridays
/ The SFBC wants to encourage more people to substitute one short car trip with a bicycle trip every Friday this October.
This Friday's station was at The Ferry building-Embarcadero area which is a pivoting point for multiple city bike routes, and also connects riders from Marin county, Amtrak and the East Bay.

Started setting up before 7AM. (sunrise–7:10am) Lots of coffee, indeed. We had the some good fair-trade coffee Tony's Coffees & Teas, good snacks and a mobile music amp, provided by one of the volunteers. Nice! Bike advocacy, the promotion of the the coalition and getting to meet other bike lovers. Two Fridays left, City Hall and 7th+Folsom.

Everyday is a new awakening


early commuter


—volunteering is sexy