Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Bike City

Listen to a wonderful photo narrative of -closure of NYC streets to motorized vehicles and open to foot and human powered wheels- by the NY Times — Bill Cunningham. Go NYC!!!
We are also getting ready, as we are having our own Sunday streets SF tomorrow! Nice!

On the Street | Clear Sailing
Bill Cunningham discusses how New Yorkers got on their bicycles and took advantage of the opening of the roadway surrounding Grand Central Terminal.

All images by The NY Times ‹On the Street | Clear Sailing

Friday, August 29, 2008

Citizen Chain

Dallas and Sasha are super cool guys. I've only stopped for air many times but, my Frenchie is due for some maintenance soon and will sooon be visiting the Citizen. Muy nice shop, they got a thing for vintage bikes ‹check his sales page›, and we have matching taste for cool stuff. Now will a newspaper reporter solve the mystery of the newspaper magnate riding a bike??? Get on it and find the Rosebud in North Beach. Nice!

"OUR MISSION is to bring a BICYCLE back into your life! To re-introduce you to that best friend you had as a kid be it vintage Italian Steel Racer, Carbon Climber, Fixie Track bike or Classic American Cruiser with One Speed Coaster Brake, we can help".

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bike the Journal

I have been a reader of ZYZZYVA the journal of west writers & artists for awhile. Always nice
to see good work by unknown writers and new talent given some good exposure.
Operated locally, this literary magazine publishes 3x a year and it makes me happy when it
finally arrives in my mailbox. And, this issue (#83) included a bicycle drawing by Ethan Murrow. Nice!

From their zizipedia "Art: We take seriously our mandate to showcase the work of West Coast writers and artists,
reproducing 30 or so images in each issue, an on-going survey of recent drawing, printmaking, and photography."

A Beautiful View of the dust market as wealthy miner Thatcher Rohnald arrives with her train, 2007
by Ethan Murrow. Graphite. 74in x 74 in.

(Scanned image from my fall2008/issue#83, but visit ‹Ethan Murrow's› website for more of his work.)

Cuatro legs

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tie-dye and Tie

*My tiny camera doesn't serve justice to the man in the nice suit & bumble bee tie. He was looking super-fly.

Pedal your Revolution

I've been going here and there to Pedal Revolution for years. Located in la Mission neighborhood, not only do they have a crazy colorful prism of accessories to go with your pimped ride, but their social mission and outreach program to the youth is great. Cool cats.

Colorful San Francisco's local-made Chrome bags flood the shop with color,
and I was happy to also see a good selection of Banjo Brothers bags

coffee. hells yes.

- - - - - - - -

Speaking of los Chrome bags, I hadn't been to the Chrome
website in ages (that is pre-women in their pictures, ca.2004??)
Now they got a good set of photos rolling, even a few shots
around the hilly Marin Headlands! & they also got a spanking
new location on 4th (near Brannan). Go Chrome-nittes!!!

Oh, Hi Ron!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Photos de Chicas

Sunshine beats the fog, for the day.

No iphone required, paper maps never go out of fashion.
(and what lovely way to sport that neck-handkerchief, nice!)

All ages, all hills, no problem.

From generation to generation. This just made my day

Today's SF Chronicle: Bay Area commuters

I am quite happy that Bike To Work Day is mentioned in the article. I can personally say that it has been great to have volunteered (with the SF Bike Coalition) on that day for a number of years and along, meet people that were moving beyond cars even before the gas prices were the hot topic. On that note, still makes me happy that people are finding various ways to move around.

‹click photo/title for full San Francisco Chronicle/ link›
Bay Area commuters moving beyond cars
by Michael Cabanatuan
(Photo by Paul Chinn)
"...In San Francisco, a traffic count by the Municipal Transportation Authority in July found that during a one-hour stretch of the morning commute, there were more bicycles than cars, taxis, buses and streetcars heading eastbound on Market Street. According to Judson True, an authority spokesman, 509 bike riders were tallied compared with 400 cars, 43 taxis and 30 transit vehicles. On Bike to Work Day in May, he said, officials counted twice as many bikes as motorized vehicles..."

‹Photo/Excerpt by San Francisco Chronicle/›

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brown is the new black.

ON THE STREET with Bill Cunningham
How cute is Bill Cunningham, always right on top of things, fashion things anyways. Before the fab mr.Sartorialist, there was (and still is) Bill Cunningham—Photographer for the NY Times.

Super! and loads of brown-brown-brown
Check this week's NY Times
ON THE STREET Colors of the Changing season›
which I have included because Mr.Cunningham is
oh-so-super cute with that bicycle. And it isn't the first
time he has a bicycle thing going on...

...Previously this year (January 18th) he had a sweet set
ON THE STREET On a Roll› which includes bikes
and fashion in that New York winter weather.

