Monday, June 29, 2009

Bike locally, connect globally. We are all part of it.

the bat and the frenchie.

Riding a bicycle has changed my life. The way I see things, the way my brain digest things and so many ideas and thoughts have come up while riding my bicycle. The internet has connected me not only globally but locally.
As you know the collab-blog CYLRABby Adrienne & I is about personal stories and photos about how riding a bike has changed your life. Today it got a little mention over at CopenhagenCycleChic ,so I wrote a little note you can check out here: [Change Your Life. Ride a Bike!: The change is universal. From San Francisco, we welcome you.] So thanks for the mention, CCC/Mikael, and for you if you have linked here from there.
To all the daily readers that stop to see my silly little caffeinated adventures around this beautiful city. and all things bike around me. rides. my peeps. and for feeding each other inspiration, comments, links etc/ all of you. ♥thanks.

This week Bikes And The City---turns ONE!! talk about change. It has been nothing but fun, rides, new peeps and good times. But more on that throughout the week. To begin this week, below are some shots that Adrienne has taken of me. She shoots a gazillion pictures a day.

(Dusty & I) goofy SF bike people by busbozo

meli & frenchie | still thinking about wicked by busbozo

Robin Finds Meli On The Bat by busbozo

I've taken a many shots of Adrienne, (labeled busbozo) so she can no longer say she has no pictures of her riding ;) And below, one I snapped riding through Golden Gate Park. Adrienne, Declan and in green, KT (from VeloVogue).

Paradise looping.

sidi dorks.

Today was blazing hot. (Okay for us spoiled californians in the north, that means low 80s, I know-I know!...) but at least there was a cool breeze. Joined up with Stephen and his friend Eileen to go for a loop around Marin. Initially we had other plans, but a sequence of funny events and other things landed us back in the crissy field area, and so we just decided to head on over to Marin. Mid-ride, we had some coffee, snacks, I ran into a couple of good friends, and returned home sweaty & happy. The smurfette felt smooth as butter. Our ride was about 38-40 miles and it didn't really feel that bad. Okay, maybe a little on the hills... arrrrrrr.

sunday heat cycle wear.

ketchup y mustard.

Eileen stretching.

snotty blah blah blah /taken by Stephen.

fear no gear. this is my low gear, suckers.

10/20 back to 20/20

Or something like that. My sunglasses of 2 or 3 years have finally checked out. The big Vonz Zippers are officially retired. Tried to gorilla-glue them together, that only worked for a week. Got a new pair. Foggier days are part of our beloved gray summer in SF, so dark lenses not needed as much. Half-the-size but fun pair already. We'll see.
pirate visionary
before /pirate visionary.
during/ fixed. for a week.
citrus punch
now/ citrus punch.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photo de dia: White framed vision

Caffeinated love affair.

I love coffee. But that is well known. Here are some photos throughout the last few days of caffeine moments, that help me through the day. and the week. and get me together with my peeps on any give evening, weekend, occasion. The moment of riding to a café and sitting with a friend could be universal, something can be done anyplace, anywhere, regardless of location. I have never taken for granted that here in San Francisco, we have great coffee and good spots, and they are all within a bike ride. Okay, I'm done praising my love for coffee, now go ride and enjoy the lovely thick fog!!

quad /blue bottle on linden

cute! / a cafe in San Anselmo
tgif /blue bottle on linden

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow /Sunday Shakespeare newspaper read at epicenter cafe.


This is great. The biggest day in SF bikers came through and was voted yes! I was sad I could not attend as I was outside SF city limits for the morning of Friday, but Adrienne was there and a ton of local SF bike activists. I was so there in spirit. Great job to all, that have worked throughout this so hard in the last few months. Ride on!!

Here are a few great shots and articles by local fellow riders and bloggers:
Rhonda's set on flickr: SFMTA Bike Plan Hearing
Brian's and Matthew's post on Streetsblog: hearing and approval
and from the SF chronicle: Transportation board approves SF bike plan

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Things & Thoughts: Little things.


Sometimes small added details make the bike an extension of ourselves. Some functional, some for fun. Having a basket has enable me to put a variety of things that make the ride more fun, including a string of lights, drinks, a basketball etc. Have you seen some interesting things on your bike lane neighbor's ride this Thursday?

The heat fog is on. Adrienne's Bat & the infamous thermometer.

Frenchie gets fashión smashión.
Well, and this is the result of bikes, fun, fashion and some photo fun.

With Love From: San Diego


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bicycle Music Festival in SF

♥With love from San Francisco!!

Met tons of wonderful and skilled bike lovers out this past Saturday. Paul & the Rock the Bike! crew pulled everyone together as well as some fantastic musicians pouring from all over the Bay Area (including some cool peeps from Chico!). Bicycle Music Festival was great overall. I'm not sure how it was planned, but if next year you need permits Paul, I'm pretty confident that we, as a bicycle community will pull together and pitch in. Just look at the turnaround. Honestly I'm not sure how this all works, SF could be über strict about these things, but I know it can be done. Bikers are miracle workers, just look at those tremendous rides!! Ok. Well sounds easy, but im sure is lots of paperwork or something...
Anyhow - We caught on to the festival once it was heading to Dolores Park. The ride was pretty amazing throughout the park, on Haight street, down the wiggle then off to the Mission. Here are some pictures from last Saturday, June 20th. Bikes, music, fun, great weather San Francisco. Cheers! xo/♥!!

Bike, music, festival, go.

2 rad rides.

Put your hands up in the ai-ye-r.

5 wheeling.

My Peeps.


Colossus invades page street.

Chatterboxes. Ramona & I /taken by Omar.

Sutro riders.

A newly paved Scott street.

Then like MJagger would say, you can't always get what you want, and what I want is to never ride near glass again. Omar and i stopped to refuel on coffee at Duboce Park cafe on our way to the Mission, and shortly after we took off happily with caffeine in hand, pffffffftttttt, I look down to a terrifying feeling of I-know-if-I-look-down what I will see. A FLAT!!!! Oh well. Got a new tire this time and that wrapped up a pretty fabulous Saturday fine afternoon in the city.

duboce park cafe.

tire chorro //-the end-

Picnickin and friendnickin around

On Saturday, before meeting up with the peeps, I had to stop for some bike fuel at Arizmendi's. I was running on Empty. We had been getting updates from Dusty, and the bike music festival had seem to move around a bit at around noon, so we all decided to meet at the beach chalet off ocean beach, snacks, chill time, great weather and hours of chatter.

Parking for all. 9th and Irving

Bike fuel 1spm. (slice per mile)
Adrienne busts out her multi-super tool. Finally a gadget to make the Bat, adjust to my little legs (next to her power-long legs) Omar tries it out too. That bike is pimped. and serious comfort. No wonder the first time I saw this bike I was introduced to it as the yacht of all bikes. Seriously.

Omar and the bat.

My legs became 5'2 for the occasion....

After a couple of hours, our crew of chalet lizards decided to head towards the festival and see what's up. Riding through the park on Saturday afternoon is always fun. Lots of people out having fun.

Opposites attract. We are traffic!

Post beach chalet. (L-R) KT and Lilia run VeloVogue. A friend of theirs in the red. James

Hello, my pretty

Basket Case

The view from the basket must be pretty interesting. Now I know why dogs in baskets always seem to be smiling. This is from Saturday heading to, and during the Bike Music Festival.

move over rovers.

all access.

Friday, June 19, 2009