Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picnickin and friendnickin around

On Saturday, before meeting up with the peeps, I had to stop for some bike fuel at Arizmendi's. I was running on Empty. We had been getting updates from Dusty, and the bike music festival had seem to move around a bit at around noon, so we all decided to meet at the beach chalet off ocean beach, snacks, chill time, great weather and hours of chatter.

Parking for all. 9th and Irving

Bike fuel 1spm. (slice per mile)
Adrienne busts out her multi-super tool. Finally a gadget to make the Bat, adjust to my little legs (next to her power-long legs) Omar tries it out too. That bike is pimped. and serious comfort. No wonder the first time I saw this bike I was introduced to it as the yacht of all bikes. Seriously.

Omar and the bat.

My legs became 5'2 for the occasion....

After a couple of hours, our crew of chalet lizards decided to head towards the festival and see what's up. Riding through the park on Saturday afternoon is always fun. Lots of people out having fun.

Opposites attract. We are traffic!

Post beach chalet. (L-R) KT and Lilia run VeloVogue. A friend of theirs in the red. James

Hello, my pretty

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