Further ‹short article› about Bill Cunningham's influence on street-fashion
and photography:
The Heir to Bill Cinningham?
By Nicholas Boston/NY Observer›

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday. Bay Area Etsy

Here are some of my favorite items, sold over at handmade-goodyness Etsy™ These shops are all based out of San Francisco-Bay area. Click on the picture or name for their Etsy page, where you can find more of their lovely products and info. All images from their Etsy shop. Shop local, bike local. Happy Friday!
shellmitchell / SF-Bay Area Cozy beautiful mittens for riding!

chewingthecud / San Francisco Shown: 'I wheelie like you'

hughillustration / San Francisco (love mine from the Renegade Fair!)

katedurkin / San Francisco Cute bags+prints

pollyannacowgirlbags / Oakland The sweetest bike fabric-small bags

Photo de dia: Monotone

Post-coffee shop stop ‹below›. Nice matching panniers y backpack. Estylo!

Epicenter Cafe

Introduced by my smurf friend, the spanking-new coffee on the block is Epicenter Cafe. Located in the SOMA, around the corner from Whole Foods (on Harrison between 3rd and 4th). Spacious, bike rack outside and sofas, high tables and chairs so you can sit around and geek out with their free-wifi.
LOCAL BEANS: Barefoot Roasters (based out of San Jose, CA) Yum!!

Epicenter Cafe - 764 Harrison st. SF - see their YELP reviews

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Chic Blogs, chicos & chicas.

Hola friends.
I have finally updated the links list/column.
Im sure it'll grow as this is a good tool to connect with fellow bike lovers.

Thanks for the lovely notes/emails I've received
& the introduction of nice blogs.

(photo mr. slug)
Besos from the bike lane!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WHAT HILLS??/SanFrancisco bloggers on wheels/xoxo {click on their image for blog}

(L-R) | Riding Pretty | Rock the Bike | Velo in the City | Velo Vogue (Photo KT)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today's SF Chronicle: Making a difference in her community

One day while riding her bike in Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County resident Marilyn Price had an idea of getting kids and bicycles together. That idea shortly became Trips for Kids. Founded in 1986, and a non-profit since 1988, Trips for Kids has benefited more than 1200 kids annually.
Truly inspiring story. Click on image or ‹here› for the full San Francisco Chronicle article (by Shelah Moody, Chronicle Staff Writer).
Each week, The Chronicle features a Bay Area resident who has won a Jefferson Award for making a difference in his or her community. The awards are administered by the American Institute for Public Service, a national foundation that honors community service. Bay Area residents profiled in The Chronicle are also featured on CBS5-TV and KCBS-AM, which are Jefferson Award media partners, along with The Chronicle.

This Sunday: Bike Swap 12PM-5PM

Get there! more info at SF Bike Swap Party
August 17th 2008
Panhandle, San Francisco, CA. /Masonic and Fell.
HUGE bike swap meet and part to benefit the charity "Cycles of Change". Swap, BYOBBQ, Raffles, Prizes, etc.

From SFBC chain of events* Come out on Sunday for a day of bike-related fun! Cycles of Change and a few of your local SF cyclists are putting together a bike benefit party promoting the organization. Cycles of Change is an East Bay cooperative that builds bikes for kids and teens and promotes bicycling as a more viable form of transportation. Donate your old bike parts to help CoC continue to assemble more bikes for children. Come for a the big bake sale, fun game events (like Chainring toss) and swap meet with fellow SF cyclists. For more information, please visit their blog
* Events not officially sponsored or organized by the SFBC

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This Saturday: Festa Coloniale Italiana

Come meet some local cranky Italians in the 90th Anniversary of the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. North Beach has way more to offer than cheesy strip clubs and tourists, it is mecca of hidden gems of and good cafes. You just have to look around a little. Loads of bike racks around in the park.

Celebrate the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club's 90th Anniversary in North Beach all day Saturday, August 16th. Italian food and drinks, live music and entertainment, Italian themed arts and crafts, dancing. Daytime event free.
Sat. August 16th. 10AM - 11PM
Union St. and Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA

Friday, August 15, 2008

This week in the postal mailbox

I love getting postal mail! This week I received a surprise package from Current in the mail. The sent it to a batch of people and you can see their pictures or videos in the Tee Party page.

I've posted some bike-related articles there. It's a 3-year old project ran by Mr. Al Gore. One of their offices is located here in SF, near the ballpark stadium,with many other web2.0 companies.
It is a cable channel, which airs very fast-paced info (comcast 107) & a website/directory in the similar lines of digg. An opportunity to post your own production/films in various topics is the Viewer Created Content and a good documentary section by their Vanguard team. My favorite is Laura Ling's Toxic Villages piece. And of course loads of highly opinionated users.
You can see some of the bicycle posts here or for other stuff just search.

(LEFT) Perfect-Fit women-sized shirt (meaning it won't be a PJ shirt), moleskin-ish notebook (I do carry a stickglue and scissors in my bag) and some stickers. Nice!
- Inspired by Ines Brunn lady bike trikster superstar