Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

Look up, look down. Enjoy yourself.

I took this from 2nd/ish floor at space gallery. Polk st.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best rocking trikesaurus

Congrats to deep and his trikesaurus super star. Very very awesome to see one of your peeps mentioned, especially with bikes and happy moments. Awesome!!

BEST BLOCK-ROCKIN’ BIKE /Amandeep Jawa’s bright blue, sound-rigged party-cycle — Trikeasaurus — is our bestest Critical Mass compadre and bike lane buddy, and an essential component of his impromptu FlashDance parties. This three-wheelin’, free-wheelin’, pedal-and-battery-powered funk machine has been bringing the party to the people — and leading spontaneous Michael Jackson tributes — from the Embarcadero to the Broadway tunnel for the past two years. [more here]

trikesaurus in full action.

FLASHDANCE this Saturday
Ok peeps, put your dance shoes on and get your moves ready for another one of deep's flashdances. Be there or be square.
THIS SATURDAY (8/1/2009): Our next FREE outdoor dance party will be: Saturday 8/1 from 8PM to 10PM at Ferry Plaza - in front of the Ferry Building More info click on "NEXT FD" [here]

Hop on.

Speaking of 'deep, here are some pics when I joined him and his peeps for some lunch the other day. Like a little purple-tight monkey, I hoped in the back of his bike, sat on the rear little rack, (a rare sighting without the trikesaurus, or tandem, knowing us) and rode out to lunch for some yummy lunch.

oh hai!!!
purple-tight monkey legs invade deep's bike
purple legs invade deep's bike

fellow fompers

Renegade Craft Fair

owl y bike /the frenchie and I on our way to checking out some crafty goodies

The Renegade Craft Fair this year was cool. It is one of those events, you get to see everyone's work, connect with many local crafters and meet other hand-made and craft advocates from around the States. There were lots of shops from etsy that I have been fans of for sometime, so it was very nice to see all their stuff displayed. Of course my eye goes toward bike-coffee related pieces, but in general good stuff. It took place once again in Fort Mason, and the turnout was pretty good I thought. Here are some photos, enjoy :)

saw their stuff and immediately recognize them from this past [post] Got me a shirt of theirs. neat stuff
/Based out of Oakland, Calif. 5533

vital scarves

VITAL industries, based out of Denver, CO
I love their etsy shop! so cool to see them here in SF /etsy shop: vital

cute little bags. VAYA Based out of NY

le frenchie patiently awaits.

Renegade Fair: Arcane Arts

Arcane Arts from Portland gets its own post. I was lucky to chat it up with her last year, and we were both happy to see each other again this time around. Bikes and SF and Portland. Super! I love Adrienne's work and if I could I'd buy her whole collection to have around the house and work :)
This year, I bought myself a set of the magnets and a print that, now lives alongside my bike poster pieces at home. Anyways, here is her work at this year's fair, a picture of her lovely self & co. and the links to her work are at the end of the post, below the photos. Enjoy!!

away bikes we go

Adrienne Vitta & Co. / arcane arts on etsy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Le tour is done

Love it or hate it, le tour is now done. Congratulations to the skinny boy with the longest eyelashes.
I had a le outfit day. Went to check out some time trial last week at a friends house, accompanied by his new ice cream machine-maker-gadget, he shared with us all, home made pistachio ice cream. I don't like ice cream much but, I make exceptions when with friends if we all go get ice cream, or of course, if they make it. Fabulous. Good stuff.

Speaking of le tour, let's celebrate the frenchie's bday, I assume it's in July, since it is a 'le tour de france' model after all. Anyhow.

Tshirt is by trackstar, think I got it 1-2yrs ago. 7am game face included....
oui oui
j'adore ♥my tandem love necklace

Above and below: Pegasus wall and the fog-sun sunset view /Berkeley.

Watch out cavendish, the frenchie is watching your silly grinch green lycra pants, mate... and will beat you to the closest coffee shop you don't quite yet - know about.

(REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel) via boston.com_theBigPicture

Photo by Devin.

And just for kicks, I found this over at a daily read and longtime inspiration, the fat cyclist.

I Have Three Tour de France-Related Questions by

After this weekend, I feel I should be wearing some polka-dot tights, but more on those hill climbing adventures soon. ♥xo/m

Hoopty bike chris buys bikes

Chris from hooptybikes sent me
this video to share with you all.

Clicking image direct to his
YouTube video :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday! Riding between the lines

Friday is finally here. Go ride your bike people, drink some coffee and have fun!!

polk st.


Celebrating 40 years of comi-con, including a google theme, I too celebrate the occasion and a chance to display my fond affection with the proximity that the blogesphere community brings between people with common interests.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Patrick [see his picture here], from the hen power duo behind vélocouture. Knowing that I love wearing crazy fabrics or colors [we are tight] he sent me this shirt he thought I'd enjoy. From PDX with love.

oh hai!

We are on haight st. Omar took these pics of me. thx!


It was a lovely surprise when I opened the envelope I received in the mail, I loved it!! It is a great conversation starter (including random French tourist photographers - oui oui) and it even includes popeye on a bicycle, how rad is that?! So, here's my post to show it off with pride. Thanks so much, Patrick!!

le cutie

You can do what you want to, whenever you want to.

lady bonita

Girl in a coma is a band from San Antonio, Texas. Glad they had a show here in SF. Calitexican and I met there. Parked our bikes. Chill. Bikes and the bottom of the hill and we had fun. The show went great, these gals rock.
The above was one of the opening bands. The singer was so decked out, it was painfully stylish! matching gloves, neck piece and hat. Just gorgeous.

Then we parted our own ways. Early mornings and late nights, within the same day seem so poetic in a sense that they become different days within one. Do you relate? With very few cars, very few pedestrians and always bikes roaming around you coming and going (not so many in the wee AM hours, but there are always the caffeinated early-early birds).

Market st. after midnite

Here is Frenchie (on a different day) showing off a new little canvas bag. I got their CD too. Good stuff /xo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Things and Thoughts

Summer. Fog. Fog. 56° Summer. Fog. and coffee coffee coffee!!

under the bridge. lots of water. above the bridge. all fog. /photo by s.s.

Pushbike's Ladies Ride - Today 6.30pm

Pushbike SF has a ladies Ride.
Sweet. I wont be out of work yet,
but if you're around check it out -
Ladies ride

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Humpday inspiration: Bay Area connection

Thanks to Skip, for sharing this brief - happy ending story about his friend Maggie and her stolen bike.
"i thought i would share this totally awesome stolen bike poster, made by my friend/bandmate Maggie Morris
the happy ending: some dude in the south bay bought the bike off craigslist, and brought it back to her when a friend recognized the bike from the flyer. crazytown.

the bike & flyer in question is attached."

I'm so happy, because today I saw my friends.

my peeps

Sunday was a pretty mellow Sunday Streets in my opinion. I honestly had a long work week and Sunday just felt like the perfect floating super sunny day in the middle of chaotic crowded beauty. There were just tremendous amounts of people out like a moving symphony of bikes, skates, walkers, runners, families everything. Dear City of San Francisco, this needs to happen city-wide every Sunday, in every neighborhood at a time. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves fully, local businesses blossom, the community comes together and everything is super. Ride on!

coffee beats /Omar and I. Mandatory coffee refueling pit stop.

A lovely green Ramona!

Pretty wheeling flower.

sunday streets mission july19


Sunday Panda.

You've been given the boot, smurf blue style. oui oui

and this below me, taken by Adrienne

Arrivals by busbozo

sunday streets mission july19