Friday, July 24, 2009


Celebrating 40 years of comi-con, including a google theme, I too celebrate the occasion and a chance to display my fond affection with the proximity that the blogesphere community brings between people with common interests.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Patrick [see his picture here], from the hen power duo behind vélocouture. Knowing that I love wearing crazy fabrics or colors [we are tight] he sent me this shirt he thought I'd enjoy. From PDX with love.

oh hai!

We are on haight st. Omar took these pics of me. thx!


It was a lovely surprise when I opened the envelope I received in the mail, I loved it!! It is a great conversation starter (including random French tourist photographers - oui oui) and it even includes popeye on a bicycle, how rad is that?! So, here's my post to show it off with pride. Thanks so much, Patrick!!

le cutie


  1. That shirt is great. I love those new sunglasses even more!

  2. thx shelly ;) such a fun shirt!

  3. even better, I think Popeye's riding a tandem, which means he might have a goyl on the back...

  4. Popeye has always been my favorite! Lucky!

  5. dapa/ that popeye is always looking out for that olive oil ;)

    ade/ iknow!! <3


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